A generation screwed

Over the last few decades, thousands of straight A students went through the mills. At least a thousand of them got straight As annually for their A level exam. How many of them could have been doctors and educated in our local unis? Oh, the capacity was only for a couple of hundreds. That’s it, nothing could be done to change this number. The rest of the straight A students either switch to other courses or, if they have rich parents, can go overseas for their medical degrees.

The situation today, our hospitals are infested with doctors from dunno where. Could these foreign doctors be as good as our straight A students? Or are they just the average, not counting those with fake qualifications? If we have not wasted our straight A students, we would have more of our best in the medical profession and at least reduce the shortfalls and need not take in doctors from God knows where and what.

For those who left on their papa mama scholarships, many would not want to return and would be lost for good. Why should they when on returning they would have to cough out a million or more to buy a decent small little private flat when they could own big landed properties overseas and a better quality of life? Why should they come home?

The number of such talents that have made homes in other countries must be pretty big. And we ended up shortchanged with you know what and from you know where.

A generation of our talented young men and women has been lost through our shortsighted policies on not educating our very best in medicine. To think of being treated by fakes or half past six doctors is really scary.


Anonymous said...

RB, like you I am rather disappointed with the performance, or lack of, of the WP. It is time for them to buck up. The least they can do, on this issue, is to ask in Parliament, for the number of applicants to the medical schools who have been denied places in say, the last 10 years.

Anonymous said...

/// To think of being treated by fakes or half past six doctors is really scary. ///

How about being governed by fakes or half past six Ministers?
Not more scary meh?

Bettr open your eyes big, big when you vote.

Anonymous said...

PAP-Chicken Joke
Why did the chicken cross the road?

The farmer (a former Brigadier-General) did not know how to look after the chicken coop.

Anonymous said...

"(Sovereign) Funds With $100 Billion May Be Too Big to Fail", Financial Stability Board says.
Bloomberg Report


Anonymous said...

"A generation of our talented young men and women has been lost through our shortsighted policies on not educating our very best in medicine."

Actually hor, last time(or generation) Sinkieland emphasised a lot on manufacturing with foreign investment to grow the GDP. And manufacturing can also create a lot of jobs.

That was before the Internet and the rise of China as a manufacturing power.

That's why engineers and technicians were trained by the droves. I remember as a engineering student in the early 80s, we had to even sit on the steps in the lecture theatre to attend our lecture!

Doctors? How much can they contribute to GDP? Can you have as many doctors as engineers? What is the production line for doctors to work in, you tell me lah?

Of course now the situation is different. Sinkieland now no fight in manufacturing and also doctors no enough.

And when you have no enough, you choose the best available lah, even if it is 3rd world doctors. Better than no doctors, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

On one hand, we reject thousand of bright students who are appling for medical studies, on the other hand, we bring in doctors from undeveloped countried.

I know some who has no choice but to pursue their dreams on father and mother scholardhip, and eventually our Singaporean boys chose not to return to Singapore. Bearing in mind if one stays away, chances are his other family will gradually move and join him or her overseas.

Uniquely Singapore indeed.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Pure fucking nonsense lah. I'm not surprised such drivel has come from the twisted soul of someone with a highly negative world-view.

FACT: There's more opportunity here for ANYONE WHO DARES TO TRY than there ever was, anytime in Singapore's richly coloured past.

Perplexed said...

More scary are the hands of doctors from certain country (internationally renowned - the rape nation) which like to grope female patients' bodies beyond what is necessary for diagnosis of the sickness at hand.

Anonymous said...

Who is there to blame for shortage of local doctors? Was it under Tony Tan's watch when he was the Chancellor of Singapore U that he limited the intake of local medical students to the miserably number of just only 300 per year. There you are , they are far sighted. They seem to make a mess of everything. What kind of talent is that?

Eagles Eyes.

Anonymous said...

@ Perplexed
Even more scary are the hands of politicians from a certain island (internationally renowned - the sticky hands nation) which like to grope citizens' money beyond what is necessary for maintaining the services of the country at hand.

Anonymous said...

The elite are satisfied with a BJ. They don't know what is the real thing. Not in the textbook.

Anonymous said...

The ones at the top did so in order to control the supply of doctors entering the profession, ensuring that they kept their high salaries.

b said...

The healthcare problem is created mainly by PAP. They should learn from Cuba and trained as many suitable people as doctors as possible but pap turned away many instead. In Cuba, its doctor-to-patient ratios stand comparison to any country in Western Europe. Now they are into medical tourism and exporting medical services and making good money all over the western part of the world. Accountability?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think the quality of Cuban doctors would be better than those we brought in from the 3rd World.

b said...

'More scary are the hands of doctors from certain country (internationally renowned - the rape nation) which like to grope female patients' bodies'

- I just wonder how many actually suffered without knowing as they were under anaesthesia and how many actually made mistakes and covered up by MOH and how many used faked qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Being screwed is a blessing for singaponang.

So stop complaining

... but is ok to curse the papigs

Knnccb.... papigs return our cpf @55

Anonymous said...

Any comments from ones making forecast are deceiving...such as they are trying to put more beds along the corridor. They would not answer or 'repent' why Singaporean patients are forced to accept what it is today. As a leader, is doing 'forecast' good enough, obviously not, and
that is probably the reason we have to send in more to become co-pilots.