Breaking in, breaking out, any difference?

The security breaches by a Malaysian woman, Nurul Ruhana bte Ishak, are getting more attention as the day goes by. More and more criticism, some getting stronger, is appearing in the internet. “If this ‘lapse’ is not symptomatic of some kind of systems breakdown, then I don’t know what is,… It would be ironic if our law enforcement agencies and their officers are taking peace and security for granted.” Bertha Henson wrote on her blog.

Red faces everywhere? Better to point the fingers at someone else before people point it at you is a good strategy. Some critics are yelling for blood or heads to roll. Who is responsible? Like the Mas Selamat’s breakout from his detention centre, this breaking in into Singapore, through our very complex and highly secured checkpoints, is unparalleled. This is more perplexing than the breakout by Took Leng How who simply walked into JB. At least Mas Selamat was more ingenious, with him tying plastic bottles all over his body to float across the Straits of Johore in total darkness and evading patrol boats.

In terms of dare devil stance, this case is simply a mind game, an open challenge to the security officers and systems, in broad daylight and repeating it again all the way into the MFA compound. It must set many people wandering what was this Nurul Ruhana trying to do and to prove. She drove all the way from Kedah in the northern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula just to shake up everyone in this little island like a bolt of lightning.

No need to worry, this is another once in 50 years happening. Just hold a BOI and the truth will all be out and the system will be improved and nothing like this will happen again. The police should thank Mas Selamat and Nurul Ruhana for testing the systems and improving on it. After the vandalised paintings on the MRT trains, the system was also improved and nothing of similar nature has happened again. So is the case of Little India riot.

In the meantime, more BOIs should be on standby so that when more of such incidents happen again, BOIs can jump in straight away to review them. Those critics of security lapses, please hold your fire. Let the BOI do the job to polish up the lapses.

Now, who’s head will roll? Ask Mas Selamat.

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Anonymous said...

mystery solved ... how she gain entry to this fortess cuntry


knnccb ... knnbcbb hsien loong n bunch of running dogs n bitches;
remember to return our cpf@55 b4 the next eRection

Anonymous said...

I think the system is not designed to handle insane people lah.

So just bad luck lah, if 1 in million chance an insane person want to test the system.

And good luck that the insane person did not carry any bombs.

Anyway, there is also no such thing as insane terrorist, tio bo?

Just like there is no such thing as a Sinkie opposition party announcing they are ready to be govt. So very lucky lah, for PAP that is.

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, there is also no such thing as insane terrorist, tio bo?"
Anon 8:47 am

Tiok. First of all, u must be sane in order to get a bomb in the first place.

And then also have to be sane to plan how to bomb.

U see, so many levels to check on sanity.

So thank God, it is impossible to have a bomb carrying insane terrorist testing the system.

Anonymous said...

Head roll?? Think someone in-charge during Mas Selamat "freak" event got promoted. Uniquely Singapore

Anonymous said...

"Think someone in-charge during Mas Selamat "freak" event got promoted."
Anon 9:14 am

Simply because that someone is still the best available lah.

It may not be easy to get someone who is the best to do such jobs, u know.

Is it easy to get someone who is best to become opposition candidate?

Anonymous said...

"Simply because that someone is still the best available lah"

No lah..his promotion got nothing to do with his failure in handling of Mas Selamat... just like train disruptions got nothing to do with fare hike..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The red Perodua must be specially coated with a stealth paint and invisible to the police. Get it tested, it may be good stuff.

If this is not, then check for bawang inside the car.

Anonymous said...

More likely she was chanting the same mantra that the old fart, lao yeow quai, self proclaimed god aka the wheelchair bound zombie kuan yew was chanting.

patriot said...

Promotion in Sin is said to be dependent on who You know
and not what You know.
The Maxim in working is work
smart and not work hard, this
me believes is not just applicable
to Sin.

Anyway, if an insane lay woman
was able to do what she did for
three days, imagine what a few
trained professionals can wreak
in a highly populated city.

Remember the Mumbai Massacre ?
Our Security Minister and his Men
may have forgottened or not afraid
of it happening.


patriot said...

And why should they be afraid?
Their Ivory Towers are secure by Gurkhas.


Anonymous said...

Terrorists and foreigners can anyhow go in and out of Singapore.
Security obviously not very tight.

Ah! But CPF money very secure.
Try getting your CPF money back from the PAP gahmen lah!

Does this mean the PAP gahmen cares more about money than our internal security?
You tell me lah!

Virgb49 said...

Hi Mr RB, let me relate an incident that this type of security clearance can be breached at the Woodlands Causeway,

Once, on the way from Malacca with friend driving. Overshot filter lane to Tuas Second Link which we used to come back as Causeway most times jammed.

Had no choice but to proceed to Woodlands for clearance. My friend and me not so familiar with the Causeway Lanes shot to the immediate first lane which is a RED Lane for diplomatic or consular VIPs or staff.

Going through straight without any obstruction till we came to a table full of ICA and Auxiliary officers having a wonderful tee-a tee, sitting and standing on and round the table.

They got a shock when they saw us as they do not expect many consular vehicles to pass though this lane.

Once awhile, some Malaysian small fry assholes consular staff may abused their privilege to use this lane to come to Sin City.

This lane with no barrier, completely cleared. Any trespasser can easily go through without any problem.

Think most of the times, when these ICA officers see their diplomatic vehicle number plates, they are waved through.

We stopped and was re-directed to go to another lane for clearance after some rebuking for doing so.

So, think this Malaysian Peodua might have passed through this exclusive lane.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this Malaysian Perodua also got diplomatic or VIP vehicle number plates?

But even if so, Perodua is not a luxury car, tio bo?

And how could diplomatic and VIP people have used such a car, boliyou (no make sense) mah.

b said...

i am sure the traitor run gov is in talks to install a billion dollar project funded by sinkies to resolve this issue. every issue is an opportunity to earn big money for the ah long empire building fund.

Anonymous said...

b, you are very proactive and thinking ahead.

They may be looking to install a state of the art surveillance system at all the checkpoints that not even a fly can get through. It may costs a few billions at most.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when he was a junior minister with Trade & Industry, he returned via T1 at Changi. He appeared to be alone.. walked straight past the customs green lane.

After clearing, he looked back and saw his troupe of 3 others offering their bags for inspection to the customs officer. You could see his annoyance as he waved at them to hurry up... customs officer did the right thing... she turned her back at them and acted like nothing happened.

This is the real world. When powerfull & influential people want something done... it will be done. That is why there is a channel called 'VIP'.
These channels exist everywhere in all spheres.

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously wrong with the account given by the authorities.

They claimed that the complex was "locked down" 2 minutes after the vehicle tailgated another to cross the entry barrier.

This is not possible. Anyone who has passed through Woodlands checkpoint knows that after passing immigration booth, he gets held up at the custom bay. There are lots of cars in front, there is no possibility of overtaking the single-lane layout. Next, all the cars are funneled into one lane at the exit into the Bukit Timah expressway. You can imagine the kind of jam when 10 lanes merged to one. But the authorities said that having locked down the complex within 2 minutes, the vehicle cannot be found.

This is impossible. I challenge anyone to, after clearing immigration booth, try to get out of the exit point within 2 minutes.

We should seriously pay some attention - why are they feeding us this story?