Anarchy in Thailand

In Sin City, anyone heard mumbling about burning or beating up an MP would see the law coming down on him fast. No one can simply harass or threaten an MP by words or actions and get away with it.

In Bangkok, the protesters openly announced that they will arrest or kidnap not only the Prime Ministers but also all the ministers. And nothing can be done about it. The protesters are now acting like they are above the law or there is no law. Some are throwing bombs at politician’s houses and some taking pot shots at protesters and killing them and nothing happened to them.

What is happening in Bangkok is that the PM is not allowed to act or cannot act, for any action against the protesters will lead to violence and the army will just step in to remove the PM and the govt. Not doing anything by the govt will also give the army the excuse to do a coup anytime it sees fit that the govt is hapless and ineffective.

It is a strange mind game with the chess players playing behind the scene. The game is played by very powerful forces and calling on all the tricks in statecraft and treachery to outdo the opponent. The devil or the angel is now so well disguised and distorted that no one really knows what is real. How long would Bangkok remain lawless, with no govt? How long will Yingluck’s govt last?

The game plan of the army is quite clear, waiting to take over in a coup for any misstep of inaction by the govt.

What is the game plan of the Yingluck govt? She can be arrested or force to flee anytime. She is now even under investigation for corruption on her rice programme for the poor farmers. When that happens, it is likely that the army will take over. When that happens, the Red Shirts would likely to flood the streets of Bangkok. Another possibility is for the Red Shirts to abandon Bangkok and declare a breakaway with a new independent state in the North and North East.

When this happens, the likelihood of a civil war is very high unless the military is also divided and both sides agree on a truce and a parting of the country into two states. And there is also a likelihood that amidst the chaos, the southern muslim states would also want to break away and form their own state.

Is the army strong enough, united enough, to hold Thailand together? Is the military, the combined arms, willing to take the same path or they are all having different dreams?

The accusation of Yingluck’s govt as being incorrigibly corrupt is gaining momentum. The support and turnout of the Red Shirts would tell if they believe what the Bangkok power elite are claiming or they believe that the Yingluck govt is there to uplift the life of the poor farmers. Which truth will survive?

Whither Thailand?

The latest bombing of the protesters is forcing the hands of the army. It is unlikely that the Yingluck govt will want this to happen to bring to its downfall. It is unlikely that the police that support the govt will be the culprit to do the govt in. The evidence, unfortunately is that the police or the anti protesters are behind the bombing, to provide the reasons to bring down the govt. 

False flag theory anyone?


Anonymous said...

"In Bangkok, the protesters openly announced that they will arrest or kidnap not only the Prime Ministers but also all the ministers. And nothing can be done about it."

Please lah, every country has something very unique lah.

And this is what is unique about Thailand because no other country has such things, tio bo?

And u know what is unique about Sinkieland?

The strongest opposition party is not even ready to be govt and their leader even praised the ruling party as being competent!

Which other country is like this, u tell me lah? Uniquely Sinkieland, tio bo?

And there are quite a number of other unique examples too.

To each, their own. Nothing to be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Bangkok Post

Letters to the Editor


Anonymous said...

"The strongest opposition party is not even ready to be govt and their leader even praised the ruling party as being competent!"
Anon 9:56 am

No need to say other things, this and this alone already tells the whole world that Sinkies 100% (confirmed) no hope lah.

I mean no hope to vote the ruling PAP out lah.

Anonymous said...

I mean no hope to vote the ruling PAP out lah.
Anon 9:59 am

No wonder lah.

If I were PM Lee, I would have said and done the same things as him.

Maybe I will even just take care of the rich and foreigners only and tekan daft and poor Sinkies even lagi jialat.

Veritas said...

There is also a regional independence sentiment in this issue cleverly hide from people.

The North East Isan region in Thailand speak the Laotian lect, around 80% intelligible to the Bangkok lect. This region is neglected and is the power base of Thaksin.

The Thai crisis may lead to civil war. During the suppression of red shirts in 2010 by Abhisit that results to more than 90 dead, some Bangkok units that have a lot of draftees from the North East are viewed by suspicious, and not being mobilize for duty.

The permanent secretary of defence general Nipat Thonglek is pro Thaksin. It is not clear how many units in the arm forces Thaksin can control, but from my information, the Royalist still have very much more control in the army.

The army general Prayuth Chan-Ocha is a royalist but his real stance remain a mystery to me. He has to do his job as a royalist guy by siding the protesters.

Nevertheless, there are speculations that the palace is not happy with Prayuth and is quite wary about how close is he with Thaksin.

The real possibilities of a civil war depends on whether the North Eastern units and the stance of their commanders.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah best. Business fucked up. Tourism fucked up. Military coup -- more things fuck up.

In about a few months: cheap fares, super shopping deals, cheap hotels....

I can't wait :-)

Oh...BTW, I have no sympathy -- I'm a cold, hard-hearted motherfucker: You like politics? Then please, have a grenade now and then -- you deserve it!!. Perhaps you'd also like mob and police violence thrown in for an added bonus.

Wanna kill or kidnap a politician? SPLENDID IDEA. Make sure you torture them, for e.g. shove broken bottles into their body cavities -- a great party trick, guaranteed to entertain and delight the entire family :-)) And BTW, I still have a rule that when any notable politician dies, I crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. It has been over a month since Mandela croaked...I'm getting thirsty.

I just love political violence. It is very entertaining. Politics has violence built into it. Politics is about smashing your opponent, so I say and please don't stop smashing until one of you is dead.

Thailand, please continue what you are doing. You guys make my dick hard. I swear, if you throw another grenade, I will cum :-)

agongkia said...

What Engluck need now is protection and some peaceful moment and She should seriously consider coming to Sinkieland for safety reason.

I volunteer to give her full FOC protection ,accompanying her round the clock,whether indoor or outdoor.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Great idea. Maybe she'll go out with me. I think I can charm her out of her panties :-) Must try!

Anonymous said...

My own take is that ying is a balanced N lovely leader that is best for thai at the moment. She may b sis of takshin but she is kindhearted N no so schematic as a abiSHIT N the likes .. worry she may b outplay in the latest game..
Ying hope u can pull thru with the blessings of all thai gods ...
In any event welcome to Singapore ...We also loved you ...

Anonymous said...

She should simply back up to the north and declare a new state without Bangkok and the problem southern provinces. Let Bangkok go and sleep with the southern provinces and live the daily nightmare.

Northern Thailand will prosper by working with the new emerging Myanmar and using Myanmese ports or a new sea port.

Virgo 49 said...

Combined with PRC and invest in the isthmus of kra.

Collect tolls like the Suez canal and have ports running like the PSA (please suck again)

Rice exports through the northern ports and let abishit runs Bangkok.

The Thai king will be relieved of his perpetual headache of his naughty subjects

agongkia said...

Matilah 1047
She seen too many monks in BKK.
Botaks are out.
Save your breathe and concentrate on your colorful hair body tattooed mei mei.
Please stay away.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, you mothfucker, pls q at the back lar

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Dun pray pray with botak. Botak lam par got power wan.

Cum to me Madam Prime Minister. :-)

Anonymous said...

The silly Thais in Bangkok are so happy to be cannon fodder for the power elite. They are told to protest, and even sacrificed as bombing targets to allow the power elite to use their injury and death to push for their political goals.

Anonymous said...

The Star
by Bunn Nagara

[Violent upheaval in Thailand is set to grow,
getting a lot worse before (and if) things get any better]

"This crisis shows that
Yingluck’s govt has lost all control of events at street level.

Yingluck tried to negotiate with the protest leaders,
only to be spurned by them as they insisted that she quit.

She then called for a meeting with the Election Commission and the Opposition,
only to be shunned by both.

She then planned to announce her resignation on Thursday afternoon,
only to be told by Thaksin by phone to stay put.

The Prime Minister has now drifted past the point of patching up her credibility,
with scant hope of salvaging any dignity of office."


Anonymous said...

u miss out on another angle, and its the elephant in the room.
thaksin is like ozawa, leaned to close to china.
so another someone dun want him back...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Suthep thinks he has the upper hand and in control and keep bombing his own protesters to put the blame on the police and govt.

Yingluck is play the patient and honourable game of not confronting the protesters. She is still in full control of the countryside and could retreat to Chiangmai and set up her new govt with the full support of the rural north and northeas and the military commanders there.

Suthep and his backers would get a small foothold left in Thailand and the trouble south that would breakaway asap.