India, how a big power should behave

India is still fuming mad over what the Americans had done to their consul in New York, Devyani Khobragade. The rough and humiliating handling of the consul were just too much to swallow. Despite several high level protests, the Americans are not backing off and not apologizing. India, an emerging superpower, is not going to take it with hands down.

The latest development to this ugly episode of American bullying is the curtailment of non diplomatic American staff visiting a club at the American embassy in New Delhi. India is putting a stop to this privilege that it had closed an eye for many years. The non diplomats will now not be allowed to enjoy the benefits of the American Community Support Association club.

This is how an emerging power should respond to bullying by the Americans, the Number One superpower. Countries of the world must not allowed themselves to be bullied by the Americans and must react and hit back at the Americans. If the international communities are firm and take concerted actions against the Americans, it would put a stop to their nonsense and bullying tactics.

China needs to learn from India. Its worst humiliation was the bombing of the Chinese Embassy by an American cruise missile in . China was and is still military very much weaker than the Americans and taking a tough stand against the Americans may be too premature and put it on a losing end. But it surely can mount pressure and kick the American’s ass by other means, like what India is doing. The Americans would definitely stop their nonsense or at least have to think very carefully before repeating the same humiliation against India.

China can only stop the American bullying by standing firm and be prepared to take counter measures. The flying of two B 52s heading into China during the ADIZ episode was another case of American bullying. China must put it in no uncertain terms that B 52s, because of their offensive nature and capability to launch nuclear bombs, will be shot down if they approach a certain distance from the Chinese coast. At the very least, Chinese fighters must be scrambled to intercept and force them to turnaround.

Every country in the world that is repeatedly being harassed and bullied by the Americans must adopt a united front to stop the Americans from their rogue behavior. Not doing so would only encourage the Americans to treat them like dirt. India shall take the lead and show the world how best to deal with the American bullying.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Any of the "emerging powers" are light years behind the US of A.

Now the US economy is recovering. They're having an energy boom. There is a renaissance in manufacturing. Meanwhile ChIndia is wobbling along...at least for awhile. Japan too. No action in Malaysia. Indonesia flat. Thailand -- elections and probably another corruption fuck-up. Luckily, Hotel Singapore A-OK, and is Asia's Number 1 friend and ball-licker of Big White Uncle Sam.

China and India need to adopt Singapore's stance: be allied to the USA. USA dare not bully Singapore. Singapore's Shanmugam can go to America and "lecture" the Land Of The Free that Singapore is "better" because the government controls the press, to "protect" the people and the nation. American's hear the speech and are blur. But bi-lateral ties have never been stronger.

So wake the fuck up lah India and China. You fuckers are BIG, but you are also STUPID. We are small, but we are rich and smart...and we can tell Uncle Sam what's what lah. In fact, we can giver the whole fucking world a "lecture" on how to succeed as a nation, because we are Number 1.

So fuck you India and China. You are nothing more than a nation of peasants, with hopes and aspirations. You haven't "made it" yet. Whereas We The Citizens Of Singapore most definitely HAVE.

Bow to our greatness, and learn form the masters!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. To correct redbean. This is how a big power should behave. They must learn from a kick-ass small power.

This kick ass small power could end up owning the world if other cuntrees are not careful. Our Temasek and GIC are greedy and efficient: they like to "buy stuff", especially the assets of other nations.

India and China --- you'd better pay attention -- or one day We The Citizens Of Singapore will OWN YOU!

Now kneel, and prostrate your unworthy selves to our capacity for world domination and total global conquest by OWNERSHIP.

Anonymous said...

They thought they could buy up the world until they got duped by some con tricksters and lost billions. After that dare not talk big anymore. Now squeezing the people to cover the big holes they burnt in the pockets.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Akan datang. See the many "distressed national assets" around the world all ready to be bought by the likes of Temasek (private corportion) and GIC (also private corporation).

Like I said, Singapore will own the world.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Before they bought up and own the world they would have lost everything by buying sick assets that they did not have a clue about.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Why worry? Not their money wat! Can suka suka play "big time mergers and acquisitions" . Money chiak buay liau...CPF lah :-)

Anonymous said...

Matilah is right. USA only do cavity search. Singapore rotan American citizen on backside.

b said...

Ahnehs always commit this problem called PRIDE. Destruction always love to follow pride. USA can finish India off tomorrow if they want to and establish a solid military base next to China. The ordinary indian folks will be better off under USA rule than their own kind rule. At least, the kids do not have to work as prostitutes and able to attend schools.

b said...

"USA dare not bully Singapore."

- Btw, USA can also finish Sg off by pressing a few buttons. The only country USA has doubts over are China and Russia. But once strong man Putin is gone, russia will be as easy as any other.

Anonymous said...

To finish S'pore, USA no need to much so many buttons. Just one button enough. The reason why USA is not pushing the button is because S'pore is not a threat and S'pore is licking USA's big arse and is making itself useful to USA.

Anonymous said...

8.09pm "To finish S'pore, USA no need to much so many buttons"

What kind of broken English is that???

Anonymous said...

No nid 2 hav perfect englis la.
Most will understand that d writer meant tat there is no nid for USA to press mani buttons la.

Anonymous said...

男不男, 鬼不鬼! English not like English! Chinese also not like Chinese. U r a total mess up!

Anonymous said...

USA can finish China off tomorrow if they want to and establish solid military bases there. The ordinary Chinese folks will be better off under USA rule than their own kind of rule. At least, the women do not have to work as prostitutes in Geylang. Tiok bo?

Anonymous said...

Fuck u lah... toik not?

knnccb... compliment of the season.

Anonymous said...

9.41pm "Fuck u lah... toik not?"

What kind of broken Chinglish is that???

Tio or Tiok or Toik???

男不男, 鬼不鬼! English not like English! Chinese also not like Chinese. U r a total mess up!

Anonymous said...

Tuition kow li...

Cunt or Nok?

Knnccb.. I nonok wat 2 say

Anonymous said...

Cunt nok.

Anonymous said...

Haha.... Nok a fucking problem for me.

Just like papigs reactions to kpkb on internet

Knnccb.... sob hsien loong, tui kow li