Singapore becoming a failed state

Don’t get me wrong, this city will still be a glittering jewel in the 3rd World. It will have the finest buildings, infrastructure and funny gardens and shopping malls where only very rich govts have the money to build. It will have all the trimmings of a world class metropolis. But it will fail the Singaporeans, the citizens of the island. The city state will be owned by foreigners and for the good and interests of the foreigners. The Singaporeans, I like to call them Sinkies, as they are sinking everyday to a lower level without knowing, will become the nuts and bolts of the glittering mess. More Sinkies are encouraged to product more babies for the Singapore Matrix.

Glance at any of the fine living or lifestyle media, at the main media, at the bill boards, you will not believe you are in an Asian city. All the handsome and beautiful people featured are Europeans. Even buying a home, you will see European models as the lifestyle choice. And more and more of the high end homes are now homes of the world’s rich and famous.

In the corporate world, the top jobs often ended with a foreigner sitting on it. The top management are increasingly filled by foreigners, in public offices or in private companies. Our parks and recreation establishments are run by foreigners as if no locals are up to it. Compare to Resort World which is an international organisation with an international market, they are confident that their locals are good enough to helm the company. They have foreigners but as technicians, the technical and professional people, not the top management.

How many of our local MNCs or govt departments really need foreigners to helm the organisations when a local will do? Do the foreigners make that much of a difference especially in an industry when the customers are local? And we have fake locals in the forms of PRs and new citizens to give the impression that they are one of us and deserved to be paid the millions from our money while Sinkies are not. Some citizens are so sore over this that they are calling this game change traitorous, a selling out of Sinkie interests.

And one is not far from the truth to say that more than 50% of the residents in the island are now foreigners. And if one is to include the new citizens, the original Sinkies are an absolute minority and will soon need affirmative actions to protect their right to live in this island.

Singapore is morphing into a failed state to the Sinkies. It is only a matter of time when the island is fully owned and occupied by foreigners and owning all the great and glittering infrastructure and the island. It is a great economic success, a great infrastructure and architecture wonders for the foreigners and a few elite. The rest of the Sinkies, if they are still around, will be turned into serfs of foreigners. They will lose ownership of their home island. This will be the great and sorrowful transformation of modern Singapore, a transfer of ownership to foreigners with the helpless Sinkies not knowing what is happening.

Shall I wish all Sinkies a Happy New Year?


Anonymous said...

what the fuck?


only the assholes licking pen pushers or keyboard warriors in the mainstream media and associated leebloids inspired the 60% to believe so

like kong hee ... convincing his flock "God apologised to him"

whilst the msm CONtinue to assure the daft,

papigs are the bestest

singapore is the bestest place on planet

safest too ... where ah neh celebrate thru mayhem, torching polee cars, ambulances n others civil defence vehicles

bestest cuntry .... the promised land for selected fews, .... israel please step aside

where ministoons feel hapby looking at cpf statements whilst people like knnccb here weep at the sight of the cpf statement

knnccb ... hsien loong .. u sob, return my cpf money

Anonymous said...

Nowadays voters are getting smarter and smarter by the days, younger and more discerning. They know that more new citizens came in everything became more and more expensive. Not one or two hundred thousands, 1.6 millions more new citizens will come in to complete with them everything, and increase the price of everything? Take away the jobs and depress their pay?

So they likely like the Punggol East By Elections votes for the oppositions? The Punggol East citizens or new citizens found that after the 2011 elections everything went up and keep going up and become more expensive?

More and more new citizens is likely to vote for the opposition in 2016?

All those incentive and profit sharing schemes given in 2011, can't be free they got to be take back and plus double it through various indirect taxes so to support the world most expensive ministers salaries, which ten time that of Nordic ministers salaries?

If they want to reduce inflation and make things less expensive they got to vote more oppositions in, to reduce the ministers salaries?

Once their salaries reduced to that of the Nordic ministers salaries level? Automatically they will reduce indirect taxes give back the CPF, like those who had withdraw their CPF at 55?

Now only way to get more people vote for them is the New Citizens, as they don't they know their intentions, and they need them to support various indirect schemes like COE, Levies, GST & ERP, CPF locked up for life schemes and other schemes etc.?

As their various scheme like the GRC, profit sharing schemes are not so effective now and might have to depend on the importing of new citizens to vote for them, so that they can continue to receive these world most expensive salaries? But you can see it became less effective as the new citizens wise up began to vote for more the oppositions?

As they began to vote the opposition to get two MP to work for them the opposition MP and the main party MP, buy one get one free concept?

These made them panic and hurried bring out the white paper and hurried approved the 6.9 millions people after the unexpected lost in the Punggol East By election, which they very confident of winning as they very fast call the by election?

If they they don't bring out the white paper people might not aware that they kept importing people to vote for them?

New citizens became more aware, that if newer citizens to come they will complete with them jobs or take away their jobs or depress their pay and make everything more expensive?

Anonymous said...

RB, it's so sad but it's true. Knn what can I say. Happy new year to you and I really appreciate the effort that u put in on your blog 365 days a year without fail. Even lucky tan has stopped, singapore note rest on weekend, tkl blog is near death and of course fish is already dead.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

"The rest of the Sinkies, if they are still around, will be turned into serfs of foreigners."

I think PAP has ways to keep such Sinkies at 40% or below and happy, satisfied Sinkies at 60% or more.

And if they can do that, I give PAP an "A" grade for governance.

Because there is no way to keep 100% Sinkies happy and satisfied, except in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

A foreigner wanting to become a citizen will want the govt to have open door policy so that he can become a citizen.

A citizen, new or old, will know that more citizens will compete with them and compromise their interests and would want the door to be shut.

A politician whose multi million dollar salary depends on more citizens will want to bring in more citizens to help to pay them millions.

Daft and silly Sinkies also would sing the same sound, we are immigrants, must welcome more immigrants. Wait till they lose their jobs to FTs and cannot afford to pay their mortgages and car loans, cannot pay for their children's tuition fees, then we clap for them when they kpkb.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.49am
/Daft and silly Sinkies also would sing the same sound, we are immigrants, must welcome more immigrants. Wait till they lose their jobs to FTs and cannot afford to pay their mortgages and car loans, cannot pay for their children's tuition fees, then we clap for them when they kpkb./

Not exactly true lah!

You really think those sinkies squeezing in mrt trains and buses sarpork more "sardines" such that eventually every journey becomes one whereby "they are being squeezed in body contacts far more closer and tighter than their spouses ever had with them in bed all these years"?

It is silly to hear garment say sinkies must accept slower growth if the flow at the tap is tightened. Who should be the one to accept slower growth in the GDP numbers? Sinkies or the GARMENT?

More often than not, in economic numbers, it is misleading to look at the gross GDP numbers because the increase in factors of production is not clearly reflected without proper data.

GDP growth can be very fast and high with huge influx but per capita GDP may be negative in gross or real terms.

So if the tap is tightened and gross figure slows but per capita GDP improves, who gains?

Do sinkies really suffer if the tap is tightened?

Such is often uttered in the face of sinkies. But do they know what are they talking and expect the sinkies to buy in?

Or they think sinkies ( majority ) are plain daft and cannot see the details?

Or that sinkies majorities are so patriotic and will be more concern that gross GDP slows if the tap is tightend and as a result Sinkieland cannot report a superficially glowing GDP figure and does harm sinkieland interest? They do not care for a likely continue decline in per capita GDP if the tap is being maintained or increased?

How to bu in if what is uttered either implies:

1) They do not know what they are talking about


2) They know but think sinkies are too daft to see the actual effect or end result? Theya re trying to sell sinkies something that is good for Sinkieland GDP headline figures and for their own KPIs but likely may not be good for sinkies own pockets and real income growth.

So RB post heading has hit the nail right on its head?

Sinkieland may be all glowing but a failed state for sinkies?

What say you?

You decide .......

Anonymous said...

"Wait till they lose their jobs to FTs and cannot afford to pay their mortgages and car loans, cannot pay for their children's tuition fees, then we clap for them when they kpkb."
Anon 9:49 am

No need to wait lah. You can clap for them now, until and after 2016. And they are the 40% who did not vote PAP in 2011.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore becoming a failed state"

Please lah, how can it be a failed state when 60% voters still support the ruling party?

And if Sinkieland is a failed state, then by this standard all the states in this world except Heaven also failed, tio bo?

RB, please rethink your thinking, if you are still on earth and in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

It should be the state has failed the 40% lah, tio bo?

And which state has not failed some (or minority) of its people, you tell me lah?

Just don't fail the majority of the people, and that's enough (or very good already)for a democratic (with elections) state.

Anonymous said...

Lower rentals and support start-ups like they do in silicon valley - visit http://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-learn-silicon-valley-problems-033324889.html : one way to resist the downslide

agongkia said...

Alamak sibeh chialat leh.

First day of the year I see such discouraging news again.Thought we should forget about the past and hope to have a more happy 2014.

Lets look at the brighter side .Think of all the good deeds that our Garmen has done for us.Give them more time .Do your part by contributing more working hours and sing more praises for our talents.Our neighbors are laughing at us everyday.

Be loyal to our country.

Happy 2014 to all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, a new slogan, Tomorrow will be better.

Anonymous said...

"Lower rentals and support start-ups like they do in silicon valley.."
Anon 10:32 a

Also not sure win one what, tio bo? Maybe even very high risks of failure, maybe higher risks than investing the reserves overseas.

And since when are Sinkies known to be creative and innovative?

Whereas for casinos, almost sure win one (for the operator lah). And then tax (for sure) on the operator's winnings.

Anonymous said...

Not Waving but Drowning.

Anonymous said...

亲 斤 力 口 士 皮


Do u know what the above chinese words mean?

Anonymous said...

a happy and healthy new year 2014 to all here and families......

future is one thing we cannot be 100% sure......

there are reports that Singapore properties are expected to fall starting from this year to 2017 where the bulk of BTOs and pte condos will flood the market and rental will aalso be greatly affected too.....

some property experts predicted a 20% correction of property prices but they added that the property prices may crash 30% to 50% if there are external economical and political shocks especially in north and se asia.....

some warned that even with the govt going for population increase it would be difficult to avoid the crash.......

anyway, enjoy the festive season while we can.....cheers.....

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans earning more than $50 or less than less $1500 will see their low take home pay shrinking even further as more will go into cpf 2014 !Low income earners already struggling to cope with the ever rising transport hike and south east asia highest utilities rate.

1 more year to 2015 snap election !! 'CPF' sucks

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 11:28.

Came across this the first time. What's that?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I can emphtaise with u cos i am one of the victims. with a degree and 20 years working experience, I finally got caught with depression for the last 8 years as I finally collapsed over and over again under work stress and long work hours. Now I am a taxi driver. :(

agongkia said...

Uncle RB.
That Chinese word is SINJIAPOR
Singapore lah.
That is to say stand further and you can see a better picture.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha .......

rb: /// Hi anon 11:28.

Came across this the first time. What's that? ///


Read it again in 3 words instead of 6!

You probably have known of it in kindergarten since you know how to read Chinese.

The 3 words combi is the name.

The 6 words combi contains the "hidden recipe" to its past, present and future success.

Anon 11.28 :)

PS: Btw, what happened to the Saudi Champagne?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That's the beauty of Chinese characters. Can be broken up and rejoined with new meanings.

Saudi champagne is actually non alcoholic cordial in the colour of champagne, like lime juice.

b said...

Old Lee is dying and he wants to bring sinkies along with him. This mentality happened once in Emperoro Qing tomb.

Lust for Love said...

As a Sinkie, I feel sad, helpless and angry, and I have to say as a country, we have to be responsible.

We deserve the politicians that we get. Despite of their lousy work, quite a lot of us still want to vote these assholes into power, in the belief that they're the best and this country can't do without them.

Just like the Buddhist saying - we reap what we sow !

Anonymous said...

This is your Karma.