All clear on the MCE

From my window the sun was bright and hazy as usual. In the distance, the surface road parallel to the MCE that was clogged up on Monday morning was a totally new sight to behold with traffic flowing smoothly like a miracle. The vehicles were staying about 50m apart. It is quite puzzling how on earth could the 3 hour jam could happen on the first working day of its operation and now everything is so smooth, with so few vehicles on the road.

Let me venture a guess. It was typical of Sinkies to head for something new on the first day of the MCE’s operation. Everyone wanted to experience this new wonder. They may want to be the first on the MCE or get their names in the Guinness Book of Record for travelling on the first day in the most expensive expressway, and now with the added 3 hour jam to remember. They must also be encouraged by news on how it would shorten travelling time plus the novelty, let the herd heading the same way. And the choke points on the surface roads only compounded the problem further. Maybe they should not have blow the trumpet so hard. This could be another reason for the big jam.

Today is the beginning of a new year and a new excitement. But there is no excitement on the MCE anymore. It is all routine. No need for red faces too.
Let me hazard another guess why this is so. Most of the office workers are likely to be back to work and traffic volume is expected to be high. But looking at the number of vehicles on this road, one wonders why there are so few cars on it. The no jam picture is likely due to the series of remedial actions taken by LTA to reduce the choke points and installing more traffic signs along the way, thus making driving easier. The motorists too will be more familiar with the new roads by now.

Some are still cynical and think that it is likely due to the large number of motorists avoiding the MCE altogether. With the greatly reduce traffic, sure the MCE will be like a free way for Formula One racing.

Whatever, it is a good start and people will gradually get use to this MCE and things will be better in times to come. Tomorrow will be better. Some people can breathe a sigh of relief that the $4.3b are well spent.

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Anonymous said...

It is clear coz motorists are avoiding it.