Bounty schemes for hunting down cheats

The announcement by MOM on hiring an Indian company to check on the CVs and qualifications of Indian PMEs here is throwing up a lot of meaningful and effective suggestions from cyberspace. So don’t say bloggers only criticize and did not offer solutions. Instead of throwing good money after bad money, some bloggers commented it is an absolute stupidity, brainless piece of work, it should be one based on rewards like the bounty hunters.

The bounty hunter scheme does not pay blindly and useless and unfruitful work, like a bottomless pit, for bull shitting works that yielded no results. It pays for results. The hunters are paid for every head they brought in. A range of $200 to $10,000 can be offered as reward according to the income or seniority of the cheat. This will incentivize the hunters to go for the kill, the biggies. Then the bill can be presented to the company that did the hiring as fines. Make the companies responsible for the cost incurred.

Under the present scheme, an agency could go through the motion and collect $100 each without producing any result or doing anything. Just file the reports with fictitious work done. Don’t worry, they have honed this cheating game to fine arts and know exactly how to fool the super talents here. After all they have been doing it all these years and with a few hundred thousand cheats working here as PMEs.

Go for the real stuff and stop monkeying around and wasting public money. Oops, I don’t think the bloggers are smart enough to come out with anything better than the present scheme of MOM.

I apologise on behalf of all the daft bloggers and their daft suggestions. A thousand apologies.


Anonymous said...

Why not introduce COE scheme for Employment Pass and Work Permits?

Let the companies bid for a limited supply of these employment pass and work permits.

The COEs must also be transferable.
So Singaporeans can also buy and sell for profit.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi, do not be surprised thatt the Agency collects two sides fee.

One side reported everything is in order Sir, on the other side collect payment for reporting everything is in order

Anonymous said...

A cheat will make sure he pays the agency to confirm his documents are real. How nice.

Anonymous said...

The target is an abnormal country where a woman could potontentially be raped not by one but 10 males, and where on earth can you identify the same country. As it is so usual, do you think the measure designed by our scholars work?

If this is a workable solution, pig will fly...

Anonymous said...

Please don't insult our super talents. This must be the best solution among all the best solutions that they have shortlised and approved for execution.

It must be a million dollar solution.

b said...

Cheats are everywhere and they love to flock together. Our parliament is dominated by cheats.

b said...

Rather than spending money on such thing. They should make them sit for expensive tests here to ascertain whether they should be given a pass. They must at least pass with all As. The tests can be an extra income for the country.