When something is full of holes

SMRT was reported to have its 5th breakdown yesterday. This is a very good example of a rotten apple, good to look on the outside but all worms inside. It is exactly like what George Yeo said, everything looks so perfect, but it isn’t real.

Desmond Kwek, like Boon Wan, has inherited a rotten apple. So has Chuan Jin and Gan Kim Yong. Don’t bet on it that it can be resolved overnight. And the people are impatient and may put the lasso on them when they did not create the problems in the first place. And those who created the problems drove into the sunset with their handsome rewards like a great ending in the movie.

This is like a fund manager, notably the one that ran a Ponzi Scheme in New York. When he had lost all the money, no matter what he did, not matter how he tried to patch the holes, there could be too many holes leaking and all the attempts will be futile. And some of the attempts could cause more hardship and be as good as daylight robbery, to fill an empty coffer.

Fund managers having an empty coffer cannot hide for too long. When the money is gone it is gone shot of robbing someone, like in Greece, robbing all the depositors to cover the holes.

When something is full of holes, it is full of holes. And many things are full of holes but looking perfect on the outside. When will the house of cards coming crashing down?

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Anonymous said...

Whether something is full of holes and yet still going strong and functioning are separate issues.

When it is still going strong and functioning, it is not a house of cards and so will not come crashing down. So whether separate or as one, there is no issue.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies can afford to be magnanimous, if not forgiving. Knowing that the Ministers had inherited the messes from their predecessors, we may like to let the Current Ones another two or three terms to make amends and rectify the problems.
The earlier Office Holders had created the shits and the musical chair game had allowed them to be free or exonerated. Such that if the musical chair game continues, sinkies will be screwed indefinitely.
Are rotten apples able to make each other into good apples is something sinkies have to think hard about.
The only effective way to date is to dispose them into the compactor. However, Redbean appears to feel too 'sayang' to do so. But, new apple tree is the only way.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is crystal clear that the older lines of the MRT system are going to require massive upgrades.

The government is usually quite good in keeping things working in Singapore. However, they are being very fucking silly -- dumb even -- on the SMRT.

Shut the motherfucking line down and make everyone ride the buses, or drive or take cabs or fucking walk-bicycle for 6 months, and fix the goddamn line once and for all so that it will go another 30 or so years.

Got leadership?

Anonymous said...

The trouble is that Singaporeans have grown so dependent on the motherfucking MRT line, just like a drug addict, taking buses for them is now out of the equation.

They will howl and scream for sure if we go back to buses as the main public transport medium, never mind the fake howling and screaming over the recent breakdowns.

Even if they fix the whole goddam MRT line now, I can be sure it will not last another 10 years, not to say 30 years. Not with the kind of materials that we are using now. So, dream on for a MRT system that will run smoothly from now on.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I know you have a relapse today.

You know what it is like without the MRT for 6 hours? You want to shut it down for 6 months? Our dependency need for the MRT is like the need for FT and FW.

Everyone will suffer from withdrawal pains. Be kind can?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You see lah people. redbean personifies the "reactive" Singaporean.

The idea has barely been moot, and he starts with his insults. How lidat? No wonder people laugh at Singaporean's quirks.

It takes balls and leadership to shut the old lines down and to do proper repairs/ upgrades so that in the long run, proper engineering practices and philosophy save the day.

You can shut down one sector at a time, and use buses.

The PAP must have the fucking BALLS to do this before an election. I feel they're kicking the can until after the elections.

Any which way you cut it, eventually the lines have to be shut and upgraded, or the breakdowns will continue, and SAFETY might even become an issue. Either way, people are going to be pissed off -- so you can IGNORE that issue from any position you take.

Many Singaporeans are exactly like redbean. They will make fuck noise and make themselves more angry until blood is shooting out from their eyes.

...but that's all they'll ever do . No action. The most they can muster is a weak-arse protest at Hong Lim.

What noise will you make today?

b said...

i recalled some idiot mentioned some time ago that a huge population is required to keep costs and thus fares down. where is that idiot now?

if a cow is made to give 10litres of milk a day, forcing the cow to produce 20litres a day will kill the cow. any trains are made to run on a certain capacity. overloading those trains day in and day out will need an expensive maintenance and repair. no need to be a genius to know that.

Anonymous said...

Shutting down the lines are good provided when the repairs are finish it will be up and running but they do not even know what and how the falures come about with each break down requring an inquiry or investigation.


Anonymous said...

The frequency of break down is just as bad.


Anonymous said...

/// Desmond Kwek, like Boon Wan, has inherited a rotten apple. So has Chuan Jin and Gan Kim Yong. ///

All of us have inherited a rotten apple from the great Mentor ... tiok boh?