Thailand, the strange nature of things happening

The Yingluck govt is pushing ahead with the general election on 2 Feb. The street protest continues while a state of emergency order has been issued in Bangkok. And ‘Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has threatened to "close every route" to polling stations again for Sunday's election, raising fears of further violence’. MSN.

Shouldn’t Suthep be arrested for disruption the general election? It seems that he is untouchable, like he is carrying with him an Imperial Sword, a representative of the King. And he and his Bangkok protesters are accusing the whole Yingluck govt of corruption and now incompetence. Can they be sure that a new govt will not be corrupt? And all the media reporting on the general election is saying that the result is an assured landslide victory for the Yingluck govt. Holycow, a corrupt govt assured of winning a general election with public protest on the road and with an army and a judicial that would not allow any mischief to happen during the election! (This is a bit like Sin when there are so much anger and criticism against the govt but comes a GE the govt will still be elected.)

What a complex series of contradictions. What is very clear is that there is order and strategy above the confusion. The master strategists are working real hard on both sides. On the Suthep side, he had a loud voice in Bangkok with the Bangkok media and elite on his side and a kind of certainty that he could ruin the general election and incapacitate the govt with impunity. He has the authority to do so.

On the side of the Yingluck govt, they are treating the Bangkok protesters as shadows playing their own game but inconsequential. The protesters and Suthep can continue with what they are doing, the govt will simply ignore them and go ahead to do what it deems fit.

A new govt will be announced after the general election, if it is not disrupted, with Yingluck still the PM and her cabinet still intact and the street protest still in Bangkok. Should a violent clash erupt, the law enforcing officers of both the police and army would have to step in. Then what, a military state?


Anonymous said...

Thailand is no more land of thousand smiles. This is the same for many countries. Good times never last forever and so is power and life. Sad that no one is helping to mediate in Thailand.

Politics is dirty. What the opposition group demand can never be fulfilled. Someone is pulling the string behind all these. Only stupid people in BKK are biting the bait. At the end all got screwed.

patriot said...

It is messy in Thailand Politiks, however, here democracy is given it's widest interpretation to give the People the Maximun Freedom.

As in all things, 船到桥头自然 直 meaning ultimately, all issues will be settled. What matters are the Conseqiences and Result.

Wish the Thais Good Luck and Success.


Anonymous said...

Thailand can never find a cleaner PM than Yingluck. The next PM from any party could be worse, more corrupt. Corruption is part of the culture of Thai politics.

Anonymous said...

The main concern of he new citizen and locals, which reflect in the Punggol East BE:

The excessive pay of the ministers vs the Nordic, Denmark and New Zealand have between 5.6 and 4.5 Millions and their pay only 10 percents?

The figure head president made a staggering $40 millions during his 12 year tenure compare to the USA presiden could make only about $10 million in the same period?

The high inflation and ever rising cost, from the importing of foreigners?

Every year till 2030 importing 30K of newer citizens every year, how much jobs will they take away from the new citizens and the locals and depress their pays?

Singapore probably highest taxes indirectly like the CPF locked up scheme better to give back the citizens 80 percents of the money at 55 like last time?

The actual support of the main party is actually if you discount the GRC and the profit sharing scheme?

The profit sharing scheme is more about the percentage of votes and the GRC is more the percentage of seats?

The 6.9 Million by 2030, is likely support by on 49 MP only, if you discount 3 absent and only 60 percents of the seats?

So with 49 seat will not past through with such important policies?

The oppositions will likely ask the United Nations advise on the GRC and the profit sharing scheme during the election?

Anonymous said...

Comparing to the figure head president made a staggering of $40 millions in his 12 year tenure, USA president likely to make only $5 million in the same period?

Anonymous said...

Bringing down Yingluck's govt, the Thais would end up with a more corrupt govt.

Anonymous said...

Aiya RB, in the past in Indonesia, Egypt and Iraq, the leaders also got close to 100% of the vote what. But what happen to the leaders now? Need I say more

Anonymous said...

This will be the story of Thailand going down the road. Violence will ensue during and after the election. The army will step in. Someone will be appointed from the army to act as interim PM. Election will follow and then the same story will repeat itself. Accusations will follow to bring down the elected Government. And so on and so forth.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your articles. You are getting more and more humorous. Your comments though funny are very spot on and sharp. If PM has half you wit and observation skill, he would not offend so many of us. Our PM is witless and living in the air.