Fare Hike Protest 5pm 25 Jan Sat at Hong Lim

Gilbert is organising another protest at Hong Lim Park this Sat on the public transport fare hike.

Just wondering how many Sinkies would bother to attend despite kpkb about the hike everyday. If only 500 turn out then it will be reported as only 500 are unhappy with the fare hike. The rest, the majority of the Sinkies support the fare hike and find the increase very reasonable and affordable.

Tiok boh?


Anonymous said...

RB, tiok. Most too lazy to attend

Anonymous said...

PAP erection rally only 50 people attend but can win 60%. Why har?

Anonymous said...

Heng Heng and the tooth pick king or Zoro king please don't cry again in 2016 election, those should cry be those old men, whose CPF locked up for life, by your suggestions and jobs taken away, not you?

Such a disagrace still want to get sympathy votes, please look at the mirror, you get promoted to Chairman and earn multi millions pay at the expense of others, others hard earned money were locked up and jobs taken away?

Anonymous said...

How many ministers are as good as out in 2016?

Anonymous said...

January 21, 2014 at 12:24 pm (Quote)

The honest fact is, our MRT is already very old… The north south line is already 28 years since 1987.
Every time I take the train on NSL, I feel so unsafe, as if it is going to derail. Old tracks yet SMRT still wants to run the trains at the min. Speed of 70kph. One of these days, something’s very bad will happen and What LHL will says, is isolated case?.?.?.? .

PAP is trying to sell u a rotten apple, 77 cents at least, no matter u like it or not, but you still need to eat it.
LHL telling us, only some parts of the apple is rotten. Downtown line is fresh.

28 year MRT, if keep running and keep increase the population, see what happen?

jjj2usg said...

Hope that Singaporeans make an effort to go down HLP to support the rally. If like you said only a handful, I could only conclude we are only good for nothing KPKB.

So wake up everyone, please support the rally!!!!!

Anonymous said...

not against the coming protest on fare hike......

but, what is the use of protesting when the fare hike had already casted in stone......

what is the objectives of the protest, hope for the sky that the fare hike would be dropped or reduced, you think this is possible.....

if need to protest, why not before the announcement of fare hike where the masses can vomit reasons why the fare hike is not fair.....

think about it, what say u ......

Anonymous said...

Even 10,000 people at HLP also no use lah. U think PAP will U turn on fare hike?

Some more ah, in the past, most of the speakers damn boring one, so go there don't even have entertainment value one, tio bo?

Maybe should turn into a concert with some famous singers lah, then the crowds sure come one.

And lastly u think Sinkies are like the Thais is it? Majority Sinkies would rather spend the time to make more money or to relax and be entertained elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

This daft Sinkie Gilbert just simply don't understand his own kind Sinkies, and so is fighting a losing battle organising protests after protests at HLP

No wonder Sinkies don't want to fight together with him.

And much as I don't like PAP, I would rather spoil my vote if it is straight fight between Gilbert and PAP.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert should have learnt from Chee Soon Juan. (CSJ)

Do you see CSJ organising protests nowadays? In fact CSJ did not do it for a long time already.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Take this as a dry run until a big one comes along. I see the Medishield Life as a potentially nasty one waiting to blow up.

There is nothing much left in the CPF when this gets through.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert not only don't understand Sinkies, but also don't understand PAP.

Like that 100% lose one, if this is the quality of Sinkie opposition.

Anonymous said...

RB, most of my friends also not going lar said no point. Come 2016 they said they will do the needful lor. If not just stand there very tiring. Unlike protest elsewhere, u can move by walking along. This one stand there few hours legs can not tahan lar

Some more cast in stone liao

Anonymous said...

Does Gilbert understand and know himself?

Does he have a proper job and job history?

b said...

I doubt there will be good turn out as it is CNY season.

Anonymous said...

All these disgraced MP who are spineless get entries into parliament, later unlikely to tell the future generations they gain entry into the back door? Many often absent no time to attend, some were asleep during the sessions?

Some went through man walkovers, because the person who helm it got high votes, can easily won the GRC?

Some can't come through the front door, getting tax payers money, but got to get behind the door?

It is not likely they can get more then 50 percents of the votes, so they need the other politicians votes to get in the GRC ways?

It is likely the dare not tell their future generations about it, very disgraceful?

To be successful through the backdoor, through other people charities then can get in? So many commoner woes got difficulties to be air in the parliament?

The are unlikely to held the head high?

Anonymous said...

All these spineless MP who came by the back doors it taking away the chance of those oppositions MP?

To the future generations they are the disgrace of the world, and make Singapore the laughing stocks of the world? And make a mockery of democratic system?

They will not dare to tell their grandchildren, how they come from the back door, to prevent those genuine oppositions MP from voicing their concern, like the CPF, cheaper foreigners competition, high inflation of the commoners?

In a healthy parliament session, in the world usually there is a quite good percentage of oppositions? Like the Nordic, swiss etc?

Singapore 28 seats should go to the oppositions in a single seats SMC contest, one to one fight, but with the GRC system.

It went to the main party, with only 60 percent of the votes, but it won 93 percent of the seats? So some of can't came, came in because by average because one of the MP give then some votes to come?

Which prevent more commoners voices to be heard?

What a lopsided affair and disgrace to the world?

Abao said...

too many protest will spoil the mood. if really want to protest he should organize a walkathon instead. encourage alternative lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sinkies can co-ordinate and pick a date to go hospitals and polyclinics at the same day. Or take the whole family on a particular weekend to ride the mrt and see for oneself how our systems are able to cope first hand.
After that, it will be clear to all, how the future will be liked.

Anonymous said...

Why protest at Hong Lim Park?

Every time I drive pass the Istana, I accidentally honk my horn.
Not related to the fare increase hor!


Anonymous said...

Would WP LTK / GG be attending this rally... or are they just WAYANG about their ideas of the transport service in Singapore..

Anonymous said...

Why punches the tyre, let the pressure build up.

Anonymous said...

Anton Casey should attend also since he itotally hate to mingle with the poor and the dirt they bring, he should say what he mean, to the singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

AC is enjoying life with miss S lar very busy leave him alone lor. Knn Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

Hope that the leader understand,mature enough, not to give profit sharing scheme during election , give after election ?

Anonymous said...

@January 21, 2014 9:40 pm
Why not keep it simple.

Honk! If you do not support the fare hike.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have been screwed so often that they became immune, accepted as the new normal. Suspect they have even learnt to enjoy being screwed. So what is there to protest ? Just take a nice afternoon nap on Saturday, spread your legs and enjoy.....

Anonymous said...

Everybody in Singapore.
At 5pm on 25 Jan Saturday.

Just say "knnbccb Desmond Kuek"
As loudly as you dare.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is definitely not Desmond Kuek's fault. He was put there trying to salvage a mass of neglected machinery that are falling apart.

The problems of SMRT are built up over years of poor maintenance.

Anonymous said...

/// It is definitely not Desmond Kuek's fault. ///

Are a desmond kuek apologist?

Why not you also say it's not LHL's fault.
The problems of PAP are built up over years of poor leadership.

Desmond Kuek is a big boy.
Let him defend himself.
If he wanted a fare increase.
He should be man enough to ask for it himself.
Instead of hiding behind Lui Tuck Yew's skirt.
This guy is a "General" for fuck's sake.

Anonymous said...

So how much more time or grace period for Desmond Kuek?
Before we can legitimately start blaming him for SMRT's problem?

6 more months?
1 more year?

I want to know who I can blame.
I want to know who is responsible.
If not Desmond Kuek, then who?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The best thing about Hong Lim Park, is that it is situated almost equidistant from Clarke and Boat Quays. So if the protest gets too boring, you can GTFO (Get The Fuck Out) and have a few drinks at either Quay places, and then go get shot into the air on the G-Max Bungy, in a drunken state.

This is far more thrilling and adrenalin-pumping than screaming at and scolding SMRT.

If you want Singaporeans to attend your event, you must offer them a "free gift". Otherwise, they won't waste their time.

Please lah, know your market.

Anonymous said...

@January 22, 2014 8:35 am

fuck lah .... the cause of these problems;

FUCKING DAFT SINGAPONANG not the establishment

knnccb ... fucking papigs; return our cpf@55

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I dunno Desmond Kuek an am no apologist for him. But we need to be fair to him. He inherited a massive problem with all the parts decaying and wanting to break off.

And I am sure he would defend his fare hike but someone else thinks he owns the MRT and it is his responsibility to defend the pay hike. Now you know who is the real owner.

Anonymous said...

I sincrely and most respectfully disagree with your statement:
/// I dunno Desmond Kuek an am no apologist for him. But we need to be fair to him. He inherited a massive problem with all the parts decaying and wanting to break off. ///

Nobody forced Desmond Kuek to apply for or accept the CEO job.
If you take the job ... you are responsible.
There are milestones and deadlines to achieve certain standards.

We are paying millions away in salaries and you are telling me nobody is accountable for any results?

So Singaporeans just pay and pay?
Pay $1 billion dollars subsidy for what?
Pay fare hike for what?
What do we get in return?

If Desmond Kuek is not going to be responsible;
then I say we hold LHL and PAP responsible.
Somebody is going to be blamed.
So either LHL blames Desmond Kuek or we blame LHL.

No more blank cheques.
Somebody has to take the blame.

Anonymous said...

If Desmond Kuek is overwhelmed by the problems, he can always resign.
And maybe we can hire somebody else better qualified at a lower salary.

Preferably people with experience in managing a train system rather than another military General/Admiral.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For a massive job like a train system, you have rolling stocks, the tracks, the electricals and mechanicals and all the electronics and so many subsystems, it will take 2 to 3 years at least to get things back in shape.

It is not like saying abracadabra or open sesame and things start working again. It is too early to judge him to do an honest job.

The same thing goes to housing, hospitals and the fake foreigners. Things have been allowed to go so bad for so long, everything one touches is full of slime.

This is complicated by the game of musical chairs.

Anonymous said...

/// ... it will take 2 to 3 years at least to get things back in shape. ///

So where are the 6-month milestones from desmond Kuek?
After 2-3 years no results then how?

Did Desmond Kuek apply for the CEO job?
Then we must sack him if he does not deliver.
Or was Desmond Kuek appointed to the CEO job?
In which case we must sack the person who appointed him.

No more blank checks.
What is the minimum standard of service that CEO Desmond Kuek can commit to right now?

Anonymous said...

Redbean offered musical chairs as an alibi for not blaming Desmond Kwek for the woes of the MRT System.
The Musical Chairs Ploy is a foolproof excuse that had been in use in Sin.
And Redbean seems to be quite approving of it.

Anonymous said...

How about changing the Ministers to different ministries or retire them and put them to government linked companies ad CEOs? Rotate them each time problems got out of control. Let the New Ones show that they will try to solve those problems left behind by the Previous One who need not account for them. All problems settled. Works wonder everytime.

Anonymous said...

They rotated Cleopatra out of the job.

Anonymous said...

SMRT is all fucked up right now.
What I want to see is a roadmap for improvement with clearly defined milestones to measure the progress on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis.

If Desmond Kuek is not responsible for telling us what is the problem and what he needs to have in order improve the situation.
Then who is responsible?
Lui Tuck Yew?
Gerard Ee?

Why is redbean providing us the reasons about " ... massive job like a train system, you have rolling stocks, the tracks, the electricals and mechanicals and all the electronics and so many subsystems ... "

Why isn't Desmond Kuek doing the explanation?
He's a General ... not a little Ms Tin Pei Ling.
If Desmond Kuek can't man up and take charge.
Then this PAP meritocratic system is nothing more than bullshit.
Because it produced a General who has to hide behind Lui Tuck Yew and Gerard Ee to get him a fre increase.

Good thing we are not asking General Desmond Kuek to win a war for us.

It's a train system for fuck's sake.
we are not asking for a cure for cancer.

Anonymous said...

knnbccb , knnpcb ...... fucking bastards papigs

mrt services disrupted from tenah merah to pasir ris ...

instead of activitating additional buses to ferry affected passengers beside stations, passengers forced to take "free" rides on scheduled buses

knnccb .... hsien loong, u fucking jink to the nation n those running dogs n bitches please suffer horrible n terrible death