SG 50 – Red Dot to party all year round

Singapore has really arrived. It is truly a very rich country and the mood is all about celebration. Now, who is talking about poor people? Next year is our 50th Anniversary as an independent country and a very successful one. It deserves a year of celebration. I dunno what is the budget for this big bang but there will also be budget for the people to organise functions of their own to celebrate a City State growing up and with so much money to party and to throw. We no longer need to be prudent and thrifty like our first generation leaders. We need not think or plan carefully for each dollar we spent and where it will come from, or how to invest it wisely. We only need to be happy spending and partying. We have so much money to spend.

Lawrence Wong has called on the people to put up suggestions for the celebration. This gives me an idea about inclusiveness and the big number of foreigners here contributing to our progress and creating jobs for Sinkies. And lately Sinkies have been rebuked for not being kind to them.

I would like to propose that all Sinkies invite foreigners to spend a day in their homes, or more if they like, prepare a good meal for them, and show them how kind Sinkies are. We need to integrate them to our way of life so that they down bring us down to their normal. And we need to if we want them to treat us kindly.

For this effort, for every foreigner brought into the homes of a Sinkie, the govt shall pay the Sinkie $100 for the expenses and inconvenience caused. Oh, for those with big mansions and would like to invite big and successful foreigners driving sports cars and not comfortable with the stench in HDB flats, they should be paid $1000 per head so that such foreigners would have a good time and not to think Sinkies are poor. Throw in a few SPGs to show them some kindness as well.

This is the time to show the world we are rich. I got a bigger celebration to propose. See, my whole faculty is only thinking of having parties and spending the money we have made. This is like 1997 in Hongkong or in the early 70s when the British were pulling out. It was party time and time to spend all the money saved before the curtain closed.

Oh, 2019 is a very important year. Think 1819. See, you remember. We can celebrate together with our colonial masters in London all year round. We can have road shows and all kinds of shows in both countries. Our ministers and head of state and head of govt can visit each other and dance the night away. Money is no issue. It is OPM mah.

What is important is for us to show the world how rich we are and how much money we have to have a good time. We can even throw a few billions to buy a few toys that nobody wants to show that we can really afford it.

The Tourist Board can then promote this as a City that parties all year round. And when other people make surveys on the mood of the people, the conclusion will be a very happy people that only think of parties and nothing else. No need a million smiles campaign anymore when everyone is so happy party like no tomorrow.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In Hotel Singapore, the party is on-going. You don't have to wait for your "number fetish" to kick in.

In Singapore society, "number fetishes" are very common. People think that there's some magical significance to numbers: 888-- very good, 444--ver bad. 50 years -- celebrate. 49 years -- ?? who knows...lousy number.

The crazy Singaporeans also think that when vehicles are involved in accidents, the license plate number of those vehicles contain some "lucky magical essence".

So you can throw your silly number fetish into the garbage. There is AMPLE REASONS to CELEBRATE in Singapore, anytime of day or night, 365 days of the year.

What other place in the world offers:

1. Nice makan
2. Potential for a variety of sexual encounters
3. Easy to live
4. Low taxes
5. Variety of leisure activities
6. Diverse culture from all over the world
7. Excellent place for business
8. Relatively easy to make money
....add to the list

This is a very happy hotel! Celebrate today!

Anonymous said...

/// Lawrence Wong has called on the people to put up suggestions for the celebration. ///

Give us back our CPF money.
This will give us good reason to celebrate.

Or else we vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh! Aiyoh! Aiyoh!

I am a 90 year old senile Singaporean.
I also want to celebrate.
Aiyoh! Aiyoh! Aiyoh!

Anonymous said...

Your birthday every year will be very important if you get to celebrate it after 90.

For MS, he forgot to mention SPGs. He is entitled to celebrate until his botak head hits the table. It is his money.

Please, when you want to celebrate, use your own money. When you want to be generous and throw millions and billions away, use your own silly money.

Anonymous said...

Money is no issue. It is OPM mah.

What's wrong with OPM?

If they could get 60% OPV (Other people's vote), why not 100% OPM? It's all legal and legitimate, you know.

Can u get 60% OPV? Must be at least 50%, or else no use. Don't believe, just ask Tan Jee Say.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Wah...SPGs...my mouth is watering, my hard dick is leaking pre-cum.

SPGs need a separate, special day all on its own as a celebration. Because SPGs are really special people.

Have you seen the way our hot local gals are dressing these days? Short shorts showing off their delicious legs, gorgeous hair, charming smiles, and they are shaved or have Brazilian waxes (all hair in the anal and genital area removed).

What's more SPGs are friendly -- they love to talk, they love to flirt....oh my my...

Anonymous said...

The only problem with SPGs is that they are a bit loose down there.

Most girls need about 15 minutes of stroking to be loose enough for two fingers to go in.
With SPGs, about 3 minutes of stroking and I can fit in 3 fingers already.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

There was a time when every civil servant and minister was very conscious and careful in spending public money. A person caught cheating a few cents on bus fare claims can be sacked.

Today it looks like money flowing down from heaven and everyone so happen to spend. And not a matter of a few hundred dollars, not even a matter of a few peanuts, but millions and hundreds of millions.

Everyone so happy to spend public money. Like they said, easy come easy go. Chin tua kang.

The only sad part is the people's CPF savings got hijacked and cannot be returned.

Anything to do with Happy Hours and partying?

Anonymous said...

my hope for sg50;

old fart kuan yew, please live long to witness this historical event

u maybe sick now, may be even close to deathbed ... but i know u are god like, prove to dafts like me, your loyal fenshi your mighty power

long live kuan yew ... please dun sprint faster than the horse to reach the finishing line; the horse year has not arrive yet

dun make daft wet our eyes; whether tears of joy or grief

knnccb .... papigs, .. knnbccb

Anonymous said...

It would be a more meaningful protest against any public figures happily spending millions and hundreds of millions of public fund on parties and celebrations when the money should go to reduce the cost of living of the average Sinkies.

We should protest against those millions and billions given away to foreign students instead of our students.

Sinkies must put a stop to all the wild spending of the public's money. When they throw the money away freely and so happily, did they ever ask where the money is coming from?