America, we are your friends. Please tell NYT

The NYT is publishing unfavourable reports on the recent riot in Little India. The paper is claiming that our govt is ill treating the foreign workers, abusing them, poor pay and poor living environment. How can that be, many of the dormitories are nicer than the homes of poor Sinkies. And some dormitories are like country clubs with recreation facilities that the foreign workers can never ever dream of in the little shanty huts in their villages.

Come on NYT, we are giving the foreign workers a life they can never have and an opportunity to be rich, to feed and uplift their families from poverty. And the riot is not due to exploitation or abuses. It is due to alcohol.

Our Ambassador has been trying very hard to explain and tell the true story that you have distorted. We agree that you have the right to your own news and opinion. At least allow us the right to reply. This is a sacred right that we offer to anyone or newspaper in our city. At least you should reciprocate. At least you must remember that we are your best friend, your most reliable friend to help you with your pivot to Asia, provide you with military base facilities here. If you don’t know, our people are angry that we are part of this military arrangement.

We even want to buy your crap futuristic aircraft that is not up to specs and willing to pay your country billions of dollars for something that is so inferior and will be rejected by other thinking countries. At a few hundred millions a piece, my God, you think we are that stupid?

Please, let our Ambassador put in his reply to give a balance view of the Little India Riot. We are your friend, don’t forget that. You scratch our back we scratch yours. And the last thing we can expect from a good friend is for you to print misinformation to hurt our reputation.

PS. Kopi level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

Whatever lah, but Sinkieland will still remain a friend with the US and buy American aircraft lah.


Because even if it is not up to specs, American aircraft is still the best available aircraft for Sinkieland to buy what. Or else PAP govt would not have bought it, tio bo?

Just like PAP is the best available party for 60% Sinkies to vote for lah, even if it is also not up to specs.

Simply because Sinkieland defence cannot do without fighter aircraft and Sinkies cannot do without govt.

Anonymous said...

Radical ideas and restructure Singapore economy needed?

How to increase Singapore birthrate, and Gini Co efficiency?

Israel don't have a busy port and no resource can become an advanced country?

Reducing more and more PMET going into property broking, insurance, cab driving, security officer, cleaners, many are part time jobs underwork, which consider a job?

300K of our brightest have left Singapore? A severe brain drain?

Bring more of the :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Winsemius, who is the architect in transforming Singapore economy from the third world to the first world?

Discard obsolete ideas like the GRC system, reduce depend on foreign investments and cheap foreign workers causing Singapore productivity contiune to slide?

Let in more opposition through the SME, so that little or no baddoor MP came through the system, that might create havoc?

Opposition provide genuine feedback, good ideas, check and balance?

Singapore must not like the ancient china most humiliating defeat in 1900(Boxer Rebellion), where the west is using guns and canons, china still in the ostrich way of denial and self fulfilled state of illusion, using swords and arrow?

Now is the internet age, many less and less using the MSM for their info, as the speed of internet get faster and cheaper?

Invite international expert from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Swiss to Singapore to ultilise our massive $300 billions to retool and restructure our ecomomy depending on the locals?

Massive incentives, recognitions, honour , awards & prizes money to be given to anyone who can transform Singapore SME to the multi national companies like Toyota, Ikea, Rolex, Apple & Samsung? To manufacture better products and designs?

Singapore should not continue to denial and give excuses the problems we faced many people can't cope with their loss of jobs, inflations or depressed pay got to look for credit companies, banks and loan sharks, which many can't compete with cheaper foreigners workers? Casinos?

Anonymous said...

What brand products have we manufactured other than Creative and OSIM?

Our national strategy is gambling. Collect a lot of money from the people to allow foreigners to gamble like OPM.

No fear in losing. Any shit also can invest.

Anonymous said...

No need to be best.

Just be the best available. In the kingdom of the blind, the one eye jack is still the best available, tio bo?

A Sinkie minister's job pays a million dollars or more a year. This cannot change.

Therefore need to get the best available Sinkie to do the job of a minister and be paid the millions.

Anonymous said...

Are we getting the best, getting our money worth?

Anonymous said...

Problem is that only PAP MPs are available to become ministers.

So the best Sinkies are not available to become ministers if they don't want to join PAP or not get elected.

Anonymous said...

Not available = lousy, mediocre Sinkies get high pay lah = headache lah, problem lah, Sinkies (daft ones) suffer due to lose job and money no enough lah

Anonymous said...

Some Sinkies their previous job was quite ordinary, eg lecturer, HR manager etc.

But later they joined PAP, got elected and appointed as minister.

So every month look like strike lottery compared to before.

Anonymous said...

Singapore from the third to the first world using the SMC, one to one contest, so no or little bad doors MP came in, can't come in by the front doors?

Singapore should revert back to the SMC system, where real talent able fight one to one?

After the GRC system was developed, Singapore began to slide back to the third world, little opposition MP able to come in, more undeserving MP came in, some hardly had time attending the parliament, some too tired slept in the Parliament?

Opposition MP attend all the Parliament sessions?

With one or two opposition MP, how can they provide check and balance?

The Nordic, Swiss & New Zealand system perform very well? The standard of living improve, whereas our middle and lower class standard continue to drop?

Making Singapore the laughing stock of the world and we had the cheek to call our self first world?

Recent 2011 elections, opposition 40 percent if not higher for the TP last min walkover, due to technical problems? Likely 43 percent opposition votes, plus the profit sharing schemes?

Only 7 percent came in or 6 seats out of 87 seats? Main party got 81 seats a staggering 93 percents of the seats, with only 60 percents of the votes?

In advanced economy oppositions and critics, play a crucial role in transforming the economy and bring them to the top of the world? The provide good ideas and genuine valuable feedbacks?

The best talents of each parties came into the parliament and thoroughly debate each proposal? The CPF original goal couldn't have been changed of returning the money at 55?

Should LTK, Sylvia Lim & Chen Show Mao attend the cabinet meetings in prepare, if the main party lost 2016 more then half of its cabinets which could put Singapore in a serious crisis and in a tailspin?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Best available? As if there is a level playing field. Wake up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah it is bias pure and simple. HACKS at newspapers like The Guardian and NYT like to kick Singapore in the nuts at every opportunity they get.
The reason is that these left-leaning RAGS do not like Singapore's free market economy (#2 in the world only bested by Hong Kong) because apparently they don't like our Gini Coefficient (an arbitrary number representing the amount of "welfarism" or "free-money-to-losers" govt programs) and complain that Singapore is "too capitalistic" and therefore "uncaring".

In other words, shitty news-rags like The Guardian and the New York Times are biased when it comes to reporting about Singapore.

But don't worry. America is struggling to recover, the UK and much of the EU is BROKE or in deep debt. Living well is the best revenge :-))

Anonymous said...

NYT is calling it like it they see it, which is their job!
They're REPORTING and not making up your minds for you, lazy readers. read, find out, read somemore, find out some more. dun let the mm tell you what to think

Anonymous said...

MS is right. NYT and Guardian are biased. Ours are not.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


All news (aka human opinion based on supposed "facts") is biased. You have to identify where the biases lie...and then draw your own (biased) conclusion.

The best way, I find -- although not "fool proof" (humans are the easiest to fool, and you are easiest to fool by your own brain) -- is to seek a wide variety of reporting and sources --- MSM, social media, blogs etc -- and then do a meta-analysis to (hopefully) arrive at a more "statistically correct" position.

Anonymous said...

This passing of votes from the higher votes candidates to the lower votes candidate who can't came in by the one by one system, one of these day Singapore could be like China most humiliating defeat in 1900 Boxer Rebellion?

Where China using swords, bow and arrows, the westerners using guns and canons, where they are are so far ahead in technology.

China refuse to know what going on around the world kept to it old system? The still prefer to be ostrich, putting their heads in the sands?

Where many East European saw their failure of their system and changed to the democratic multi party system? After their communist one party systems failed?

The passing of votes from those who had more votes to those who had not enough votes, bring in those who can't came in from the bad door instead of the front doors? Those who might not have the heart to serve?

Problems may not be notice immediately, but it will manifest later as presently Singapore facing more and more problems?

Genuine MP should be coming in by the front doors, in a one to one contest like Singapore began to take off? Now is the internet age info pass around very fast not like last time snail mail era?

Base on 2011 election 28 seats should go to the oppositions and multi parties, but it go to a single party with 93 percents of the seats or 81 seat and 6 seat or 7 percent out of 40 percents opposition vote, exclude TP walkover, went to the oppositions?

So little oppositions voices and genuine feedback can be heard, which made a mockery of the democratic system?

Many will laugh at us until their tooth drop when they heard about the vote passing system, people exploit people for the sake of personal gains system?

Anonymous said...

Oppositions MP is provide feedback to the system, to make the system running smoothly?

Genuine feedback or suggestions can't got through the main party can go through the oppositions, which voices out for debate during the parliament?

If too much suppression of the voices and concerns, one of these day maybe like the Arab Spring or the China humiliation of the Boxer Rebellion?

In the GRC system undeserving MP can come in through the back doors, and that are unlikely to be voted in, in the one on one contests SMC?

These naturally causes resentment to be build up, likely the recent serious Tekka riot?

Singapore need to seriously look at it and revert it back to the SMC system, so that more oppositions MP can come in?

If not for the walkover of TP the main party votes is around 57, if not for the profit sharing scheme it might be much lower?

So the opposition with more than 40 pc votes, if not walkover of TP could be 43pc, only got 7 percent of the seats out of 87 or 6 seats?

These can't be genuine representations of the oppositions, if without the profit sharing scheme, in 2011, as in Punggol East by election, the oppositions vote could be much higher?

The main party need to address concern and the commoners woes, not to let it got more serious like the Arab Spring?

b said...

They also treated their south americans and black people who migrated like slaves but still, we both(sg and us) are better than how the indian rulers treated their own indian workers. "They work 12 to 18 hours a day, pregnant women, children, adolescent girls," says Mr Krishna. "Their diet is poor. There is no good water. They live like slaves." Still want to call each other black?


Anonymous said...

In India, underpaid, overworked, poor working condition, poor living condition, child labour, all ok. It is their normal.

When they come here, they will demand higher standards in everything if not, according to NYT, they will riot.