Govt can communicate better

‘The Govt can do a better job of communicating to Singaporeans the value of staying open as an economy, said Education Minister Heng Swee Kiat…,’ at the Institute of Policy Studies. This came after Hsien Loong spoke to the students at NTU on the challenges into the future.

A few points came through in Hsien Loong’s speech and are receiving some harsh criticism for what he said and why he said things particularly on the treatment of foreigners. For a start, the hostile spontaneous outcry against Anton Casey was not a lynch mob. The comparison is too extreme. For those who did not read American history, a lynch mob often consisted of a bunch of white supremacists, many are the average white Americans like the netizens, dragging a nigger, and hung him on a tree with a lasso around his neck. This is called mob lynching. And the crime could be more petty than what Anton did, or very serious, like running away from slavery.

Bad communication is not just about using bad examples. What is bad about lecturing to Sinkies on the need to treat foreigners well here is that it was not the fault of Sinkies but Sinkies being lectured like it was their fault. What the anger was about is that the Sinkies are expecting the govt to speak to the foreigners, nicely and politely of course, but in no uncertain terms, that this is our country and they are guests here. Be sensitive to the natives and do not insult the natives while having a good life here. I am not using locals because locals include PRs.

The people expect the govt to tell the foreigners to behave or else. The least the people expect is to get a lecture from the govt to behave. Now, what is not said but communicated to the foreigners are: Sinkies are at fault, Sinkies are rude to foreigners, over reacting and need to be told to behave. The antics of Anton, well never mind carry on, small matter. Sinkies will get use to it and will live with it after a while. Foreigners should feel good and welcome, like Anton.

Do the foreigners need to be told to reflect on their bad manners and attitude? I think this is very bad communication, sending the wrong signal and wrong message. The Sinkies are angry again for getting a scolding when they expect the scolding to be aimed at cocky and rude foreigners.

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patriot said...

Lectures are meaningless when the Lecturers themselves did not act according to their own sermons.
It had been widely perceived that our selfish lecturers had been behaving quite the Opposite of what they preached.

They had been perceived to treat the Locals as morons.


Anonymous said...

"The Sinkies are angry again for getting a scolding when they expect the scolding to be aimed at cocky and rude foreigners."


I am following LKY style of asking questions. It is a very effective style to communicate with Sinkies, to wake up the Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

The sinkies are angry again but the government is scratching its head. LOL.

Anonymous said...

If Sinkies really matter, PAP govt would not have find it necessary to import so many foreign talents in order to make things matter.

Because whether in terms of quantity or quality, Sinkies simply don't have enough matter.

That's why Sinkies need to be scolded to wake them up to realise what's the matter.

Anonymous said...

That's the danger when ministers don't see the difference between an economy and a country. The economy can be open but the country cannot. A 3 million country flooded with 4 million foreigners is not a country anymore. If you look at the so called melting pot USA, do you see 300 million citizens and 400 million foreigners? No! USA is not daft like Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I think redbean is wrong.
PAP government is communicating very well with Singaporeans.
The message is very clear unless you are deaf like redbean:

"PAP is a Pro Alien Government"

1. Singaporeans do not matter.
2. Foreigners are more valuable than Singaporeans
3. It's okay to insult Singaporeans.
4. It's not okay to insult foreigners.

What more proof do you need?

Anonymous said...

Can we realy take what they communicate with us? Probably not as I have lost the trust.....

patriot said...

Our Rulers have shown that they were very incoherent in their words and deeds.
The Chinese call it 口不对心 or loosely translate into words not synonymous with actions.


Anonymous said...

"PAP government is communicating very well with Singaporeans."
January 29, 2014 9:48 am

Dunno what you are unhappy about.
Singaporeans also communicating very well with PAP government.
60% voted for PAP.
And 60% is far higher than any majority commanded by any western democratic political party.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The government communicates just fine.

It is The Sheeple who should pay more attention to active listening. (look it up)

Communication is a 2 way street.

Anonymous said...

ha! ha!
Matilah. This is one of the few times I agree with you.

The PAP government has always been very clear about whose interest they serve.
And LKY has always made it very clear that he thinks Singaporeans are daft.

It's the sheeple who keep voting for PAP and forever wondering why their livelihood never gets better.
They just fucking don't listen very well do they?
The dumb bastards.

Anonymous said...

RB, I think sinkies no big no small and kurang ajah as sinkies daft that is why day in say out, need to be lectured by our supreme leader so that they know their place in society, Tio Bo?

b said...

traitor son ah long has more or less confirmed the doubts that the reserves and the country are now in foreign hands and we have to treat our new colonial masters such as abnn well. they have sold our sovereignty and souls away thru all those unscrupulous wicked economic agreements that they entered into blindly.

sinkies have themselves to blame for trading in british passport for a singapore passport 50 years ago. else the people will now have a pension and medical and benefits plan to live and access to any parts of europe.

why listen to the japs even after they lost the war?

b said...

sinkies must learn to give up mrt seats, give up jobs, give up houses and everything for foreigners? people should start to unite and vote out the traitors asap.

b said...

btw the words 'lynch mob' - is too extreme to describe sinkies ,who in majority, are usually kind, forgiving, tolerant and peace loving. it just unveils how much he detests sinkies. maybe it has something to do with his traitor dna passed down from his father.

Virgo49 said...

Now he said must not stoop down to a low level.

Sinkies must not stoop down to that level by rebuking the trashes and they can stood down that level to insult us.


Anonymous said...

被外達人辱罵, 人民一回敬, 就被叫訓, 政付真的是寬宏大量.