Singapore worried about Finlayson squirrel

This is a foreign specie squirrel that was imported by pet lovers and could have been let out or escaped into the wild.  Presumably this was an accidental act without knowing the consequences when the squirrels multiply and took over the parks and forests. No one see that far to think that the local squirrels would be in danger in the long run. The Finlaysons are found in Bidadari that is scheduled for redevelopment. The nature enthusiasts are concerned that they would be driven to other parts and threaten the existence of local species of squirrels. What makes the Finlayson squirrel a menace is that these foreigners are more aggressive and could replace the meek local species.

What the nature enthusiasts did not know is that the Finlayson specie has spread to other parks and not only in Bidadari. While everyone thinks they are only found in one area, they are in fact all over the island. And their numbers have grown to a size that any attempt to violate their habitat would turn them violent and they would riot against the locals.

The ignorance that there are not many around to be a threat is unbelieveable. Like the foreigners gathering in other parks of the island, they are everywhere and big in numbers. When they feel threatened, they could turn violent and devour the meek locals. The locals would be easy meat and their meek nature would surely see to their own destruction. The locals no longer know how to fight against the more aggressive and hungrier foreigners.

At least the nature enthusiasts can see the dangers these foreigners posed to the locals. The Finlaysons will keep their peace as long as they free to go on growing and expanding their population undeterred. Now, because of their size and their integration and adaptation to the local environment, they are a serious threat to the locals. They would take over the island in a matter of time and they will claim they are part of the locals.

But the true locals are oblivious to this threat. Only the people looking from the outside, like the nature enthusiasts, could understand and see the danger. It is only a matter of when, the locals will be forced out of their habitats with no resistance. They would probably feel the new specie is more deserving to live here. Ignorance is bliss.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All humans are The SAME SPECIES, because there is no such thing as "race".

Introduced species are separate from domestic fauna and could pose problems to the eco system.

However you cannot use the same argument for humans. Every human has the right to be wherever he chooses to be on this planet as long as he is not trespassing on PRIVATELY OWNED PROPERTY or disturbing the peace by intimidation or violence.

So...welcome foreigner. Please respect our laws, and have a wonderful time in Hotel Singapore. Please ignore racist idiots like redbean and his ilk. Luckily, no one lives forever ;-)

Anonymous said...

Who told you so? The Australians are turning the boat people back. If the Aussie govt does not like you they will kick you out. Period.

Your right to be in Australia depends on them. What cock right are you talking about?

You called RB a racist? You are a moron.

Anonymous said...

"But the true locals are oblivious to this threat."

The true local are not oblivious.
It's the PAPigs that are oblivious.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


The point that you think whether I am a moron or not is irrelevant to the observation that redbean is a racist. All you need do is read what he writes and form your own conclusion.

I don't agree with Aust policy. I think it is ILLEGAL. If refugees come to your cuntree, you MUST let them in and ascertain their case on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS in the judicial system in that cuntree.

That means: all boat people must be allowed into Australia and every single one is entitled to legal representation and due process in court.

And the taxpayer will have to bear the cost. That's it! You either are a cuntry which upholds human rights, or you are not. There is no "in between".

I'm a fucking Aussie taxpayer. I've been paying their motherfucking HIGH TAXES (corporate, income, sales, import taxes...and GST...total a few million dollars and counting) for nearly 40 years. So yeah, I have a big fucking say.

I am a big proponent of OPEN BORDERS for EVERY CUNTREE on the earth. The idea of "nation states" is fast eroding. It is a concept that no longer applies today ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

i.e. the more "open" you borders are, the less "illegal" entry you will have.

Think of it as DE REGULATION of human movement -- aka more human FREEDOM!

Surely you are not against more human freedom?

Are you?

b said...

Unable to make any money or take away the jobs of the locals, the foreigners will not come.

Anonymous said...

Matilah will never be a ruler.

So ignore him.

Btw, he is clever,

at least argumentatively so.

b said...

Most boat people just want to exploit the system of human right and get free food and lodging at the expense of hardworking locals. Few are genuine cases. They should all be sent back so that they learnt there is no easy way out except to organize and unite themselves and make a better future for themselves and their own land. They should learn from the french not to run away but to stay, fight and kick out their powerful rulers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah clever? My goodness. Whole day he has been uttering nonsense. Every country must accept boat people? So if all the boat people come here we have to accept them?

And the taxpayers has a right to say yes. Have the taxpayers the right to say no, to say No to 6.9m?

He is taking a position of a hotel guest here and in Oz without any responsibility to anyone. He only hopes that govt are stupid enough to have open doors to welcome anyone.

He will meet his day when no country would want him and come crawling back to Sin.

Anonymous said...

A fetish for all things foreign exposes a
profound lack of self confidence and leadership. This is often caused by a distrust of the local "product".

b said...

" I've been paying their motherfucking HIGH TAXES "

- I am very happy that OZ taxed Matilah so high. He deserves to be taxed to the maximum for being a mean slave driver, paedofile and cheap labour promoter. At least some justice are served. Long live Oz and please continue to tax him till bankrupt.

b said...

"This is often caused by a distrust of the local "product"."

- Cannot expect a traitor who worked as translator for the big time war criminal jap to exhibit the correct behavior towards human beings.

patriot said...

Traitors will be recorded in History as such and his/her treason shall remain in the hearts of the people for many generations.
What is frightening about such treacherous people is that they are not just void of conscience, they are ruthless and vicious.


Anonymous said...

We have our choice, we choose our own destiny, who care if you choose to be screwed by another country.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss 無知是福?

無 知 的 後 果

是 SINKIE 的 完 旦,

會 是 福 嗎?