Running out of space now matter what

Sitting at my office in MBFC and enjoying the vast expanse of the sea and the marina gives me a very strange feeling. The very spot where I was sitting was the sea, nearly a kilometer from the former shore line at ‘Ang Teng’ or Clifford Pier. And looking ahead, there is another kilometer or more of reclaimed land before the new coastline. So much land has been added but will never be enough.

Practically every piece of the new land created is now occupied, built up or in the process of development. Instead of creating more land for recreation, to improve the life of the people, oh yes, the development for economic reasons is also to improve the people’s life, the new land are being filled up and used up immediately. And soon people will be demanding for more land.

If we don’t kill the idea of putting more people on this island, no amount of land reclamation will be enough. Even building a few more Towers of Babel will not be enough. We are small, very small, a speck as far as land is concerned. 

There is a serious need to rethink on what we should do with the lives of the citizens and the limited land that we have. It cannot keep going on like this and thinking that it can go on and on. There is a heavy price to pay for going down this road. Why keep creating space only to fill them up with more people? We would never even be bigger than Bintan. We need to be very prudent in the use of our land. And the last thing, to bring in more people to occupy them.

Saw an Army recruitment advertisement in the ST this morning. It has this flashed, ‘How far would you go to protect our home?’ Do we need to protect our home when it is occupied and stuffed with foreigners, many with new pink ICs? Wait for the day when Sinkies would have to rent a place to sleep from foreigners and foreigners turned citizens.

Maybe this would not happen as many foreigners are buying the properties and accepting the pink ICs temporarily. They would sell the properties back to the Sinkies at a high profit before returning or departing to somewhere else. Only daft Sinkies have to grab a home at whatever price to put a roof over their heads.


Anonymous said...

Macau population density 20,069/sq km

Monaco population density 18,068/sq km

Sinkieland population density 7,669/sq km

Using Macau and Monaco standard, Sinkieland still have a lot of space to have more people, tio bo?

In fact, to beat Macau, 716 sq km Sinkieland should have more than 20,069 x 716 = 14.3 million population!

Now only 5.4 million, so 6.9 million where got problem, you tell me lah?

That's why PAP knows what they are doing. They deserve to win again in 2016.

Anonymous said...

PAP benchmark with the best in the world, that's why 5.3 million Sinkie population still no enough.

And the world should follow PAP benchmark for minister pay, because tiny Sinkieland PAP minister pay is the best (or highest rather) in the whole, wide world.

Anonymous said...

RB, u said

"Saw an Army recruitment advertisement in the ST this morning. It has this flashed, ‘How far would you go to protect our home?'

We should first ask:
What is 'home'?
What is supposed to be 'home'?

Anonymous said...

"That's why PAP knows what they are doing. They deserve to win again in 2016."
Anon 10:49 am

And luckily 60% smart Sinkies also know what PAP is doing. And they rightly vote PAP.

Even best opposition chief Teo Chiu Ah Hia also knows what PAP is doing. That's why he praised PAP as a competent govt.

Daft Sinkies, better wake up and know!


Anonymous said...

May I ask, 'How far would you go to protect our multi million dollar salaries?'

Anonymous said...

"Even best opposition chief Teo Chiu Ah Hia also knows what PAP is doing. That's why he praised PAP as a competent govt."
Anon 10:59

Sun Tzu
"All warfare is based on deception.

When able to attack, we must seem unable;
when using our forces, we must seem inactive;

when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away;
when far away, we must make him believe we are near."

Anonymous said...

We want space for wildlife and to protect them but keep carving away every little piece of land we have for development and to bring in more foreigners to invade into the territories of true blue Sinkies.

What is there to protect?

Anonymous said...

/// There is a serious need to rethink on what we should do with the lives of the citizens and the limited land that we have. ///

Seriously !!!???
How to do a re-think when we have the same old man (LKY & son) and the same political party (PAP) that has been in power for 50 years?

You think the same old brain and same old people can have a re-think meh?
You mean they can repent meh?
You mean they will apologize and turn over a new leaf meh?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean panicking for nothing again. Did you see the article today:

6 in 10 young S'poreans look to go abroad to fulfil dreams

The growing Singapore diaspora is a sign of WEALTH and SUCCESS of an awesome rocking place.

These young ones will go abroad and finally grasp the concept of "Hotel Singapore". I think it is MARVELLOUS idea to leave, grow as a human being and discover one's potential, and leave the losers to wallow in their sorrow until they die and turn into worm-food.

Got passport?

Anonymous said...

The G is conducting study on underground living, nuclear electricity, digging tunnel for mrt and expressway. Sinkieland is fast becoming the Atlantis.

Anonymous said...

" Using Macau and Monaco standard, Sinkieland still have a lot of space to have more people, tio bo? "
@ January 19, 2014 10:49 am

If use Monaco and Macau as benchmark;
Then how much is the government in Macau and Monaco costing their taxpayers?
Can be more expensive than PAP meh?

Typical PAPig.
Cherry picking the benchmarks.

Anonymous said...

Other cities have hinterlands. We have an all concrete city. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

You mean all we have is a concrete city?

Anonymous said...

Members of the Best Available Brigade and their two word slogan is beginning to sound tiresome through repetition. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

"You mean all we have is a concrete city?"
Anon 12:37

Abang, akan datang lah...

Anonymous said...

This red dot will import more people. Those sinkies who don't like crowds can move to JB or the other dots bigger than the red one, Bintan and Batam, and make way for those dafter foreigners to replace them.

And the papigs are encouraging this displacement by expanding the airport ahead of demand while sinkies enjoy the squeeze in the mrt, or dying at the corridors while waiting for a bed in the hospital ward. And making them really pay, through their noses to the daily grind, for the pigeon hole in the sky.


Anonymous said...

Cheese, bye and good night.

Anonymous said...

PAP is making the best use of the available space.

Does it matter if Sinkies are squeezed and suffering?

What can Sinkies do?

If even the strongest Sinkie opposition party is not ready to be govt, then who is ready, u tell me lah?

If I were PM Lee, I will squeeze Sinkies and make them suffer even more, to make the best use of the available land.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wah RB has a million dollar view from a multimillion dollar building - what is there to complain about?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, you sure Macau's pop is 20069 per sq km??? Think it is 2069 per sq km.

Just back from there and find place not crowded like HK or Sincity.

Even with the tourists among the locals. Heard senior folks got 5000 paistas credited to their account every month from the government.

If such population, able to afford meh???

Anonymous said...

All these chit chat here why? Just go out, catch a bus, catch a train, step into your local shopping mall and feel the heat of an overcrowded city, my fellow sardines.

Anonymous said...

the army adverts should ask ...;


knnccb ... will kfc be in his cottage sipping his afternoon tea and munching gingerbread cookies?

Anonymous said...

Canberra doctor allegedly forged application to work in Australia. Quick, call the CV checker.

Anonymous said...

Why have they slept for so long? Son't they know what was happening? Can they be trusted to do the proper thing after not doing anything for so long?

What is the hidden agenda?

Anonymous said...


Will majority Sinkies dare to vote PAP out knowing that the strongest opposition party is not ready to be govt?

Just imagine, had the opposition, instead of PAP, won 93% seats in 2011, what kind of a govt would it be?

That's why seriously speaking, majority Sinkies very scared they accidentally vote PAP out.

Some more, majority Sinkies are still making money and having good a life under PAP rule. Hence they are not that motivated to vote PAP out despite the PAP cock-ups.

Anonymous said...

But how come majority Sinkies are still able to make money and have a good life despite the PAP cock-ups?

Like the saying there is method in their madness, and so is there also method in their cock-ups?

b said...

10million population is okay so long as cpf interest rate return is 10%.

Anonymous said...

They said Singapore low taxes, but Singapore possibly has the highest indirect taxes in the world if not how to may the highest salaries in the world, even Obama the most power man in the world pay still lower then a minister pay in Singapore?

COE, GST, ERP, Levies and other indirect taxes are taxes too, will the high cost of living, business need to employ cheaper and cheaper foreigners, at the expense of local?

With little job security many will not marry, married will not want to have babies?

Of course they don't like critics or oppositions, which can interfere with them collecting the highest salaries in the world?

The CPF locked up schemes for life, is like an indirect taxes, all these indirect taxes need to collect and give as profit sharing during the 2011 elections?

To get re elected again in 2016 they need to give more and bring in every year 30K of new citizens, hoping the can vote them and get elected again and enjoy the highest pay?

But by bringing more and more new citizens it will affect the livehood of locals, take away their jobs and stagnant or depressed pay?

But it can't be help if they want re

b said...


What do you expect from a traitor turned minister, exPM, exMM, exSM? protecting the interest of sinkies? he will not hestitate to kill all sinkies so long as he can live.

Anonymous said...

Bringing more and more foreigners don't create value for the locals, but create value for the ministers, because every month they can collect levies between $500 to $1K to pay for their highest salaries?

How to create value for new citizens if they take away the local and depress their pay?

The main reasons to bring in the foreigners is to vote for them and pay their high indirect taxes?

The is lot of ways to boost the economy other then importing foreigners which have lots of side effects? Why they don't use other ways except importing foreigners?

Countries like the Nordic, Estonia did very well, without importing foreigners or little foreigners?

Anonymous said...

How much money need to finance 2011 election, profit sharing schemes, $billions of tax payers money?

Anonymous said...

What the difference of having profit sharing scheme during 2011 general election and Punggol East by election?

Anonymous said...

到了這個地步,已經沒有什麼可談的,初一十五 只能各自做了.