1914-2014, Hitler-Shinzo Abe

China is fuming mad with Shinzo Abe’s comparison of the new geopolitical situation in Asia today as similar to that of 1914 with the rise of militarism. A more appropriate comparison would be the similarities between what Abe is doing and that of Hitler prior to the WW2.

Abe and his hawkish ministers and a new consciousness among the Japanese to want to revive their military past as the number One military power in Asia, are all eager to change history and a return of Imperial Japan. Abe’s agenda is crystal clear and what he wants cannot be concealed by his lies about peace in Asia. He is rewriting the history of Japan’s aggression in Asia, he is rearming Japan, he is challenging China and Korea. He is tearing into bits the Pacifist Constitution imposed on Japan by the Americans and now with the Americans encouraging him to do so as a pawn to contain a rising China.

In the course of merely a year, Abe has acted in all ways aggressively and provocatively against its neighbours, claiming islands, scrambling fighter aircraft and naval craft in an offensive manner, challenging the rights of its neighbours to their territorial airspace. He did not mince any words about containing China and even war with China.

Abe is now launching a diplomatic offensive to form military alliances with regional countries to gang up against China. The new reality is that things are not quite the same today. Asia does not have a number of small nations to be invaded like Europe in the early 1900s. The Koreans would not allow Japan to repeat its colonisation of their country. China could simply sit on Japan and shit would literally ooze out from its orifices. India is a super power in her own right and would not be led by the nose by a smaller regional power like Japan.

Further south, Vietnam and the Philippines know that taking on China is futile and it would be to their advantage to grow and prosper together in peace. Maybe the shallow minded Pinoys would be willing partner to the American pivot and join hands with the Japanese to form a military alliance to take on China. That is about the best that Abe can ever achieve.

The rest of Asia would not be so silly to want to go to war with Japan and fight for the Japanese to ruin their economies. And with the memories of an aggressive and vicious Japanese army plundering through their countries, looting and raping their people, it is unlikely that they want it to be repeated or to be ruled or led by the Japanese.

The aggressive moves of Abe must be stopped just like Nazi Hitler. Europe failed because of their appeasement policy towards Hitler and paid a heavy price for it. Asia would have to pay a similar price if they did not stop this crazy imperialist Japanese PM from running wild. Hitler was defeated. Imperial Japan was defeated. Abe can never ever think that he could do anything better with the new geopolitical situation in Asia. The people that would suffer most would be the neutral Japanese. Any attempt by Abe to commit aggression against its neighbours would see Japan invaded for sure and the big cities in ruins.

The Asian states would have to stop this Japanese madness or stay clear and remain neutral. The Japanese people too must come to their senses to avoid a war with its neighbours even if they think they have the mighty Americans on their side. Japan will be the battle ground, the front line, the war zone should war breaks out. They must not ever dream of invading China or Korea or any of the Asian states like before. It is a foolish dream and a very destructive one, of self destruction.

Would the Japanese want to give China a chance to burn Japan?


Anonymous said...

If Singapore have those Nordic and Swiss of leaders, Singaporean would not have face so much difficulties and worried about their future and their children?

In the eighties if Singapore success built the base ready to take off to reach the Swiss and Nordic standard, as one minister promised?

And don't have the loser mentality of forming the GRC, by now Singapore because of its small population with its one of the world busiest port maybe surpass Israel or South Korea?

Now Singapore is regressing, Singapore is a country just like a not so beautiful girl, keep going to cosmetic surgery to enhanced it outlook?

So to look good to foreigners? And later be the laughing stock of the world?

When it developed the GRC or votes top up system to pull those losers MP with agreeable to them, prevent those winners MP from coming in?

Many of the capable persons left the country about 300K of the brightest left to serve other countries?

Because it against their heart to create those policies that favorable themselves like paying themselves 8 months bonuses, world highest salaries, pensions & allowances?

With not many of the brightest want to join the political arena, Singapore began to deteriorate?

More and more of the problems associate in the 60s began to resurface?

High inflation, low birthrate, lowering standard of living, suicides, massive gambling, casinos, loan sharks, rampant prostitution, fast aging problems, children leaving oversea, job loss to cheaper third world workers, temp employment, under employment, dysfunctional families, divorces, debt ridden youth, now serious rioting came back, huge disparities in income, sleeping in the street etc and others?

Because of too many losers types of MP with the wrong abilities came in to pose questions, most of the problems were swept under the carpet and manifest more serious later? Loser MP dare not ?

Foreign investments can help Singapore that much, Singapore need to develop it own niche and technology like the Nordic?

So that not so many underclass in Singapore?

At night many came out to sleep in the street?

Singapore can't import too many foreigners to be citizens, it will replaced the new citizens, locals and their children jobs with rising inflation? The more citizens came the more acute the problems?

Many of the foreigners came is to replace those who switch supporting the main party as they have previously supported? Like the Punggol East?

And to maintain their world highest salaries, 8 month bonuses, pensions & allowances, through indirect taxes and vote for them to maintain their standard of living?

With all these low mentality MP came in? The underclass became more serious?

Many of the lower end working like the cleaners average around $700 per month live below inflation as the more foreigner came cause continue to rise in inflation?

Many of the skilled older workers retrenched, with little education became cleaners and other low pay jobs? So there are hundreds and thousands?

Anonymous said...

Article 9, - renounces war and 'the right of belligerence of the state.' It also pledges that 'land, sea and air forces as well as other war potential, will never be maintained'.

Japan has been lying to the world by violating Article for years. It has the third most powerful armed forces in the world and going to revised the constitution so that it can conduct wars.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

"Japan faces enough serious economic and foreign policy issues without adding the perils associated with amending the Constitution. We should all have learned by now that those who play with fire are likely to get burned,"wrote Cortazzi, 90, who served as British ambassador to Japan from 1980 to 1984.

Anonymous said...

'China on Friday responded to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's new year message calling for cooperation in addressing bilateral problems by urging him to retreat from the wrong path and to never visit the war-linked Yasukuni Shrine again.'

China is back tracking and adopting an appeasement policy towards Abe now. So if Abe said he is not going to visit Yasukuni Shrine China is going to talk to him? Then in the future all Japanese PM would visit the shrine that announced they would not visit the shrine again would be good enough for the stupid Chinese?

Anonymous said...

Just because some MP votes given support by people is higher due to certain reasons, he can give his excess votes to those losers MP with not enough votes to come in, to bring them in and causes problems for SIngaporean?

These loser MP could develop policies that retard Singaporean grow generally? Any problems Singapore face they will not speak up, afraid of offending their leaders. They would like to get as much they can?

But if opposition MP when votes like Charm See Tong and Low Thia Kiang, speak from their hearts?

Many of the loser type of the MP would like to pay themselves the highest salaries, 8 month bonuses, pensions & allowances to the determent of the general population, with over taxation of the new citizen and locals?

With so many of the lower end workers living in poverty, hand to mouth and later got to sleep in the street?

The last decade the lower percent of the population generally the standard of living had dropped with rising inflation, due to over importing of citizens and the wrong policies of using cheaper and cheaper foreign workers?

Many of the population can't keep up with the inflation got to borrow, so many credit and loan shark flourishing?

Causes suffering to the generally mass?

Could these type of MP came in one by one contest SMC?

If not for the GRC?

The Heng Heng suggest locking CPF for life?

Mara boro Tan, high borrowing is affordable?

Tin Tin stomping her feet and don't know what to said when interview?

Tooth pick and Zoro king, who stomp in with his Zoro outfit, suggesting cheaper, faster & better, when Singapore inflation is one of the highest in the world?

LBH who keep boosting Singapore won the medals in CHina vs China table tennis matches, using tax payers money to pay the PRC millions, later when back to China, so the medals she won is for CHina or Singapore?

Now wonder an lady MP called them crowns, are we in a cirus?

Singapore should revert back to the SMC one to one contest to save Singapore from further humiliation, with the unfolding of so many events recently? And not to make Singapore jokes of the world?

No matter how Singapore cover up, soon it will reveal to the world the sorry state of affairs?

And Singapore should not give the profit sharing scheme during the election, it should be given after the election?

Those MP who do well with their more then 50 percent of the votes, their excess votes should not be given to those loser MP to help them to come in the Parliament to do damage to the general population?

Can top up loser votes, what for holding a election wasting public money? Myself open a children playground?

Singapore should learn the lesson from the Arab Spring and Boxer Rebellion and not to repeat the mistake of the past of over dependent on foreigners?

Foreign investment can help Singapore temporary but not forever, every effort need to develop its local to build up Singapore multi national companies and world class products through better designs and innovations?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I want to see China and Japan duke it out. It will be most entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on.

Why don't these quarrelsome morons just fight it out instead of posturing every now and then.

For that matter, Kim of North Korea has the balls to execute the whole family of his uncle. At least sometimes he does not go around just talking cock and not being able to ejaculate.

The said...

What do you expect from the Nazis of the East?


b said...

Make peace, love, sex or whatever but not war. dont get manipulated by those politicians. they are all evil.

Anonymous said...

Abe may not have any states to seize to expand the Japanese empire. But he is trying to seize the islands of Dokto and Diaoyutai. He is revising Japanese history book to claim that both islands belong to Japan.

Korea and China have to stop him in his war path.