Fake certificates widespread in India

TRE reported an article from AFP that job applicants in India are so desperate that they have resorted to all kinds of sophisticated scams to get a job. This is the first 3 para of the article in TRE,

‘AFP published a news report [Link] on 12 Jan highlighting widespread use of fake CVs flooding the Indian job market.

In fact, the scam is so sophisticated that even when companies attempt to call the previous companies listed by the errant job applicant who said he had worked there before, there will be people answering calls and giving illustrious testimony about the person.

The scam was uncovered when an IT company in New Delhi was puzzled that 30 of the job applicants had listed the same employer which they said they had worked in….’

Singapore is so lucky that all the Indian job applicants coming here used genuine certificates and CVs. I am confident, 101%, that all those in employed here are worth every cent they are paid. I have not heard of a single case of false CVs from India been discovered here. I swear.

With our first world talents and the sophisticated technology and smart people in charge, if there are any cheats, they would have been caught. The fact that practically none is caught is testimony to the good credit of our regulators and the authenticity of all the India graduates working here.

We shall celebrate this clean record and bring in more talents from India that used only genuine certificates and CVs. Maybe the Indians know that we are an honest and clean society, so only the honest and qualified Indians would want to come here.

Well done Sinkies, for having the top and genuine talents from India working here. Only the frauds and cheats remained in India or elsewhere. We have an excellent and dependable system and talents to fall back on. I really feel very good, very safe that we are in good hands. It is a good feeling to know that we are not cheated by 3rd World cheats.

The MOM must be credited for the clean record.


Anonymous said...

"The fact that practically none is caught is testimony to the good credit of our regulators and the authenticity of all the India graduates working here."

Not the regulators lah, RB. It is the employers who decide whether the India graduates are fake or not.

And the fact that they recruited India graduates over genuine Sinkie ones is testimony that all things being equally genuine, India graduates are better than Sinkie ones.

Sinkie grads, u are genuine and good but not good enough lah.

And how good can Sinkies be if the strongest and best Sinkie opposition party is not even ready to be govt, you tell me lah?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

People have forgotten. So here is a reminder:

In all things:
Caveat Emptor

Anonymous said...

"It is the employers who decide whether the India graduates are fake or not."
Anon 10:22 am

Tiok. Or else how could they have become employers if they are no good in recruiting good talents to work for them?

Sinkies good? Then why are Sinkies not the employers, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Singapore is super efficient. No cheats here. Don't panic, don't cry wolf.

All the foreigners are qualified and good enough to replace all the daft Sinkies.

As the Sinkies get dafter, it is only good to replace with foreigners, even with fake CVs as they have proven to be better than Sinkies with real CVs and certificates.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies don't even know that they have been betrayed, sold and cheated.

And they think their good life will last forever.

Anonymous said...



what really matters are local native born singaponang call secure a decent paying job to survive here

not those low paying part time assignments ..

knnccb .... may the descendants of familee and papigs reap the fruits of their actions

Anonymous said...

Agree completely.

Anonymous said...

Come on!

What is so important about Certs n CV?

So long as employee can fulfill their duties n help the employers make money, where is the need for paper qualifications?
Last time, workers underwent apprenticeship n became good at their jobs.
Why the need for certs?

Anonymous said...

Ya lor. Just do away with certificates then no need to check some more. Then everyone becomes no fakers.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you Mr Bean. Your sense of irony is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Is this true?

Anonymous said...

You swear? Are you sure? It was this group that faked their certificate in order to stay in Australia. The scam was uncovered a couple years ago.....

Anonymous said...

Con you again.

Anonymous said...

Wah lau redbean. I read already also cannot tahan leh. Everything is so perfect.

agongkia said...

Uncle,just notice someone in TR mention a name same as yours and say he Poison.This one claim to be Phd leh.Too strong for me to support you.Check whether fake Phd or not yourself.
This time you must buy me 1 tay siew tai for this info.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Which tread is that in TRE?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh found it. You can call yourself Chancellor of LSE to take him on.

I won't waste my time with members of the brigade. They are of very low level stuff.

Anonymous said...

Club India International. Certified members only.

b said...

A lot of things are fake in india especially CVs.

Anonymous said...

I love CV. Curries and Vindaloos.

Anonymous said...

我 相 信 你 的 言 论,
因 為 我 是 個 白 痴.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Anonymous said...

Growing the population through importing people, imagine from 5.3 millions to 6.9 million, an additional 1.6 million.

How many new citizens and local jobs will be taken away, replaced and salaries depressed? If you keep pouring water in a glass full of water what happen?

The Nordic way of growing the population through technological and innovation way work? It have among the highest standard of living, low gini coefficieny & high birthrate?

That why they are so successful, Estonia grow through its own people?

Imagine how many more people will lost or job replaced by the third world countries workers? Many of the well qualified PMET had emigrated and many not a proper job?

Not only lost of jobs how about inflation, the average worker salaries not much improve all these years after inflation? With inflation keep rising?

With more and more people come there is less and less facilities, longer and longer waiting time and higher and higher prices?

6.9 millions is not workable?

Anonymous said...

You think they don't know? They are just playing with time and hope to get away before the game comes to a crash.

Anonymous said...

If Indian employers want to employ Indians from India, fake or not does not matter and we therefore do not know what is the real situation. Not until Indian employers do the screaming. Until then, who knows what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Why Singapore keep increase it population?

Let say from 1.2 million to 6.9 million from 60s to 2030, a staggering 400 percent increase?

The increase in population is not very beneficial to the average man but beneficial to the ministers?

Because the increase in inflation, take away their job and depress their pay?

To support the highest ministers pay in the world?

Something wrong isn't itWhy so many countries like Nordic and Estonia don't increase it population this way?

Singapore have of the busiest port in the world, the Nordic don't have?

The possible reason, is that they calculated every year need $30K of newer and newer citizens to replace those who vote against them?

So that the new citizens can vote for them?


They have the highest pay in the world of course, they hope to hold on to their pay?

This increase in population is not through birth, but through importing people?

Why the Nordic can improve it population standard of living, they don't give excuses, whether it is out of wedlock, artificial inseminations or adoptions it is ok as long as the govt can take care of them, free education? Their birthrate is 1.8, Singapore is 1.2?

Unlike Singapore parent got to pay a heavy sum to educate their children, and later got to compete with the cheaper third world country graduates? So many prefer not to born babies?

Anonymous said...

Let say if the population around 1.4 million at 60s 70 years later it was a staggering 500 percent more to 6.9 millions to 2030?

From now 5.3 million to increase another 1.6 millions

So what is the real reason behind keep increase the population, not through local birth, but bring in foreigners? For taxes and votes?

Anonymous said...

Obviously importing people is not a very good idea?

With many older workers and PMET underwork losing the jobs , taking jobs like property brokers, insurance agents, gardeners, cab drivers, security officers and cleaners, losing jobs to newer and newer citizens or foreigners?

You go to find Nordic after 50 years of developing their standard of living reach highest, low gini coeffiency & high birth rate, many olympic champions, Nobel prize winners & many highly successful multi-national companies?

Which they less depend on foreign investments and foreign workers?

In stark contrast, Singapore with the highest ministers pay, ten times of the Nordic produce one of the highest gini coeffiency, lowest birthrate, many of the PMET move out of Singapore and underwork?

Many of the middle income and lower income the standard of living had been dropping, with more population increase and inflation?

As more population increase to vote for the main party, will the situation go worse and worse?

With more frequent flooding, possibly due to more things build, the tighten of the ground, serious riots, severe shortage of hospital facilities, regular and more MRT breakdowns among other things etc?

The first generation of leaders run their country well, they don't over pay themselves so much? Later when they overpay themselves so much situations changed?

Should they consider volunteering reduce their pay to that level of the Swiss, New Zealand or the Nordic ministers salaries? Which need the highest indirect taxes to maintain?

Imagine continue to increase the population of new citizens every year 30K to vote for them, what will happen when the population from now 5.3 to 6.9 millions?

Anonymous said...

Nordic countries they have among the highest birthrate in developed countries?

Many factors lead to their success, like multi parties systems, the right policies and efficient welfare system to take care of the children & free education & babies friendly environment.

So that parent were at ease when the bear their children? Singapore with various failed policies, lead to its present situations? Which the insist of outmoded ideas?

Their birthrate is 1.8 in contrast to Singapore 1.2?

The country don't look so much to the marriage certificates, as time changed rapidly as long as their countries welfare system as to support the child?

Whether born out of the wedlock, adoption, single parent using others sperms or artificial insemination etc it is OK for them?

So the depend on technology to solve their problems, not by importing people to solve their birthrate problems, times changed outmoded ideas should be discarded?

A expert said with improving technology 1.7 rate is good enough to solve today old age problems?

Whereas Singaporean hold tightly to the marriage views, even the marriage they can't afford to born babies what the use, good to show only the paper?

Now with many ministers know that the future of graduate is bleak and come out to said that in future can't garantee graduate will able to find jobs?

Even born out of wedlock or single parents Nordic had the been to raise their children to be success, Singaporean have marriage cert but dare not born babies fear of the future, because of right policies?

They worried their children jobs might be tak

Anonymous said...

If Indian companies choose to employ Indians, no problem. The question, why don't they stay put in India where the cost of doing business is so much lower and so many Indians to choose from, and why want to park here at Chennai Park?

What is the value add to our economy and contribution to our life? Zilch!

Is there a bigger agenda? Be frighten, be very frighten.

b said...

"Is there a bigger agenda? Be frighten, be very frighten."

- Spot on. India views Sg as an easy rich target to takeover and only the clown up there, now without his daddy coaching, still continues to be manipulated by his ministers.