Shame on Sinkies

I read three comments in ST Premium or online on the degeneration of the state of affair in the city. A point made by a Pavithran Vidyadharan on our poor social behaviour, and I quote,  Our poor social graces in MRT trains and on the roads may be a result of our material success - we have unwittingly become arrogant and self-centred.’

Though I may take this with a pinch of salt as the majority of commuters are foreigners rather than Sinkies, it still highlighted the fact that social behaviour in trains and roads are much to be desired in this city. In the case of behaviour on the road, we have crazy and rude foreigners thinking that this is their colony and daring Sinkie motorists to run them down with their cars when they rode wildly on the roads. Then we have mad drivers in their Ferraris and Lamborghinis turning the roads into their race tracks.

The second comment was by a Murali Sharma who said, ‘It is appalling
that despite all the rubbish bins around, the tarmac could not be seen for the litter after the New Year countdown party ("After the party ends... there's the rubbish"; Thursday).

Singapore has held cleanliness campaigns for at least 4 decades
and there are anti-littering measures, including fines, in place.

Yet, people still throw vast amounts of rubbish with abandon at mass functions.’

Again I am not sure how many of those littering or throwing killer litters from the flat were Sinkies or foreigners, but it is a strong point that a 1st World country cannot have people behaving like those in 3rd World when such things are normal.
And the third writer, a M. Lukshumayeh said that patience and intolerance were lacking in this city and he said, ‘Taking a lift in Singapore really highlights the lack of patience, tolerance and consideration in society.
Many lift users would enter the lift and immediately press the "door close" button.’
I think he has his point. But being new here and coming from somewhere where lifts may not be a common feature, I am presuming, just like him, he needs to understand why people would want to close the lift quickly than to wait for the crowd to squeeze into the lift. There is a safety consideration especially for the women folks who are uncomfortable alone with strangers. There are other factors too that make people want to close the lift quickly. In countries where people are comfortable squeezing with strangers in a crowded lift or train, they may find Sinkie behaviour unfriendly.
What is notable is that the three writers are highly likely to be new here, other than Sharma, and already find such behaviour unacceptable. They must have been living in 1st World cities and got used to the graceful behaviour of what a 1st World should be like and take offence at 3rd World attitude. They may not know that Sin City has returned to the 3rd World in many aspects as it is not easy to integrate or educate 3rd World people to behave like 1st World. And the thing is that Sinkies are integrating and becoming more like the 3rd World instead of the 3rd World people coming here and becoming like 1st World. And in many parts of the island, you won’t even think that you are in Singapore.
I must thank the three writers for their observations and Sinkies must feel ashamed of themselves. And greatly so too when visitors or new residents could find the behaviours offensive and have no place in a 1st World city. Or shall I say actually the unruly and offensive behaviours are committed by the 3rd World people here and shitty Sinkies got the blame?


Anonymous said...

"Or shall I say actually the unruly and offensive behaviours are committed by the 3rd World people here and shitty Sinkies got the blame?"

Both 3rd world people and shitty Sinkies are to blame lah.

Where on earth got things and people perfect, let alone perfect Sinkies, Sinkie govt and Sinkie opposition?

And some are far from perfect, and some more unique to Sinkieland only, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

It is already a shame for Sinkies when they cannot have a better and stronger opposition to replace the imperfect ruling PAP.

Anonymous said...

"It is already a shame for Sinkies when they cannot have a better and stronger opposition to replace the imperfect ruling PAP"
Anon 9:37 am

Not all Sinkies lah. Does not apply to those smart Sinkies who knows how and can make lots of money under PAP rule. In fact in any place and any party rule.

Anonymous said...

Many aspects are institutionalised in Singapore by our pioneer generation leaders.

Travelling in this little red dot tropical island reminds many of our 1st PM LKY.

Every tree, every shrub, every plant on every expressway, every major trunk road, every street, every artery of Singapore's road system and network is meticulously and specially selected with the appropriate trees to suit the need of each location and stretch including the amount of water that flows underground so that each plant can provide the necessary shade and yet thrive in this harsh, humid tropical climate despite being grown in the midst of a concrete jungle.

Many other aspects are as institutionalised, if not more. With minimal competent leadership, sinkieland can probably still muddle through for a long time to come. With capable and visionary leadership, the foundation they inherited would enable one to take Singapore all the way to become the "Mecca of modern capitalism". By then, it is likely to attract the "pilgrimage" of tens if not hundreds of millions and Sinkieland does not need to depend on vice trades such as casinos and ASEAN and PRC flesh trade to bring in the tourists dollars. Many of our young can be educated to be consultant embassadors to brief foreign visitors how we transform into the "Mecca of modern capitalism" and act as tour guides to showcase many aspects in our society including our economic and social constructs ( mostly still not built yet ).

But obviously before we reach there, super talents likely would need the road maps and blue print to get there. Thereafter, they can claim credit to earn their millions. Super talents are world renowned for doing that.

Pls kee chiu if anyone would like to hunt down, house search every space, every corner, every street of physical sinkieland and every byte of cyber space for ideas and inputs to such a blue print/ road map ........

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at what had been mentioned.......

If we wish to increase the number of people on this very tiny island we must be prepared of these social ills......

Just look around us, high cost of living, high property prices, high healthcare costs, traffic jams, frequent mrt breakdowns, insufficient buses, messy taxi fares, flooding, littering, strikes, riots, murders...........

All these are just the beginning......sad sad sad .........

Anonymous said...

All 3 Forummers quoted sounded like from same land.
3rd World Countries are more cohesive such that they find 1st World selfishness and greed less acceptable.
Who say 3rd World is always inferior ?

Anonymous said...

Indian talk!

b said...

Social ills are mild. With this kind of foreign population, other countries will result in huge killing, bombing, riots, burning down buildings, rapes, robberies, kidnapping etc. I think sinkies are still very tolerant and maybe too tolerant.