A daft understanding of Democracy

What is happening in Thailand must have annoyed the daft here. How can the Thais protest against a popularly elected govt? How can they demand that the democratically elected govt steps down and be replaced? This is not democracy.

The democracy in Sin City is one that the elected govt can do anything it wants. The citizens are not supposed to question, to oppose or to disagree. The govt can simply take a vote in Parliament, and the majority votes carry the issue. Once it is passed in Parliament that’s it. The elected govt is elected by the people to run the country for them anyway it likes as long as it claims it is for the good of the people or country. I choose to separate people or country as the good of the country is not necessary good for the citizens. A country can prosper with all the citizens being replaced by foreigners, and it is good for the country but very bad for the citizens.

The govt has all the right and approval and consent of the people to increase the population to 6.9m. The daft agree this is so because it has been passed in Parliament. That is how democracy works here. By the same logic, if the govt decides to sell the country away, it is the right of the govt to do so. They are elected by the people man, notwithstanding that many were walkovers, so they have the people’s consent to do as they pleased. No one, no citizens, can object to what the govt is doing, no protest or civil disobedience.

How many daft Sinkies out there interpret democracy this way? How many daft Sinkies believe that the elected govt has unlimited power to do as it pleases? How many daft Sinkies think that the govt can suka suka pass laws to lock your life savings away and force you to buy their insurance schemes? Forced purchase, forced consumption!
A democracy is meant to be of the people, ie representatives comes from the people,… by the people ie elected by the people, … for the people, ie to serve the interest and good of the people, and not to serve the vested interests of a political party or their cronies or the interests of foreigners or foreign countries.

To all the daft Sinkies, kee chiu please if you believe that an elected govt has unlimited power to do as it pleases.

Remember what is happening in Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

Remember what is happening in Bangkok.

RB, u must be joking lah, comparing Sinkies with the Thais protesting in Bangkok.

Even if it is legal, not even a hundred Sinkies want to protest, let alone tens of thousands. Don't believe, just ask Gilbert, our latest Sinkie protest leader.

And U know our long time famous Aung Juan Soon Chee? I mean Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) lah, our nearest Sinkie equivalent of Aung San Su Kyi of Mynamar, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, or Suthep Thaugsuban of Thailand.

The last time CSJ illegally protested in 2008, he only managed to get less than 20 people, including some children! But of course with lots of street drama with the police lah.

And since then, he had stop street protest. He knows Sinkies very well already. Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

He knows Sinkies very well already.
Anon 8:52 am

Not really lah. Or else how come CSJ and SDP always lose every time one?

Only PAP knows Sinkies very well. Or else, how could PAP win every time one, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Maybe even the smart Thais cannot make money under PM Yingluck, so they join the opposition to protest lah.

Whereas smart Sinkies can make lots of money under PM Lee, so no join opposition and no protest lah.

My daft Sinkie logic tio bo? (correct or not)

Anonymous said...

This Thaug Suthep better pray everyday that his god did not die during this protest. If he dies, he will be put into jail immediately.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee: “We’re not just doing well for ourselves, we also have to help others, and in particular, to help those who're not as fortunate as ourselves. We cannot be living in a society where the winner takes all."


All those who believe PM Lee, please kee chiu.

I say:
We cannot be living in a society where PAP decides everything for Singaporeans because of their parliamentary majority.

Anonymous said...

No different from daft respect for papigs bastards... especially the leeyal familees,

The royal family are seen to be god

Knnccb... cursed be upon the papigs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think the biggest misunderstanding is that of republicanism.

Singapore is a REPUBLIC first, by constitution and by definition.

"Democracy" (for the people) is more a consequence, not the root of republicanism, and individual freedom and enterprise (aka capitalism).

What is DEMOCRATIC is the PARLIAMENTARY process. Members vote on bills and legislation. The people choose the MP's to represent them, or MP's are appointed. Either way, the people have no DIRECT CONTROL on the state -- it must go through a representative.

Singapore is not a direct democracy, which is why you cannot just vote in or out anything you fancy. That's not how it works. The republican model is much safer than a direct democracy. In a direct democracy there's always a danger of a majority group trampling over the rights of a minority group.

No democratic system is "perfect" because humans will always put their SELF INTEREST first and vote accordingly. The democratic republican parliamentary model is THE SAFEST system which governs by rule of law -- laws made in the parliament by members voting democratically.

The downside: There is a danger of the parliament being dominated by a single party. However for this to occur, The People must choose, so ultimately The People have to choose correctly on who it is to represent them.

Thus: The People Get The Government, and consequently The Cuntree They Deserve.

Anonymous said...

Democracy in Singapore is by the people, yes, but for the people in power to do what they want.

There is no such thing as democracy anymore in this world. The line between democracy, autocracy and dictatorship is already blurred beyond recognition. Rules and National Constitutions are made by humans and can be changed by humans.

b said...

The devil is always in the detail. All along democracy is just some notion to make people more easily and willingly submit to a particular authority.

b said...

"The People have to choose correctly"

- Boxes were being swapped all over the world to create a picture that certain party was the chosen one.

b said...

Even China does not have mandatory military enlistment. Sinkies are really daft.

Anonymous said...

Anything but a Thugsuban in Singapore. There are too many like him in the Sin Cabinet. He is super elite who wants to rule, maybe he wants to take the place of the Monarch or get it for someone. Doubt he has the interest of the Thai People. When Thailand is back in order, the Thais may need to purge the treacherous elites thoroughly.