How a lie can become a truth

Andrew Loh wrote: ‘Barely a month after its mistake in reporting that a Bangladeshi had been killed in the Little India riot on 8 December 2013, the Straits Times seems to have once again got its facts wrong, or helped propagate a false story.

On 24 December, the Straits Times reported the publication of a report in Hong Kong about the execution of the uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
The Straits Times report, by its senior writer Ching Cheong, was titled, “Jang’s execution bodes ill for China”.

It described how Jang was executed – by being “eaten up” by “120 hounds” which had been “starved for three days”.’….

A piece of news published by the official national newspaper, The Straits Times, obviously carried a lot of weight and many readers can be forgiven for believing that this is a true story, verified, checked and double confirmed by professional newspaper men before putting it on print. And for those who would love such stories about Dear Leader and their programmed hatred for anything North Korean, they would simply gulp it down happily with a big jug of beer.

Why not when this news was happily picked up, quoted and reprinted by many of the supposedly reputable western media with an agenda to run down North Korea. In Andrew’s post the media mentioned to have quoted ST for this piece of juicy and serious news are: The Independent, The Daily Mail, USA Today, New York Daily News, The Nation, Fox News, The Telegraph and the Washington Post. A few of these are real biggies and what they posted would be taken as gospel truth. And I am damn sure these papers love such news, the more gore the better, to confirm their fabrication of what North Korea is all about.

According to Andrew this ‘eaten up by 120 hungry dogs’ is a piece of shit or lie that is not truth. I am not sure if Ching Cheong, the author and China expert, and the ST, have come up to dispute or confirm the authenticity and reliability of the report. As far as Andrew is concerned, this is an outright lie. But this may not be so. I have no means to check its authenticity, but the ST has. Even if the journalist was fed shit and believed in the shit, he still had to cross the barrier of the editor and chief editor who were obviously highly trained and experienced newsmen. They would not have passed this piece of news if they didn’t believe it was true and had not checked it themselves. If the news was false, a lie, it could now be turned into a truth when readers read it in The Washington Post, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph or one of the supposedly reputable and reliable media. People would then quote these big boys to claim that it must be the truth.

My suspicion is that this is another piece of crap originated from the West with their vicious agenda to paint North Korea as an uncivilized country with an equally evil dictator in Kim Jung Un. And in many places, or if Andrew did not raise this fact, many would simply read it, store it in their memory and after sometimes, becomes another convenient truth manufactured by the West and planted in their subconscious by the great media as The Truth.

Ok, I am not saying that the news was a piece of lie. Let’s hope a reputable paper like the ST would come out and rebut what Andrew had said or make a correction. Asking for an apology would be too much. And they could come out and confirm it was the truth and demand an apology from Andrew too.

What is the truth?


Anonymous said...

What do you expect when

1. Singapore Government being a puppet of the West
2. ST is nothing more a parrot perpetrated Western propaganda
3. As usual Singkies like Hongkies and Taiwanese with the blood of the defective Chinese genes, will rather act as second fiddle to the Anglo-sphere axis of warmongers.


Anonymous said...

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They got higher direct taxes but their lowest wage worker pay is high, most of the taxes give back as free educations, job loss benefits, old age benefits, medical benefits?

The don't foreigners to support their indirect taxes schemes? Like the CPF locked up for life schemes and other etc?

Anonymous said...


[A cautionary tale of dogs, imposters and North Korea]

"... many of the news organisations carrying the North Korean execution story have wondered out loud at its authenticity.

Now we know the original sourcing,
a single anonymous Chinese blog masquerading as another, more popular, Chinese blog,
the story looks too weak to be worth the ink.

In the end, what all this tells us, as others have pointed out, is that
when it comes to North Korea, we're too ready to entertain our darkest imaginings, even if we don't quite believe them ourselves.

It is certainly a dark and secretive place,
but that makes it all the more important that we report the truth,
not a sensational parody of it."


Anonymous said...

Sin City is nothing but a big mushroom farm. All the little mushrooms kept in the dark and feed on bullshit.

Anonymous said...

They kept feeding them shit under their heads are all filled with shit. When they are unable to use their shit heads to think critically and intelligently, then they are replaced by foreign thrash.

patriot said...

Heard there is no beggar and no liar in Sin.
At least those in the Official Media are said to confirm the facts and veracity of reports before reporting them.


Anonymous said...

You are right. ST will soon come out with a statement to say Andrew Loh is wrong. No way would a reputable newspaper make such frivolous and sensational reporting.

Anonymous said...

Chin cheong is a piece of fucking shit, running dog of the west n Singapore.

Like many in the msm.

Knnccb... long live kuan yew, u fucking zombie looking sob.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One thing about being a skeptic is that you are always DOUBTFUL of any claim made, until you can examine the evidence for yourself, and test the evidence for validity.

The default condition is: People -- in general -- simply DO NOT check their facts, preferring to rely on "authority".

If you don't check your facts, someone else eventually will. And you will be caught out, and your reputation will suffer negative consequences.

Anonymous said...

Have stopped buying one of the all Newspapers for years and I felt boring reading those.

b said...

There is a lot of invented news out there to make the general public believe about the things the super rich families wanted them to. In this age of greed where presidents are bought and sold, the super rich families are the ones that control the world, control where factories are built, control who will get what jobs, control the politicians, control the news, control the general public, control which country will have wars, unrest, riots etc.

Anonymous said...

Some reporters/journalists are fed and paid by the west to spread doctored news or lies to alter the minds of the daft.

It is good that some of them are put behind bars.