A President with little dignity

Like all presidents, he does not have many things to do. He is a part time farmer and lives in a farm with his wife and a dog named Manuel, the only 3 legged thing around him. He attends meetings or meets other presidents and prime ministers in a casual shirt and a pair of sandals. Of course he owns a car, an old Volkswagen beetle that could be probably half his age. His only trapping of power are two security guards outside along the road to his farm house. There was a palace for him but he did not deem fit to occupy such an extravagant place.

And because he practically has not much to do as presidents often do, he is only paid and equivalent of S$12,000 a month. And because he knew that he did not do much he probably feels ashamed to take that money. So he donated 90% of the money to charity. No, he did not attend charity shows to raise fund, to make other people donate money to charity in his name so that he can use his fat salary to buy houses and more houses. When 90% of his $12,000 is donated, there is not much money left for himself and his wife. So they grow flowers to sell in the market to earn some pocket money.

President Jose Mujica of Uruguay is no meek and spineless individual. He was a guerilla fighter, fought for freedom of his people, not against his people. He was imprisoned twice and shot 6 times for trying to escape.

Though he is a hero in Uruguay, he is unlikely to have much dignity in countries when a person’s worth is measured in how much he is taking home, no matter if he is working or not, no matter if he is deserving of the money he takes. This is a simple man with simple dignity and earns an honest day’s work, with his own dignity, and to be honoured by his people as a national hero. You can say that every cents paid to him is worth it.


b said...

I cannot believe that such people actually exists. If only the traitor turned minister can also do the same, I will forgive him for being a traitor.

patriot said...

Respectable and honourable men are rare. Most are without exception, unconventional folks.
Despite most deserving of deference and salutation, these folks are never vain for homages and fame.
In Sin, we have yet to have the luck of having even a humble leader.
Most are yayapapaya and some of them have cold looks that can send chill like executioner.


Anonymous said...

Why dun he buy some properties in UK?

he can fly there frequently to conduct soil research

First he need to apply tancho n combed his hair backward

Knnccb...... let me suffer the karma of cursing the familee...

Anonymous said...

If our Leeders need millionaire salaries to achieve credibility and respect;
then I would suggest that they are people with no substance.

Countless leaders achieve credibility and respect without millionaire salaries.
Nelson Mandela is an example.
Singapore's Elizabeth Choy is another.

There are many other Singaporean examples.
Whose names and roles have been downplayed.
So that PAP Leeders do not have to work so hard to look good.

Singapore is a Meritocracy?
My arse.
Maybe a Leetocracy.

Anonymous said...

Define traitor. Nelson was deemed traitor by many of the whites then. Now?

Anonymous said...

These so called PAP MPs may be leaders to their daft supporters. To me, they r just a pile of s**t and a bunch of selfblood suckers. Respect them my foot

Anonymous said...

You will get gd karma for cursing familee. Only those who support them will be truly cursed forever.

Anonymous said...

@ January 12, 2014 9:01 am
"Define traitor"

Obviously a PAPig who spends too much time with his head stuck inside LKY's arse.
Try reading a dictionary instead of LKY's books for a change.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
a person who is not loyal to his or her own country, friends, etc. : a person who betrays a country or group of people by helping or supporting an enemy

1: one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty
2: one who commits treason


Are PAPigs the traitors of Singapore and Singaporeans?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, there may be good reasons why Uruguay President Jose Mujica want to be like that. It was not said and so Sinkies do not really know, tio bo?

And of course there are also good reasons why the Sinkie President, PM and ministers need to be paid very well.

This of course Sinkies know very well, especially the 60%. In fact too well. That's why it had and should remain as it is.


Anonymous said...


How much does Sinkies know about faraway Uruguay, let alone their President?

So if don't know, better not comment too much.

Sinkies should comment on what they know best, that is Sinkies, Sinkieland and govt.

And not only comment but also do something to improve their lives.

But sadly daft Sinkies can't.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait until our overworked and underpaid citizens drop dead on the job.

Vote out the PAPigs in GE 2016.

Your parents, grandparents or children could be the next victim.

Bank Of America Has New Work Rules For Junior Bankers After Death Of 21-Year-Old Intern

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Tony Jiak's job leh. High pay with little work. Great perks some more - get a free trip to the olympic games, guest star in a charity show by doing virtually nothing. Song song Kau Jurong...

Anonymous said...

Our cleaners did an honest day's work. Probably did more work than the president.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, cursing others neBer result in good karma.

So dun cursed others

I cursed the papigs.... so that others need not resort to such actions n suffer the -ve karma

Knnccb.... papigs I cursing u n descendants

Anonymous said...

We have the most dignified president.

Anonymous said...

"We have the most dignified president."

If high pay equals dignity ... then I agree.

Anonymous said...

But we had a two term ex-president who was also war hero in Syonan-to and who willingly accepted a pay cut.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. The reason the guy is so "chill" is because marijuana is legal. He signed the bill to legalise ganja.

When lots of people are indulging in marijuana, they are less aggressive and become more interested in laughing, eating, singing and having sex.

My suggestion is to make sure that before every session of parliament, everyone in the chambers must take at least 3 tokes of the bong. Also make sure there's plenty of makan around.

Then after a few parliamentary sessions, you will see the whole cuntry chill out. The Hansard will read like a script from a Cheech and Chong movie.

You want dignity? Then the "ego demons" must be quelled. i.e. relac and chill out. Dun be so kiasu/ kiasi all the time.

Anonymous said...

according to the logic of PAP where high pay means less corruption, it means Jose Mujica been the poorest president in the world is hence the most corrupted president in the world, and don't you realize that poor is corruption itslef according to the logic of the world's highest paid clowns and circus in the world, how can you write a post on him, some more praise him. No wonder our Shitty lackeys does not cover Jose Mujica . Please write with your eyes wide open... okay or not ?