The govt owes Sinkies a level playing field

We have been flooded with 2 million foreigners working here. We know of how these foreigners and foreign companies screwed Sinkies by discriminatory hiring practices, hiring foreigners and their own kinds. Some blatantly refused to hire Sinkies and got away with it.

We also know that many of these foreigners came with fake qualifications and CVs. The number in very conservative estimate can be easily 20% and could go to 50% or more.

The consequences of the above, many Sinkies lost their jobs and opportunities to higher appointments to these foreigners not because they were not good, but simply cheated or discriminated. The govt owes the Sinkies, jobless, underemployed and those employed a level playing field in employment and advancement opportunities, for the jobless to be employed, for the underemployed to be gainfully employed, for those employed to be appropriately employed according to their worth.

The govt also owes all Sinkies to ensure that the professionals in all fields that Sinkies paid for their services are genuinely qualified and not quacks. The consequences of having unqualified or fake professionals in these responsible jobs are not only about jobs but about safety and lives.

The off the cuff number is simply too large for comfort. It is not only disgraceful but criminal to let these fraudulent practices to continue unabated with the foreigners laughing at our idiocy, from the top to the bottom.

There must be immediate actions taken to rid the country of these pests. The people demand a level playing field and fair opportunities, not a fake one. It is inexcusable even for a single day of delays. It does not take 56 man years to clear up the shit and get rid of the worms and maggots in the system.

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Anonymous said...

The PAPig government definitely owes Singaporeans our CPF money.
As for a level playing field.
We will have to vote in an Opposition government for that to happen.
A level playing field?
It will likely only happen over our great statesman dead body.

Virgo 49 said...

Teochew ah hia in the epi Red Cliff is waiting for the East Wind of 2016 to burn down the ships of the PAP in all constituencies.

Oops, forget they only want to be co-drivers. How to get a level playing field for true blue Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

RB. Wishing you a Happy and Properous Year of the Horse. Agree with you that our government owe us the responsibility to ensure Sinkies are not placed at a disadvantage position in their own country. This is a basic demand and not an unreasonable one too. Mind you we are not evn asking the government to apologise for their wrong doing all these while.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year to all of you too.

The govt must erase the Singapore Inc mentality and treat the island as a nation with citizens and citizens' rights.

If they are still so blind and daft, they will be booted out in 2016. The people are very angry except for a minority.

Anonymous said...

9.04 am apologise? You must be kidding me right? You should be happy if they don't screw you further!

Anonymous said...

"The govt owes Sinkies a level playing field"


Anonymous said...

Someone once said, 'What's the big deal, my govt is farking me everyday!'

Anonymous said...

A level playing field? You must be joking if not dreaming......

Anonymous said...

What is the use of a level playing field if they keep shifting the goalpost? They also provide the opposite side with their own goalkeeper, so how can you win.

Now the NEA is going after the opposition town council. I think this has something to do with the recent hawker centre cleaming fiasco that put them in bad light. Now is the time for the NEA to hit back. Level playing field? My foot.

Anonymous said...

You can get a level playing field, but they will retain the right to hit below the belt. The law is there for them to tinker with.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, a thousand times no.
Singaporeans owe Singaporeans a level playing field.
It's in our power to level the playing field for ourselves.

First, vote for a pro Singaporean political party.
Secondly, support your fellow Singaporeans.

Don't hope for PAP to change.
We have to first change ourselves.

Anonymous said...

After the hawker centre fiasco still never learn and thinking of fixing the opposition. Will only incur more wrath from the voters. Waste of govt time and resources to turn the voters against themselves.