Do we have a good country?

Josephine Teo shared her chit chat with a foreign leader who came here quite often. And this was what she commented. ‘ I had dinner with a well-regarded government leader from our region. This person comes to Singapore for private short breaks. I asked this person: “Why do you come?” (He said): “To be encouraged and to be inspired.” People always say you must appreciate your own home. There’s truth in that.’

I fully agree with her that we have built a great place to live in. And why are Singaporeans so angry, she asked. I won’t want to comment why she asked such a question. It is like some MP asking, why got poor people in Singapore meh? Ignorance, living in cloud nine, refusing to come to terms with what is around her, and worse, thinking that all Singaporeans are bathing in a lap of luxury like her is simply unbelieveable. A politician is supposed to be well connected with the people, understands the people and their aspirations and their woes and concern.

Ok, enough of that. Now, why are Singaporeans angry? Why do I sound angry about the happenings and policies affecting the people when we live in a city that is an inspiration to many leaders around the world? Many leaders would want to create a country like ours no matter how corrupt they are. It is an achievement and a pride to be able to do a Singapore.

The people are angry simply because they fear losing this great country they have built. Not that the country will crumbled and become another normal 3rd World city. It can happen. The chances of it happening in the short term are remote. But the chance of losing it to foreigners and Singaporeans struggling to earn a living, to fall victims to foreigners who seized the country as their own is so high. It is happening. Many parts of the island have already been taken over by the foreigners. Many jobs and industries have been captured and controlled by foreigners. Dunno meh?

The foreigners have taken more than a beach head and will expand their foothold rapidly at the expense of Sinkies. And she asked, ‘Why are Singaporeans angry?’ Ask that again.

The leaders are living such a contented lifestyle that they are oblivion to the dangers facing this country and in a way working towards losing it for the citizens of the island. And this is only one aspect that the people are angry. If politicians do not know that the people are angry and do not know why there are angry, it simply means they are sleeping or living in Alice’s Wonderland. Life is too good for them to know anything is amiss. Do they want to know why the people are angry?

We have a great country. Don’t lose it. Don’t give it away on a silver platter to wolves in sheepskins. Don’t condemn our citizens to become maids and taxi drivers and security guards or become statistics of unemployment. Every year we produced thousands of very smart children. Please don’t make them servants to fakes, non talents and average talents from the 3rd World.


Anonymous said...

She lives in a doom or a dome? Whatever, it must be a great way to live with temperature, humidity and all creature comforts adjusted to make living so nice nice.

How many of you have such a privilege and so sheltered that you don't know what is happening around you?

sgcynic said...

Our men/women-in-white have like to kpkb and have Everest high expectations of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, they have high expectations of how much they are deserving.

Anonymous said...



oldhorse42 said...

Why are people angry? asked RB rhetorically?
Why would the people not be angry when they were blamed for causing the shortage of beds in our hospitals?
One of leaders, a doctor and member of GPC for Health mind you,said publicly the people are un-filial, selfish and inconsiderate who dumped their parents in hospitals while they went for holidays.

Anonymous said...

Did it occurred to her.... he might be here to check his bank accounts?

knnccb.... sob hsienloong return our cpf@55.

Anonymous said...

Why the should the ministers reduce their salaries competitive to the equivalent to the Nordic, Swiss & New Zealand?

With more and better quality opposition come back to Singapore to compete with them, it will be more difficult for the Tin Tin, Zoro or tooth pick king, the Maraboro Tan difficult to complete?

The main parties can't take too many chance as China coming out from their slumber, they were more competitive and produce better graduates?

There are enough internet to check corruption, with the advanced of technology unlike last time?

Heavy indirect texes left Singaporean less and less competitive?

Those countries know that these level of salaries are at the right level for politicians, because they are the most advanced countries, development, with few millions populations to their level of responsibilities?

If they reduce their salaries Singapore become more competitive, as previously their high salaries, need lots of cheap labour, foreigners, massive indirect texes to maintains?

The next election the oppositions could take advantage of these Singapore losing competitiveness?

So they need to give back the CPF of around 80 percents to people who reach 55 as many other previously had taken out?

With less indirect texes business is not overly texes, so the less likely to use cheaper foreign workers who might depress or take away the new citizens and local salaries?

With less cheaper and less educated foreigners, productivity and innovations likely to increase?

With less competition form cheaper foreigner, Singaporean birthrate likely to increase like the Nordic 1.8 Singapore 1.2, as more felt the jobs were secure and they got more confident?

With more confident of borning of their babies like the Nordic, the birthrate likely to soar?

With less cheaper foreigners to compete and lowering of productivity , Singaporean standard of living likely to improve and the Gini Coefficiency likely to improve?

b said...

Most people here cannot feel anymore. The only thing they can feel is greed. One is a loser if one is poor and one is a winner if one is rich who managed to earn lots of money whether in the right or wrong ways.

Anonymous said...

Why are PAP Millionaires like Josephine Teo living in an air-conditioned dome?
PAPigs think it is because of their hard work, talent and planning.

But Singaporeans know.
PAP Millionaires live in an air-conditioned dome because of Singaporeans' daft willingness to sacrifice everything in order to make PAP's policies succeed.

Singapore has the worst education system in the world.
PAP Education Ministers form an unbroken chain of failure.
But instead of voting out the PAPigs.
What do Singaporean parents do?
Singaporean parents hire private tutors to make up for the shortcomings in the education system.

So PAP Education Ministers continue to think that they don't need to have a background in education to succeed as an Education Minister.

Don't believe me?
I challenge Millionaire Heng Swee Keat to ban private tuition for one year.
After one year, when the exam results come out.
I want to see if Heng Swee Keat will still have a job.

If Singapore schools and teachers are really that good.
They will be able to save Heng Swee Keat's job.

Anonymous said...

Answer; all city, no country.
So forget about 'Take me Home Country Road'.

agongkia said...

Ask that Lijiang emperor aka Wing Chun master here when he visit Beijing and he will also say he is there to be encouraged and to be inspired.

Anonymous said...

So many words (in these pages) so much mambo jambo.

Anonymous said...

Those who have eyes but cannot see.

Only the intelligent can see the wisdom in these pages. The daft will only see mambo jambo. Can't blame him.

patriot said...

If Minister Josephine Teo is asking herself the Question, it just goes to show that she might have not been attending Meet The People Session or she is oblivious to the Ground Sentiment.
It could also mean that she has not much human feeling in her natural self. Void of sympathy and apathy could make one conscience-less.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Like I've said so many times before, the idea of "cuntree" is fast becoming obsolete, as borders become less relevant and the world becomes more globalised.

Singapore is a fantastic HOTEL. Probably one of the world's finest. It is for that reason many more people other than the aforementioned "foreign leader" come here for "private breaks".

Totally understandable. The aforementioned leader is a person after my own heart.

Well done, Hotel Singapore. A-Number One, you are!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

How remiss of me not to remind the fair citizens of the truism:

The Sheeple Get The Cuntree They Deserve

Anonymous said...

Agree with MS. The Japanese are coming. Can work for Japanese again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, today we still have a good country.

Tomorrow, who knows?

Anonymous said...

Which flag would you choose, USA, India or China?

Anonymous said...

For God's sake woman.
Stay at home.
Spread your legs and make the extra baby you long for.

The work you do is bullshit work.
Singaporeans will survive your absence from the political scene.
Goodbye & Good Riddance.