Tuition grant, how much did we give away?

Png Eng Huat asked in Parliament and the MOE gave its reply. $210 m were given to international students as tuition grant annually. Presumably or assumingly this is the average sum, so in 10 years it will be $2.1b and 20 years it will be $4.2 b.

There are several questions to this figure. Is it just for tuition grants and excludes living allowance and others, or is this the total package given away? Also, how much was given to PRs? PRs are not citizens mind you. What is the amount, can any tell?

As for the number of students receiving the grant in polys, it was 1,700 for year 2011 which is 6% of the cohort, lesser than the 9% in year 2010. Similarly 2,200 grants were given to university students in 2011, or 13% of the cohort instead of 18% in 2010. The combined number is 3,900 for 2011 and much less than in 2010. All the data do not include PRs. And the data are only for two years, 2010 and 2011.

How many of our own children, the children of citizens, were deprived of a place that rightly belonged to them but went to foreigners and PRs? Seriously, what is the objective of throwing so much money to foreigners and not giving uni and poly places to our children? I can understand that it is good to do it as a charitable act to help other countries. The question is how far should this go and how much should we compromise or deprive our children in so doing?

I don’t thing there is another country in the world that gave away so much to foreigners and hurting the children of citizens so much in doing so. What is the return for all these money and places for foreigners?

This is not your grandfather’s country you know. The money does not belong to your grandfather too.


Anonymous said...

With a 60% mandate, it tia tiok (for sure) becomes their grandfather country and money.

U can win the mandate, tia tiok become your grandfather country and money too. Fair, tio bo?

So why u not ready to win, tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Wait and see lah! I am sure that with the mandate given, and that this has become their grandfather's country, they will surely come up with grandmother's stories in their arguments as well. Tiok boh?

Anonymous said...

Asking how much did we give away is just academic. They already took every cent in your CPF and even for that you cannot do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

The G collected too much money from the people and suka suka spent the money on foreigners, high salaries and bonuses for themselves. They will ask where the money come from if spend on citizens.

Anonymous said...

Just a thot. CPF money buys govt bond. Govt passed money to SWFs. SWFs invested. Made money returned to govt. Govt pays CPF. Or lose money, sell more bonds to CPF to take more money to give SWFs. Can this be round tripping?

Anonymous said...

Tio lah. Tio. Tan ku ku 2016 I vote WP.

Singaporean nowadays produce less and less babies, imagine all the tuition money give to us locals, each one average also can get quite a lot, tio bo? Talk about scholarship, I belief no need gahment so so strict on locals, gahment should just close one eye and give us locals more scholarship, no need all As or A star, as long as got serve NS no need rank, average grades Bs and Cs and D can liao, can alr ah. Next time these locals can represent us internationally and lead our country, be CEO in Microsft, google, Keppel, DBS, MP it is ok, I feel proud, I will support them. I don't care if they got talent anot, but sure can one, huat ah.

You know how much gahment give away ?? Everyday I count and count until my heart pain.

Telok Kurau

Anonymous said...

RB, tuition grant is part of the university fee only. All sinkies also get tuition grant. The total fee less tuition grant is the amount of cash one has to pay the university fee. So tuition grant is on top of scholarship that pay the balance of the fee, plus accommodation, airfares, books and living allowance etc

So the 210 million is on top of whatever million disclosed last time for scholarship. I met a vietnamese scholarship holder recently. He is very grateful to sinkie government lor

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Like that Png Eng Huat needs to ask more questions if he wants to know what is the total sum paid to foreign students. Tiok boh?

Anonymous said...

Ah Huat can ask what is the total sum paid to non citizens, including PR's children, in govt grant for education.

Want to include secondary schools oso?

Would that do?

Anonymous said...

I only want Ah Huat to help me make more money.

Anonymous said...

Tell Ah Huat to stop counting the pennies and make some real money for Singapore land.

Anonymous said...

Wages liao...

Under - performing students subsidizing both local n foreign talents by paying full rate?

knnccb... today also can, papigs? Knnbccb

Anonymous said...

I think what Mr Png should also ask is what is the total amount of subsidy as of today and when did we start this subsidy program as I felt our leaders are good in rephasing both the questions as well as the answers.

Anonymous said...

So what if huge or excessive figures are disclosed?

What will sinkies do? Suck thumb?

Kpkb but at the end oso lan lan, what You want to do?

patriot said...

Dear All;

me likes to call on Fellow Singaporeans to attend the Protest Against Fare Hike on 25 Jan at 5 pm at HLP (SPEAKERS CORNER).

Let us show our politicians that we can and do have solidarity against unfairness and exploitation. We must show thay we need not depend on politicians for our own wellbeing and justice.
Personally, me wishes to thank Gilbert Goh and his Fellow Volunteers for their hardworks and sacrifices to enable us to bond and to allow us to show our solidarity.

We can only help ourselves against injustice and abuse IF we are UNITED.
UNITY can only be seen whence we act together in solidarity.

Let us say NO to unfairness, exploitation and injustice together.

Hope to see You there.


Veritas said...

The foreigners who get the monies despise Singapore. I have heard many PHD FT cursing their own NTU/NUS teachers and SG system.

Also a lot went back. Many people even with advance degree in EECS/CE cannot even find a junior or respectable job as a software engineer in Singapore.

All the jobs go to Indians.

Also, there are no standard matriculation exams in post graduate admission. Our NTU/NUS lecturers like to torture their own students by giving them very very low grades and failing a lot of people. Before it was even worse.

Then they go and tell PAP that our students are fuck up, "no one" want to do post graduates.

The course in NUS/NTU EECS also sucks big time and teachers are exceedingly lazy and stupid. These mother fuckers do not bother to pick up new technologies, and keep on teaching old stuff.

Despite being lazy and stupid they keep failing their students. I give you an example, in NTU, C language was introduce in EEE on the year 1994. Can you believe it?

Before that, the lecturers are teaching pascal. WTF.

Veritas said...

When I was in NTU, there are speculations that 50% of Computer engineering cannot graduated in their due years.

20-30% of Electrical Engineering guys cannot graduate in 4 years. 50% of Civil Engineering cannot graduate in 4 years.

By observation, a lot of computer engineering students and civil engineering students did stayed back.

Our teachers set very difficult exam to fail us and say that we fuck up. So many good students fail and fail and that shut the door of post graduate even in oversea university.

Right now the post graduate requirement if you go respectable USA university is GPA 3 out of a total of 4.

We saw our friends who cannot even make it locally get good grades in Australia universities and now doing PHDs.

A lot of people are destroyed by our school system.

Besides, PAP give a lot of junk students scholarship and put locals into debt.

Sim Ann said 55% of scholars get 2nd lower and below. Yet all these folks got hallow of scholarship which give them a lot of advantage in resume.

During my time in 1995, there are quite a lot of smart PRC scholars. Many got 1st class. Today, the PRC intern I host in my companies sucks. PRC knew that SG sucks big time that only fuck up students want to come.

Even if you get a PHD in EECS/CE, you may not get a respectable job as a software engineers. A lot of Software jobs are given to FT Indians.

I saw in industries, many junior FT Indians already managers, while the reputation of FT Indians stink. They play race card.

There are companies in SG, for example one division of a famous German company R Div 1 that hate Chinese especially Singaporean Chinese. The company got monies from EDB and yet they hate Singaporeans. If you are not Indians, you not welcome. Even there are so many PHD, this R company will not hire. Indians is a must. The company use monies to get TaTa consulting and flood R Div 1 with Indians.

Other than that, ang moh, PRC... nations in the world are all hated. Indians are king.

Then they bad mouth Singaporeans are fuck up.

A lot of Engineers hate the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Another problem is that there are a lot of Indian and Mainland Chinese lecturers who spoke with an intelligible slang, so much so that Singaporean students find it difficult to comprehend what they are talking about. Indian and Mainland Chinese students find it less difficult to understand the lectures because they are more used to the slangs. That is to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

We saw our friends who cannot even make it locally get good grades in Australia universities and now doing PHDs.

A lot of people are destroyed by our school system.

What Veritas said is very true.

Anonymous said...

Yes two of my friends sons scored 230 to 250 in psle. They migrated to australia. Both entered medical school, top their class and on scholarship. Only thing they can never come back as they decided o skip ns.

Anonymous said...

Patriot, I don't want to discourage, not many sinkies would attend being close to new year and what not. Most important of all, sinkies normally do not show disagreement by protesting lar. They rather wait 2016 lor

You lucky if 300 to 500 attended

patriot said...

Hi Anon 4.58.

Thank You!

Me very encouraged by your Comment about Sinkies waiting for 2016. Hope it will be as You wish.

I am trying to wean Sinkies from depending on politicians, few are reliable in my opinion.

Nothing like people power, it is our own effort.



Anonymous said...

"Our teachers set very difficult exam to fail us and say that we fuck up."
Veritas 3:55 pm

Not really lah. I think they got quota how many % students to fail, how many % to get distinction lah.

Suppose the exam is very difficult, so if the best scorer got only 50+ marks, then the best 10% of scorers will get distinction lah. Meaning 50+ marks can get distinction also.

50+ marks is definitely not best but if it is best available then will get distinction lor, if there is a 10% quota for distinctions, tio bo?

Veritas said...

I got a former student in Normal Tech. Gone USA, studied in one of the most famous university.

She work in some of the most influential think tank, handshaking with many powerful people.

Her result was lousy when I taught her.

We have to ask does PAP really suppress our students? We know schools fro example Harvard, average GPA is 3.67/4.

Many USA schools even the not so good one give students very high grades. The reason is that now USA professors realize that its not enough to get a basic degree, now master degree is the minimum.

But fucking NUS/NTU teachers are there to destroy their own students. Not only they do not take their students as post graduates, they give them a damn fucking low grade to make their resume sting, so that others will not take them as post grad.

We have to ask why so few of our students studied post grad. Is it because we are stupid? I seen many FT with post grad are not on par with our NUS/NTU bachelor degree qualification.

The reason is their country and teacher try to educate them. In SG, PAP try to screw us.

And in SG, NUS/NTU degree is like a toilet paper, much worthless compared with Indian university.

USA engineers have a problem with fucking FT Indians as well. Recently healthcare.gov is a laughing stock and well known in the industry as a how fuck up Indian engineers are.

Now healhcare.gov is a high profile issue that since that fucking FT Indian engineers still not able to solve after 4 months.

Anonymous said...

Ah Huat must also ask much tuition grant given to Singaporean children?
Must compare mah!

So now you all (60%) also know.
When you vote PAP, you are giving away your children's place in the local universities and polytechnics.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

Not really lah. I think they got quota how many % students to fail, how many % to get distinction lah.

Suppose the exam is very difficult, so if the best scorer got only 50+ marks, then the best 10% of scorers will get distinction lah. Meaning 50+ marks can get distinction also.

50+ marks is definitely not best but if it is best available then will get distinction lor, if there is a 10% quota for distinctions, tio bo?

That was in the 90s in NTU, where I witness for myself how terrible is NTU. I do not know the avetage GPA today.

The indicative NUS GPA can be found. Still way below standards. Its around 2.6 on a total of 4 normalized.

For average university, GPA of around 3 and above is minimum. And we import so many FT, mean time, playing a zero sum game of GPA. Our students suffer.

NUS is consider a good school. A 2.67 GPA will shut the door and kill a lot of people.

Over the years, in NTU especially, so many smart people were damned. The CE and CSE in the 90s are disaster for student failure. I remember some lecturers are even proud of it and say that this is a good way to motivate students.


Harvard average GPA is 3.67.

So many cannot make it people go Australia and UK now become doctors and lawyers or PHD.

Anonymous said...

If there is not GRC base on single seat contest SMC?

Singapore likely to have 35 oppositions seats in the Parliament out of 87 seats? And multi parties system like the Nordic and many of the developed countries?

It can't be only 7 seats or 8 percents of 87 seats?
Base on 40 percents of the oppositions votes?

Singapore one of these days will be in serious trouble if these problem will not address, like the serious recent tekka riots?

As more foreigners pushing the cost of living higher and keep taking and depress new citizens and locals and their children jobs?

With more opposition in likely reduce the salaries of the Nordic ministers level?

So there is little incentives in importing more people to support their votes and indirect taxes?

All these highest salaries ministers, with their pensions, allowances, bonuses need alot of local and foreigners to support it don't come cheap?

One figure head president in his 12 tenure already have staggering $40 millions of income?

Because their ultra high salaries, need lots of indirect taxes to support the whole group of them?

When there is more oppositions and competitions, the main party who work harder, and Singapore would be like the Israel, South Korea and Japan already?

Depend more own innovations, not depend on foreign investment cheaper and cheaper foreign workers?

Imagine every year 30k of foreigners came to be come new citizens and replaced the older new citizens and locals the jobs and depress their pay and in future their children?

Need another 1.6 million to 6.9 millions by 2030 people to replace Singaporean to vote for them to support their world highest pay?

The opposition need to work extra hard to overcome the odds, got to win the heart and mind of all the new citizens and knock on every doors to explain the danger of one party rule?

Because the command the world highest salaries and various other allowances, they need the foreigners came in to vote them, maintain and the salaries and using the profit sharing schemes, and GRC system, as their vote continue to slide down, due to the extra high taxes?

With no GRC systems, they would not give so many excuses need foreigners for these for that Singapore don't want the jobs most advance countries use their locals for most of the jobs except Singapore?

Most other countries don't need so many foreigners they use innovations?

b said...

I think giving away so much money for foreign students is an abuse of public funds while sinkies kids have to work parttime to pay for school fees and thus compromise on grades. If there is true justice, the current MOE chief should step down.

Anonymous said...

Many of the jobs replaced by china legal and illegal immigrants which flood the Hong Kong, left the Hong Kie high and dry.

Many left jobless and depressed pay stay in cage houses:https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=hong+kong+cages+poor&newwindow=1&client=firefox-a&hs=jZH&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=rKDfUtSVLI2tiQfT9IDgDQ&ved=0CCkQsAQ&biw=1600&bih=810?

Anonymous said...

Limpei... surely see blood

I jerked until blood cum out

Knnccb.... cos I am a daft

Anonymous said...

Singapore oppositions against lot of odds, the GRC system, profit sharing schemes & Importing of new citizens?

The will not use the profit sharing scheme during the 2016 elections?

If they don't will so much they will not pay themselves high, and with less taxes business will not suffer and look less for cheaper foreigners?

With their highest pay and all these lucrative allowances, few don't want more money? They got to win at all cost? With less money they will less incentive to will at all cost?

If their pay is reasonable like the Nordic, they will go to the private sectors if they lost?

Singapore got to pay the competitive salaries benchmark against the Nordic, Swiss & New Zealand with around the similar population level, if not long run many Singaporean will suffer more?

Which heavily burden to maintain their high income?

With so much indirect taxes to maintain their salaries, bonuses, pensions, allowances etc?

Singaporean will not worry of ever increase in foreigners, high inflation, to take away their jobs and their children jobs?

The govt will less incentives to use foreigners as an excuse and concentrate on developing the local by using technology and designing, instead of cheaper foreigners?

Anonymous said...

The sad tale of the unloved Singaporese. Overlooked by the system - mocked by foreigners.

Anonymous said...


They are not just being overlooked, they are intentionally being screwed by the system.

Anonymous said...

Of course they don't like competitions, got no competition they can get the world highest pay, 8 month bonuses, pensions & allowances?

They design the GRC system to make oppositions difficult come in?

Because more oppositions come in could stop them from getting such high pay?

All these years they are so successful against the oppositions, they can keep increasing their pay with much resistance?

But competition is healthy, you see the Nordic multi parties, with just 10 percent of their pay the minister work together hand in hand with the opposition to improve the life of the commoners, not to overtax them?

Unlike Singapore keep bring people in the depress the pay of commoners and take away their jobs and left the children with uncertain future?

They can stop these they don't want they prefer the easy way of collecting levies?

What for like Nordic spent so much effort, money and hard work to improve the life of the common people, the birth rate, Gini Coefficient & living standard?

Without competition they would keep increase salaries all these years, since they took over, all these salaries need money, they got to come from the commoners or the foreigners?

These type of salaries very difficult to maintain in the long run, one of these days got to come down?

Anonymous said...

There is not much choice for Singapore their pay go to be in line with the Nordic minister level, so that not to overburden the people?

Need Levies from foreign workers, and other indirect taxes?

All money got to come from the commoners and the policies direct or indirect still they will seriously affect the commoners?

Anonymous said...

All these things they try to curtail oppositions or critics is about money, if not why they need to curtain the oppositions?

Why the Nordic don't do that?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Giving welfare to foreigners by taxing the locals?

This is pure nonsense lah.