Game of musical chairs?

The curse of public housing hurt many Sinkies real bad for at least a decade with the Minister of Housing claiming housing was affordable and drastically cutting down the building programme. A decade of denial finally succumbed to public pressure and anger that resulted in his departure from the cabinet. Many home buyers suffered for having to buy public flats at highly inflated prices. The damage caused by this foolishness will take its toll when the next major economic crisis hits.

Now where would the white knight be from to solve the housing crisis? No prize for guessing, the Minister of Health was the right man to solve a housing problem. Who says you need relevant experience in the right field to do a good job? What relevant experience was needed for someone from the Health Ministry to solve housing problems? Or shall I say the important factors are: right attitude, a little intelligence, a little common sense, and a will to do the right thing. A major part of the housing shortfall has been taken care of. The second problem is the high housing prices that were bloated during the decade of not building. How to solve this and who to solve this? Or it has become the new normal to be accepted by the young home buyers?

While Boon Wan is still working on the housing problem, a new problem surfaces, the shortfall of hospital beds. Of course, don’t expect the Minister of Health to solve this problem. Housing problem has to be solved by a Health Minister. So Health Ministry problem in the form of shortages of beds must be solved by someone from another ministry. Or should it be from the Housing Ministry, the Minister of Housing? Two Health Ministers have been on the seat and not knowing that there is a huge shortage of beds. They know or dunno? Maybe they know and waiting for it to go away with time or for a miracle to happen.

Now that the problem has exploded and cannot be hidden anymore, do they have other capable ministers to solve hospital beds problem? The Health Ministers are of no use as it has proven that under their watch the problem was not nipped in the bud.

There are also other big problems of immigration and employment waiting to be solved by the Minister of Manpower. Or should the white knight to solve this problem come from another ministry?

The public transportation problem is still not fully solved yet. How about getting the Transport Minister to solve Manpower and Immigration problems, and the Health Minister to solve transport problem, then the Manpower Minister can go and solve hospital bed shortfall problems?

Some of you may find this confusing but actually there is a simple logic to it. Those of you who have watch people playing chess will understand what I am going to say. Often the chess players are not as clear as the bystanders. People watching from outside often have a clearer picture of the mess and could see the problems clearer better than the incumbents. It is also called the fishbowl effect. The fish inside the bowl is part of the problem or are trapped in the problem. People looking at the fishbowl will have an overall view of what is happening. See, logical?

So this game of musical chair is good, really good. And no need whatever relevant experience or the usual craps. Just get someone with a little intelligence from the outside to deal with the problem. In a way it is like the foreign talent thing. The people inside cannot see or solve the problem, only foreigner talents can, even if they are faking the whole damn shit. Sorry I was exaggerating and being naughty on the shit part. And you can also see that Boon Wan now out of the Health Ministry could see the bed shortfall problems better than when he was there.

Get the picture?


Anonymous said...

All paid more than Obama but keep fucking up simple things. Must be too busy counting money.

patriot said...

Was the Previous Health Minister (Khaw Boon Wan) aware of the Shortage of hospital beds.
Shortages occurred under his watch, so, KBW of course knew the
Problem. He was also bombarded for the high cost of medicare and medication.
By leaving the Health Ministry to go to Housing Ministry, he also left all the Then Existing Problems in the Health Ministry.
It was a perfect Musical Chair Game; the One that left the Problems was no more responsible and accountable for it. The One that took over will have the alibi and reason of not creating the Problem. Everyone started anew liked virgins.
It was, is not just good ploy, it was perfect excuse that can be used time and again.


Anonymous said...

The root of the problem is huge population that sinkapore is not able to cope with. The next problem is not enough good job for sinkies. With the white paper 6.9m population in mind, the worst has yet to come.

Anonymous said...

No, the root of the problem is paying millions to monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Would they still be getting their big fat bonuses? 18 mths, 24 mths?

Anonymous said...

>>Must be too busy counting money.

STOP sending them MONTHLY CPF statement!

Anonymous said...

Fuck lah..

U think those fucking sob papigs are really bothered about these issues?

knnccb... sob hsien loong... if citizens dun punished u. Let karma of your actions fall on your descendants.

PSS said...

Part 1:

Mr CCL: "People watching from outside often have a clearer picture of the mess and could see the problems clearer better than the incumbents."

Political Change In Singapore - Incremental or Quantum?


Extracts from article:

"Looking at many issues confronting Singapore today, it is little doubt that some are calling for a momentous change such that some of the ills can be better looked at and tackled."

"Meanwhile, looking at the past twenty-six months after GE 2011, sentiments on the ground are not that optimistic. In fact, there are many who felt that it has been more of the same. For every step forward, inevitably there seems to be two steps backward. This pattern is so obvious that unless one's eyes are "stamp-pasted", it would be hard not to notice and feel it."

"Unhealthy as it may be for Singapore's short term interests, following the events of the last few years, to win the hearts and minds of the electorate, it seems the best strategy for the opposition is to do nothing. Do nothing? What do I mean by that?"

"The answer is very simple. Just wait for the opponents to shoot themselves in the foot for the next two to three years. How would that be possible? Empirically, from many observations, it would be out of the norm if the incumbents do not shoot their own feet regularly. It seems that it could have been imprinted in their DNA. Looking at the many "seeds of potential troubles" planted since 1990, it is only inevitable that going forward, there might not be much respite for them, even if try as hard they could. The end result may have already been decided before the battle even begins."

"In my inner most thoughts, historically it is still less "traumatic" for society to "undergo change organically and internally".

But just like thousands of years of ancient Chinese history had shown, when "heaven mandate is up", many things might happen beyond human control and events might take place one way or another to precipitate the eventual outcome.

The take of it is that inevitably, under such a happening, many common folks' needs and plights likely would be relegated to the back burner or not even featured in the "to-do-list". If history is anything to go by, sufferings and more miseries for poor ordinary people might be even more accentuated during such a time of change."

"Try as much I could, even with the wildest hope, such historical tide often is proven unpreventable in the past. But history has often revealed that it would not come without huge cost exacted on the common folks, the poor and destitute, the old and disabled, the young ones, the women, the children etc. The only hope is that common sense would prevail and the ordinary folks would not have to suffer immeasurably when such a situation come to pass."

With many recent regrettable incidents happening and surfacing up one after another, they had come faster than what I wishfully hope would not. They were far more serious than what I wishfully hope would not.

With the "seeds" of "potential future problems planted since 1990", usually there is a time lag.

Historically, it often means going forward, the sight might most probably get far worst ......

But deep down, there is an unchanged constant:

Sinkieland will survive!


Having seen enough, sinkies have the wherewithal to pull through and emerge stronger, tougher, wiser, battle-hardened ......

PSS said...

Part 2:

For a people and society to flourish, at times undergoing some "fire" is one way to bring about longevity in the face of the tide of periodical historical upheaval and momentous change ....

It may be destiny's way of "anointing" the "strawberry generation" with toughness and necessary conditioning to hold the fort when present generations make their exits from this little red dot .....

The giant wheels of fusion reaction have been set in motion. Alas, who can possibly stop it?

Tough as it is going forward for many common folks for arguably some years to come, it may be a blessing in disguise in the end for the longer term survival, feasibility and sustainability of this little island state call Singapore.

PSS said...

PS: Above article extracts written on 26 Jul 2013

Part 2: Political Change In Singapore - Incremental or Quantum?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! I didn't know that there were so many "problems" in this wonderful island paradise.

I have a nagging suspicion that Singaporeans are so spoilt, their jaded mind starts to play tricks on them, and so they look for issues to complain about, but when you try to follow the "logic" you yourself end up scratching your head in confusion.

In the end you have to slap your own face to return to "reality", then quickly get stuck into a bottle of hard liquor, followed by a quick visit to your favourite fuck-buddy. Otherwise you will also go nuts and end up like the proverbial confused and complaining Singaporean.

Here is the "logic" of Singaporeans who make the local housing market:

1. As a buyer: "Wah, house so expensive. Fuck the government chow chee bye....build some more lah, bring the price down or in 2016 vote opposition and PAP can go and die lah!!!!"

2. Then one lucky day, the buyer becomes and owner. Now he is watching the value of his "asset" like a hawk. He sees the value rise...and then the government introduces "cooling measures" and starts building more HDBs, and value of his "asset" levels off or worse still starts to FALL "Wah lau eh, nee nabeh fuck the government lah...my house value not going up...Tolong lah...I'm becoming poorer...what's happening...are fuck you PAP, 2016 I vote opposition!!!

So the "logic" of the housing argument really depends on whether you are a buyer or an owner, which makes you also a potential seller.

The same goes for public transport. There are those who own super cars who complain that there are "too many buses and taxis and other cars" on the road. The want the COE to rise to ridiculous levels so that only those who can afford it can own cars.

Afterall, a CAT E $80k COE for a $1 million Ferrari or Bentley is a mere 8-10% tax -- no problem fro the rich and successful dude. However if you buy a Honda for $40k and the Cat A/ Cat B COE is $70k, you are paying over 150% tax.

Hard to believe, but there are more than a few rich people who like the COE because it adds to their "exclusive" lifestyle. They also tend to be property owners and landlords, and thus favour sky-high prices for real estate.

So you see, not everyone thinks there are "problems" in this charming Jewel of a Hotel.

For me, regarding Singapore, "problems" only exist in your head. People make up stuff with their "wild imagination" and drive themselves -- and others who are easily "infected" by the "negativity virus" -- CRAZY. This is fine by me. I love the entertainment :-) ...especially when it is caused by self-sabotage.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans spoilt or ministers spoilt?

What do you think?

KNN everyone of them still thinking of more pay when they are being paid out of this world salaries.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr Matilah 10.52am :

>>> Here is the "logic" of Singaporeans who make the local housing market:

1. As a buyer: "Wah, house so expensive. Fuck the government chow chee bye....build some more lah, bring the price down or in 2016 vote opposition and PAP can go and die lah!!!!"

2. Then one lucky day, the buyer becomes and owner. Now he is watching the value of his "asset" like a hawk. He sees the value rise...and then the government introduces "cooling measures" and starts building more HDBs, and value of his "asset" levels off or worse still starts to FALL "Wah lau eh, nee nabeh fuck the government lah...my house value not going up...Tolong lah...I'm becoming poorer...what's happening...are fuck you PAP, 2016 I vote opposition!!! <<<

Empirically, where have you got these data to arrive at these presumptions..... ?

Have you done any survey, any census? Where did you get all his data? From hearsay? What are the parameters you used? What are the measures of location you used? What are the measures of spread you used? What is your sampling model? What is your analysis based on?

Previously somebody boasted about various statistical measurements and concepts learned from on line free courses?

The readers are "holding their breath" to hear "Professor of Hedonism" about his statistical methodology to arrive at such conclusions ........ !

Readers here hope they were not from his head or rather from his imagination or was it from his "drug and alcohol induced hallucination and ecstasy" .....

ha ha ha


As usual, lets wait for this superficial Mr Mati to read up his books or oops I mean googled some answers to "cut & paste" here ...... !

Ha ha ha

Btw, mb Mr MATILAH has a motley crew of fella MATILAH clan to back up his "Crazy drug induced ecstatic observations" .....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@1129, a very curious fella asks:

>> Empirically, where have you got these data to arrive at these presumptions..... ?

I run my own private think tank in Holland Village.

>> "drug and alcohol induced hallucination and ecstasy" .....

You have mistaken me for Charlie Sheen -- no problem, many others have made similar errors. It's the price I pay for looking "too Hollywood".

Anyway, I dun do drugs no more. Too old for that shit. However I do indeed get very fucking drunk, and when I finally do start hallucinating, I hallucinate advanced mathematical concepts -- like statistics and multidimensional spaces.

My neural activity is so intense, that I need at least 2 ejaculations to return myself to "normality". Fortunately for me, there is always a willing female partner to "take pity" on my poor tormented soul and with a big heart and sloppy wet mouth will perform an act of Christian Charity and suck me off until I cum all over her hair. Thank heaven for the kindness of strangers ;-)

Anyway, I dun blame you for being jealous. I'm just too awesome for you to even begin to imagine.


Anonymous said...

redbean, redbean.
Don't know how many times I have to tell you.

There is NO housing problem ... for PAP Millionaires.
LKY long ago already forsee the housing problem for PAP Ministers.
That's why he increased the salaries for Ministers.

There is also NO housing problem for Singapore.
Because all HDB flats belong to Singapore government.
Price of HDB flats go up, the value of Singapore reserves go up.
So no problem for Singapore.

If you matter, you would have a job and be well paid.
And can afford to buy property.

If you don't have a job.
Or salary is not enough.
Then obviously you don't matter in the eyes of the PAP government.
So then why are you still living here in Singapore?
Why are you still voting for PAP?
Can't you take a hint that you are not wanted by the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

All those in cyberspace are not wanted lah. But some think they are wanted so come here to sneer at everyone. If they are wanted they no need to be here for sure.

Anon 12:24, which category are you in? Waiting to be counted or never will be counted?

Anonymous said...

* typo ....

"Pray tell all the readers here what many people can afford that? What many mainstream people live that kind of life style?"

should be:

"Pray tell all the readers here how many people can afford that? how many mainstream people live that kind of life style?"

Anon 12.52 pm

Anonymous said...


Why you delete the comment?

Anything wrong?

anon 12.52pm

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 1:04, I never delete anything. Which one are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rb,

Thks for responding.

A comment posted at 12.52pm.

I saw it posted then shortly gone after I posted typo correction at 12.59pm .......

Strange ......

Ha ha ha .....

Later if free mb type again ..... lunch time up .....

Anon 12.52/ 12.59/ 1.04pm

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@1252 -- Obviously this fella is fascinated by my awesomeness, he can't leave me alone ;-)

>> Otherwise, please stop making such shitty claims when you have nothing to back it up.

Hahahaha...as if a puny little insignificant shit like yourself has the "power" to tell me what to do and what not to do. Please lah. Get a life ;-)

>> people here are concern about their future, livelihood, health care, retirement, children's education, CPF savings etc etc

They are? You have empirical data to back up your claim? Here's my skeptical take: People SAY or CLAIM that they are "concerned". However I see no salient action. Therefore evidence of "concern" is a big fat ZERO. Null hypothesis confirmed. end of story.

>> pls spare some thoughts for others and don't spout anything you feel like

You need some remedial training in a school for retards. The main point about the internet is to write and comment and spout anything you like.

>> They are the outliers, aren't they?

Yep. Power and glory to the outliers. At least they are not "boring" or "average".

>> Why are you using the yardstick of Holland V, Dempsey Place, Tanglin etc to measure the entire Singapore?

Who said I'm using it as a "yardstick"? CONFIRMATION BIAS on your part. You have missed my point and decided to use your own imagination to interpret my words.

I don't care about "the rest of Singapore". 5.5 million other people are far too many for me to concern myself with. I care about myself and my circle of kindred -- that's all.

The rest of Singapore are free to do with their lives as they choose and is no concern of mine whether they win or lose. I care if I win or lose -- that's it! I happen to like hanging out at the aforementioned places -- but you have decided to "make meaning" and "draw conclusions" from what is simply an almost innocent and agenda-free daily activity for me .

BTW I am a hard core free marketeer and capitalist. If you don't like it or like me because I "play to WIN", it is too damn bad for your sanity :-)

I honestly don't care who you are or what you believe -- you are, as Milton Friedman put it Free To Choose.

I am however both intrigued and flattered that I make such a dramatic impact on your emotions :-))

Mission accomplished!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, aren't you great to have a good sparring partner to challenge what you said?

Anon 1:04, go ahead and make Matilah sweat his small stuff : )

Anonymous said...

@ rb 2pm : "Anon 1:04, go ahead and make Matilah sweat his small stuff : )"


why this fella can misquote bits and pieces here and there from the 12.52 pm comment when it is no longer there and you commented at 1.21pm:

// Hi anon 1:04, I never delete anything. Which one are you talking about?//

Magic huh?

Now you see now you don't .....

Talk about level playing field .....

How come it disappear but somebody can still rebut it?

since somebody has it, why don't he repost the entire comment up?

Anon 12.52pm

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He could have accidentally deleted it or some bad connection.

Well he said he would repost it. Be patient young man.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr Mati 1.45 pm:
#@#x#@ I am however both intrigued and flattered that I make such a dramatic impact on your emotions #x!&%#

ha ha ha .....

you are always free to choose to hallucinate lah ....

did you not just quoted milton friedman ..... ? lol

RB, seems this guy like to slap himself in front of the whole world ......

ha ha ha .....

continue hallucinating .....

btw, rb many times called u that, isn't it?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Living well is the best revenge lah. Everyone is free to hallucinate. So relac, enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

@ Rb 2.20pm: // He could have accidentally deleted it or some bad connection.

Well he said he would repost it. Be patient young man.//

What do you mean by that?

He admin your blog?

Who is the he?

You just spoken to him or msg him?

Presuming the "he" is not MS .... ? LOL

Reminds one of the puppet show .....

The puppet master juggle so many characters, tough act .....

Anonymous said...

i am taking a holiday from here for now .....

happy blogging ....

every one including our hardworking RB.

time to take life like the 60.1% to continue be happy, satisfied and make some good money ...... & also vote "correctly" ..... no more kpkb ...... "join the winner to be the winner" ..... "sometime need to see how life is like on the other side"

btw, for those who never have the chance to vote, where to put them? 39.9% or 60.1%. Statistically, where to classify them? ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

Questions, questions, questions.

The Year of Snake hasn't ended!

"Snake dens galore" ?

b said...

The ministers are not there to solve problems. They are there to collect their high paycheques, angbaos, hampers, because they have won the election. The gov is responsible for the running of the state. The gov and the party are separate two things. The ministers have to be replaced once they lose the election but the gov still stay. Any countries can function without politicians so long as they have proper people to head the gov, proper constitution, proper judicial system. Politicians are there to confuse, bring miseries and costs the taxpayers a lot of monies. They are like external consultants of a company.

b said...

When the ministers are not doing the right thing, the gov should step in and challenge them. Unfortunately, the gov here seems to be part of the party and play along to facilitate the power accumulation of this party. That is why all the mess and most of the money ended up going into one big lee empire building fund.

b said...

The main function for having two layers is to perform a check on each other. Unfortunately, in this small country, the check is completely missing but instead they worked together to profit from the people.

Anonymous said...

Evening puppet show usually screened after 5pm. Lol

Anonymous said...

Matilah's existence revolves around two things: hallucination and ejaculation.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, just bend forward and open your ass big big lar. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Are old-fashioned coffee shops slowly dying out?]

"IN the small neighbourhood where I have lived for 30 years,
residents are abuzz over the closure of yet another coffee shop.

Their disappearance mirrors a changing Singapore,
where many past lifestyles are gradually being erased.

The coffee shop is an old institution that makes life in one of the world’s most expensive cities more liveable.

After catering to generations of Singapore­ans,
this social institution today appears to be losing its battle for survival in many private estates.

To many citizens, especially the elderly,
this slow demise is a sad part of modernisation.

The rich, however, see it differently,
saying it is inevitable if Singapore is to develop further."


Anonymous said...

The old coffee shops have to go. They are not productive and profitable enough. How to make money selling kopi at $1 when Starbucks or Coffeebeans are selling a cup at $4 or $6?

They are quite an eyesore too for a 1st World gracious country. Maybe they can operate in backlanes like in Race Course Road.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Singapore -
Kirsten Han

[Can -- and should -- the internet be tamed in Singapore?]

"... there is one basic rule for every frequenter of forums and social networks:
Beware The Trolls.

Trolling in itself can take many forms, ranging from tongue-in-cheek to downright abusive.

Trolls find ways to get under your skin.

They’re that itch that materialises on the sole of your foot right after you’ve tied your shoelaces.

They’re the stray cats who start fighting and wailing at the same moment you’re about to fall asleep.

They’re that person ahead of you in the nasi padang queue who buys the last bergedil.

Any observer of the Singaporean online community can see that trolls are everywhere,
popping up in comment threads and Facebook posts.

Some trolls are known to be funny, more online prankster than annoying stalker.

Others are more annoying, rude or petty, harassing anyone who disagrees with them.


Unknown said...

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