What is a rogue govt?

The term rogue govt has been used many times to warn Sinkies that the good life they are having will be history if a rogue govt comes to power. What exactly is a rogue govt? Is it a govt that is corrupt? Is it a govt that betrays the people? Is it a govt that have failed or flawed policies? Is it a govt that throws money away freely to foreigners?

I think everyone will have some views on what constitutes a bad govt. It would be nice to have a simple definition so that everyone understands what is a rogue govt. Without an understanding of the term, even when a rogue appears and stands right in front of you, behaving like a rogue, no one will recognize it.

On the other hand, a rogue govt may not think that it is a rogue govt. It may be doing a lot of things that are rogue in nature but so deluded to think they were good. Some rogues may honestly and sincerely think that they are angels. Of course most rogues will know they are rogues but would put on a pretense to continue to take advantage of their victims.

Do we know what is a rogue govt? This is very important. We must know what a devil looks like to be aware and to chase the devil away. If we fail to see a devil or a rogue, we may invite him home and got screwed without knowing, and still be very grateful thinking we are sleeping with an angel.

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Anonymous said...

A rogue government is a traitor government that betrays its own citizens to foreigners.

A rogue government is a government of cronies and relatives that is self serving. Using public money to benefit only its own inner circle of ruling elites.

A military junta on the other hand is a government made up of Generals and Admirals.

patriot said...

A rogue regime is a Cabinet full of greedy and heartless traitors.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We are so lucky that our cabinet is full of self sacrificing and compassionate ministers with good hearts.

Anonymous said...

RB, spot on. Don't forget that they took I think 1/3 salary cut. But I am not sure whether the 1/3 cut is from what level. Some said from the level after it has increased 200% so if that is the case! then I not sure good or not so u tell me lar as I am confused

Anonymous said...

Don't forget when their hearts are bad, got them repaired and come back to serve the people again.


Anonymous said...

What kindness do you expect from a $8 heart repair job?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Good morning, dumb motherfuckers...

redbean echoes the feelings of many of his ilk who still do not get it.

Start with the people -- that is ALL of us. We've been here for many generations. We have our own language, food, ways of doing things, common ways of thinking, an integrated whole of many ethnicities all co-existing together. This is known as CULTURE. It is, at the root biological and no one is in "control". It is a spontaneous phenomenon of generations of human activity.

Culture evolves due to the social nature of our mammalian-primate species: Man, is a SOCIAL animal. In any social collection, eventually hierarchies evolve spontaneously as a result of the division of labour. everyone has "a place" -- the hawker is in-charge of the food, and he has workers he manages. The doctor runs his clinic and manages his staff, as does the business owners, religious leaders etc. And out of this spontaneous ordering you also get people who run the village and eventually the nation.

The village is small -- everyone knows each other, so the chosen leaders always have eyes on them. They must be fair and just or they will be replaced swiftly.

When it comes to LARGE NUMBERS -- as in a nation-state, POLITICS EVOLVES OUT OF THE CULTURE. The folks chosen to run the government and the state are exactly the same culturally as the people who choose them to govern.

Hence: The Sheeple Get The Government And The Cuntree They Deserve

So really, there is no such thing as a "rogue government" which just "happened that way". It is The People's fault. They are responsible. Since politics is about collectivism, The People are collectively responsible for their government and the eventual destiny of their nation.

If you think the government of your cuntree is fucked, ==> YOU <== are to blame and need to be fucked, then smashed in the head with a heavy blunt object.

Got collective responsibility? No? I didn't think so.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Just a reminder: It is biological at the very root.

You want to change the politics, then change the culture FIRST.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you definition king right. Now is the time for you to come up with the definition of a rogue govt. Don't bother with its causes, biological or sociological, just a definition to help the daft Sinkies understand what it means.

Anonymous said...

A rogue government does not represent its citizens.
The actions of a rogue government does not benefit its citizens.
The actions of a rogue government is against the wishes of its citizens.

Do Singaporeans want this?
- 6.9 million population
- CPF money not returned after 55 yaers old
- National Service
- Million dollar salaries for Ministers

The list goes on ....

patriot said...

Me does hope that Matilah Singapura does oblige Chua Chin Leng.
Somehow, me feels my description is too simple and there should be a more detailed and definite interpretion of Rogue Government.

Waiting to be enlightened.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh... dun beat around the bushes.

Singapore under PAP is a classic example of a rogue state

It's depends on how u define "rogue"

knnccb.... long live kuan yew, witness the fruits of your actions unfolding before your zombie state

Anonymous said...

Coffee is return after 55 lah, only shift goalpost.

Knnccb... fucking bastards papigs, return our cpf@55.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean: There is no such thing as a rogue government. It is just a use of overly emotional language.

ALL government is "bad". They only vary in degree, that's all.

Anonymous said...

You mean people using this term rogue govt is emotional? Who is that emotional kid?

patriot said...
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patriot said...
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patriot said...

Matilah Singapura does make it sounds sensible that there is no such thing as rogue government. Itis the Evil Rulers that form the Government that make It sick or rogue.

b said...

any one running the gov will become rogue or greedy or evil if the people under the gov are so easily manipulated, misleaded, duped.

Anonymous said...

MS got no balls to define a rogue govt. See how he is avoiding the issue?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Fuck you, sei, sei, sei, sei for 10 generations lah.

I already told you there is no such thing, you motherfucking illiterate retard.