A noose within a noose

Bangkok starts a Monday with mass protest to shut down all business activities. To the protesters it is sheer fun and delirium, anarchy of sort. No one cares how this will impact the business in Bangkok and how businesses will be affected.

Several agencies are turning against the Yingluck govt. The Election Commission wanted the govt to postpone the election. The Anti Corruption Agency is filing charges against hundreds of lawmakers of the ruling govt. The Army is taking a ‘not my business’ position, and the protesters in Bangkok are in the streets. The noose is tightening on the Yingluck govt. They are forcing the govt to resign.

Where are the Red Shirts, the majority rural people in support of the Yingluck govt? They are forming another noose around Bangkok, a kind of the rural people encircling the urban people. There is a ring around the Yingluck govt and a bigger ring around this ring outside Bangkok.

And the Democrat Party who believes in democracy and democratic principles is stopping the people from electing their representatives to form a democratic govt. They do not want an election to be held. They refuse to recognize a popularly elected govt and wanted to appoint their own people to be the govt without being democratically elected by the people.

What is going on? Great strategies are being in play. We are seeing the art of war in real life happening at this very moment. Who shall triump, the Thaug or the Thak? Don't forget the real thug behind all these.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, Thai politics lah. Unpredictable. The way the Thai powers shift allegiances and alliances is mind-boggling. Of my 11 years in Thailand, I've found ways to insulate -- and at times profit -- from the Thais inability to adopt mai pen rai attitude when it comes to governing their wonderful cuntry.

Thai politics is corrupt. Thai society is corrupt. That is a given. There's no changing that anytime soon. Fuckers should just relac, accept it with Buddha's Grace, and "sanuk di" -- get high and have sex lah.

Gee, I sure would like Ying Luck to show me her pussy :-) She's always welcome to sit on my face :-))

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WedowDark forces are at play behind the scene. I see the land of smiles changing soon to the land of tears. Soon, many MNCs will be pulling out and their rice no markets outside of Thai.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Thai politics has a built in "stop" -- the military.

As soon as things start to get too out of hand, the military will step in, and the coup will take over control of the cuntree to prevent Thailand from imploding or descending into civil war.

Then after a time, the military coup will let up, and it's back to "democratic" elections once again. If there are protests, the military steps in again....and on and on it goes.

Meanwhile, its business as usual at Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Phuket, Pattaya etc. The beauty of Chiang Mai is remains unspoiled regardless of the antics of Bangkok's political squabblers.

Sanuk di!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Citizen Journalism:

1. Richard Barrow

2. Stickman Bangkok

3. Thai 360 formerly known as "Nana Plaza forums"

Anonymous said...

Competitions is healthy for Singapore politics, because it run thing more efficiently at a lower cost like, the Aljunied GRC, they able to introduce innovative ways to reduce costs and run better, then other GRCs?

Years of not much competitions for the main party, it continue to raise it pay with little oppositions, even average workers living standard dropped? And keep find ways to increase indirect texes, to pay themself?

Much cheaper foreigners to compete with Singapore workers therefore depress and took away their jobs? And get levies?

Some foreign workers are need but not excessive as Singapore, where millions of them, many are likely to come into industries that are not competitive to work in?

Many of the low wages workers are in debt, many credit companies and loan shark became lucrative, because of the rising cost of living?

As more political competitions, they were slowly lower their world most expensive salaries, that of the Swiss, New Zealand or the Nordic ministers salaries?

Without competition is very unhealthy, price will escalate and little innovations, as there is much competition, don't need to innovate much?

Advanced countries will not believe, a democracy out of 80 over seats, only one or two are oppositions? Or only 3 percent are oppositions?

They will not believe and look down on us, what is this system people exploiting people for political or personal gains or advantages?

Always telling people what we have achieve, we did achieved something in the past?

Singapore will not be competitive, if it pay it political leaders too high compare to other advanced countries?

A multi party system is healthy, it brought competitions of ideas, no single parties monopolise all the ideas?

With a multi parties system like the Swiss, New Zealand or the Nordic, constantly need to find better ways if not other parties take over?

2011 many talented individuals who had done well in the past came forward to the political arena and give the main political party, a run for it money?

Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang, Chen Show Mao, Yee Jenn Jong & Jeanette and many others, come forward to serve, contribute to SIngapore.

Many more highly talented oppositions were introduce, as they sense the main party made more mistakes?

With the further competitions, the main party would likely to reduce their salaries, and return 80 percent of the locked up CPF except medisave for the worker who reach 55 as people?

Likely 2 percents of the women who spent all the money on men at Batam, the majority need to keep their money in case of crisis? So they used these 2 pc as an excuse?

Persons who spent all their money need to continue to work, there is little help from the govt unlike the Nordic?

Nordic with multi parties system brought much success to their countries, like Nobel Prizes winners, Olympic champions & high successful multi national companies?

S'pore can't continue to give excuses as we brought in workers that keep lowering our productivity?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Competition works when the objective is to produce the best, cost-efficient GOODS -- as in the commercial (free?) markets.

Competition does not work when the objective is to produce BADS -- like criminal activity, cartels and politics.

In the democracy of the market, you have to back up your vote with your DOLLAR. If you make a "wrong choice" by purchasing an inferior product, you alone bear the loss of your "bad judgement".

In the realm of POLITICAL voting however, the candidates can promise the moon. There is no direct cost to making a "wrong choice". The candidate can offer "free money", and as unsustainable as that is, people still vote for it...and the result is a disaster for the average working stiff.

In the commercial market, when you vote with your dollars, you end up an owner.

In politics, when you vote with your ballot, you end up a slave to some political master/ ideology.

Why Anarchists Don't Vote

b said...

The thai people are like sheeps, easily manipulated by their leaders.