SGX circuit breakers to protect investors? What a joke

SGX is going to introduce circuit breakers to temporarily suspend a stock that has prices fluctuating more than 10% of its reference or recent price. So this is claimed to be a big step in protecting the interest of investors, said its President Muthukrishnan Ramaswami. When was this President of SGX appointed? I hope he is a true blue Singaporean and not another foreigner or new citizen to triple confirm that Singapore really has no talent and must depend solely on foreigners to fill up top positions, so that these foreigners can create low paying jobs for our no talents while we created top jobs and high paying jobs for foreigners.

I digress. In the same report SGX announced that its profit has dropped by 2% for the second quarter due to decline in trading volumes. The total volume traded year on year fell 18%.

Does SGX know why the volume is falling? Does SGX know why the retail traders are abandoning the market? Or does the SGX want to know? Does Hsien Loong, Tharman or Ravi Menon want to know what is happening to the stock market?

There are about 8000 jobs that are at stake at the moment because of a market that is critically ill. The circuit breakers would be redundant when no one wants to trade in the market, when the broking houses start to retrench their staff, when remisiers flee or quit the industry.

Does anyone want to know what is seriously wrong with the market? The circuit breakers are like putting up signs that there are crocodiles in the water and no one bothers about the crocodiles, about who put the crocodiles in the water, and encouraging the ignorant investors to walk and swim in the water.

What is going on? Anyone knows? Anyone wants to know? Or no one knows, no one sees anything wrong?


Anonymous said...

Singapore need more suggestions for these ideas:

Singapore aim to have,

1) Higher birth rate like the Nordic had 1.8 replacement?

2) Low Gini coefficient or low income disparity?

3) High standard of Living, if over increase in population and overpopulation, generally Singapore population standard of living will go down? Like Hong Kong many living in cage houses with overpopulation of immigrants?

With oversupply of cheap less educated labour Singapore productivity keep going down?

Most of Singapore brightest left about 300K, Singapore will be in serious trouble if more and more brain drain?

Singapore need to channel the money to develop it own people not to too reliance on foreign investment and Singapore companies?

Those ministers salaries, bonuses, pensions, allowances should be reduce to provide free education or technical training until graduate?

Singapore should not overtax with the indirect COE, GST, Levies, GST and other indirect taxes to pay its leaders, these will make the business more reliance on cheaper foreign labour to mitigate the high cost of doing businesss?

Singapore to have multi party system, likely in 2016, as the main party vote keep sliding down.

So the salaries of ministers is to competitive to those countries with similar population not to too heavily burden the population?

Keep increase the foreigners can deprive the locals and new citizens jobs and depress them and their children income?

Singapore need to seriously consider the Nordic model and modify it to suit it own country?

Singapore just can't continue to solve it problem by increasing the foreigners, Singapore is an island, already many of the negative afflicting Singapore in the sixties is coming back, it will get more serious?

Of course Singapore need some foreign labour to complement, not excessively to push up the inflation, lower the productivity?

If Singapore don't solve these 3 problems above keep giving excuses?

Within another generation it is likely local are gone with around 1.2 replacement rate, Singapore will be face with more serious challenge later?

What Singapore want is local to be innovators, inventors, discovers and designers to power the local SME to be world class companies?

Singapore should not continue the easy way of keep using cheap labour and cheap foreign labour intensive investments to solve the problem?

Singapore need to make and design better products through innovations and more efficiently and reduce wastage?

Singapore can't effort to pay its leaders too high a wage compare to the advance nation like Nordic, Swiss and New Zealand?

Anonymous said...

Does Hsien Loong, Tharman or Ravi Menon want to know what is happening to the stock market?

Of course they know what is happening lah, no need RB to alert them.

If not, how could they have become PM, DPM and MAS MD respectively, you tell me lah?

In fact they know a lot more, especially what it takes to remain in their positions, and to remain long long.

Only (daft) Sinkies do not know and hence need RB to alert and tell them, in return for kopi kau.

Anonymous said...

knn ...

veri funni loh ...

they introduce high frequency trading

they wanna to protect "investors"

btw .... who are the "investors" they protecting??

wanna to protect investors insterests .... ???

stop pre opening and closing trading session

stop contra trading ... found only in uniquely singapore n malaysia boleh mudland

... do not be a atm to the sharks out there

knncbb .... fucking bastards papigs ... return our cpf@55

Anonymous said...

They MUST remove computer trading immediately to save the stock market!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Circuit breakers to "protect" the stock values of listed government corporations?

Pure bullshit. If the market falls, let it fall. Blaming"algo trading" is a poor excuse. If your company stock drops 10% it means your company is fucked up, and the only reason that is is because the management is fucked up and thus performing poorly, at least as evaluated by "the market", which nothing more than people collectively judging you with their own money.

Anonymous said...

@January 23, 2014 9:50 am

... dun talk cock lah

algo trading is simply another term for market manipulation using info not available to other investors

btw ... where are the sources of these info???

knnccb ...

Anonymous said...

Matilah, if you do not know what is happening in the market it is best you shut up and not to expose your ignorance.

The stockmarket is the biggest scam today. You can have the best management but they can thrash your stock price anyway they want.

It is run by criminals with the support of the authorities. Ask Paul Volcker and what is the Dodd Frank Act for?

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the market to turn turtle and massive retrenchment in the industry and prices of blue chips also become penny stocks.

Anonymous said...

Are they going ahead with HFT?

Anonymous said...

HFT is going to bring more liquidity to the market like no lunch break!

Please believe that it is true.

Anonymous said...

@January 23, 2014 10:33 am

soon sgx will be operational 24/7

it will be truly an international financial market ... no other cuntries will take top spot

knnccb ....

Anonymous said...

RB, I think all the remisiers are earning good money and very contented about what is going on.

Never hear them complaining commission less than $1k leh.

Anonymous said...

The brokerages also making good money and not complaining.

Anonymous said...

Yes... n they can hijack remisier clients too... by offering perks to the clients

Tiok boh... red bean.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 1010:

I'm a big fan of algo trading. You dun like? Too bad for you ;-)