Deport the undesirables as a deterrent

Last week Dudley Au, a senior gentleman, wrote in a forum letter in the Today paper calling for deterrence against crime. He was referring to the rioting in Little India and how important it is to make sure that the perpetrators and potential rioters would think very hard should they want to riot again. Singapore has done well in the past by using deterrence effectively to keep criminals and violators of the law at bay by strong punishment as a statement.

Death penalty for kidnapping and for drug smuggling were made very clear that there is no chance for ignorance. At one time long hair was not welcomed to the island and posters were put up at entry points to get the message across.

The need for deterrence to stop foreigners from turning this island into a wild wild west or a 3rd World lawless country is becoming more urgent with the high numbers of foreigners here. The Little India riot just broke the camel’s back. The govt has been very tolerant of the mischiefs committed by foreigners to the extent of being too soft to the ire of the citizens. Rude and hooligan behaviours of angmohs and other foreigners thumping down the law abiding citizens were often reported but taken too lightly.

It is time to put the message across that foreigners are here as our guests and at our pleasure. Misbehaviour, rude behaviour, criminal activities etc are not acceptable and foreigners exhibiting such unruly and unacceptable behaviour will be ruled as underdesirables and will be deported immediately, without going to the courts of law in light cases, while serious offenders will be charged in court and subsequently deported in serious cases. Cases like foreign cyclists taunting and threatening law abiding Singaporeans are cases that deserved deportation. The govt cannot be seen as a lame duck or tacitly supporting such wild and uncivilised behavior of foreigners against the citizens.

Sign boards on the deportation of undesirables shall be prominently displayed at entry points like those long hair posters of the past. Let there be no mistakes that foreigners can shit on the citizens or behave like hooligans and thugs here, and definitely will be dealt with serious in criminal cases. We have millions queueing to come here and throwing out a few pariahs will not affect the attractiveness of this paradise island for making a fortune and a good life.

We need this deterrence to ensure law and order and safety of the citizens. We do not want to become another 3rd World with 3ed World normals. 3rd World normals are just not acceptable here.

Seriously, will the govt even dare to consider such measures against the angmohs? The days of caning Michael Fay is over. We don’t have anyone strong enough to talk to the angmohs as equals and to treat them as equals and the bad as bad. Our ministers even have to make callings on the foreigners instead of summoning them to wait outside his office.


Anonymous said...

"Our ministers even have to make callings on the foreigners instead of summoning them to wait outside his office."

Tiok. And together with some (auxiliary?) police personnel caught on video running away from the scene, this alone speaks volumes about what's to come for Sinkies in the future.

Anonymous said...

Daft, money no enough, suffering and vote opposition Sinkies have no future in Sinkieland.

But somehow, dunno whether by (PAP) design or by luck (lucky for PAP), they seem to remain a minority, at most 40%, for more than 45 years!

Anonymous said...

Right, deport all those who are caught by the police..including littering..jaywalking etc..and show them we mean "business" including the tourists...

Anonymous said...

How does it benefit me if I vote for PAP?
When did we start allowing evil to grow so strong?

Anonymous said...

Right, why should the WP benefits also...think we should vote for M Ravi..for his good works...

Anonymous said...

Why should so many with one leg inside the coffin still collecting millions?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Just deportation is not enough.

Anyone who breaks local laws needs to suffer punishment first. In the case of rioting it is JAIL and/ or FINE and/ or ROTAN.

Just sentence a few miscreants to several strokes of the rotan. Tell their embassies and hi-comms to "fuck off and don't interfere with our justice system", cane the deviants and invite the foreign press to do their human-rights bullshit hoo-ha in The Guardian, Al Jazeera, NY Times, Mother Jones, BBC...and all the other rubbish news media jokes out there.

Then Singapore will cement its reputation for being no nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Singapore senior citizen who has the most subsidy mentality?

Which Singaporean senior citizen thinks Singapore owes him a living?

Anonymous said...

Matilah is very right this time . bravo .

Our government must show these FTs that they must follow the laws of our country and not to bring along their 3rd world behavior .

Mr Chua , ( RB ) . I am using iPad all these days to view you'r blog . Very interesting . I use to read about your request " give me kopi " , but I do not know how to . Sometime when I tap on that sentence for give me kopi , nothing happen . Can you show me how ?

All the best for Singaporean in the year 2014 .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 1:08, thanks for your contribution. Anyone wanting to buy me kopi just open to view any of the adverts for 10 sec or more will do. That is all it takes.

Thanks again.

b said...

What are undesirables? People who are beating traffic rules in an undesirable traffic mess created by the gov? People who are collecting millions wages from people who have to die working as a cleaner at 80 yo? The world is full of bullshits and consumes by greed.

Anonymous said...

治標 你不必替他費心思

治本 他會帶你去何荷蘭

不要做夢, 好好用你的 2016 選票

為 SINKIE 保住飯碗

Anonymous said...


The misbehaviour and rudeness are the exchanges that most sinkies had wanted(60%), just look at the roads and see what Malaysian's motor bickers are doing to local drivers, they way they move weaving at break neck speed is a common knowledge to all, surely, the gahmen are well aware of it, some of them, even without insurance are allowed into the cuntree, such are deem acceptable, the amount of discomfort they have cause is immeasurable to locals.

To put it very mildly our lives and safety are compromised in the name of growth, those monkeys that still throw them a vote must have the conscious to know well that future generation of theirs will also one day meet with the same shit as we have said, the losing of jobs, dangerous condition on roads,on top of expensive homes, increased transport cost almost every year, even the sudden property cost for HDB houses, more such goodies will come the way of this gahmen to their kids.

The FT's have no regard for this land of us, the filth, they dump without consideration is testaments of how they feel for our land, used it, rip it then leave it.

For once, I hail Matilah and agreed with him hands down, to curb the insults, jokes and bull shit....make them an example, not only will they wake up, the angmohs, pinoys, Malaysians will also take note too.