Hsien Loong needs to speak Singlish

An editorial article in TRE titled ‘PM: You’ll be sorry too if I send all FTs home’, a follow up to Hsien Loong’s talk to NTU students, has drawn more than 100 comments and growing. The main point it seems is that the netizens just could not understand or agree with what Hsien Loong said. Not sure if the message gets across to the students, obviously the netizens got a message that they don’t agree with and are shooting back point by point at what Hsien Loong said.

Looks like Hsien Loong needs to speak Singlish and think like a Sinkie if he wants to communicate to Sinkies and know what are the concerns and interests of Sinkies and why Sinkies are so unhappy with his policies. If he doesn’t, then he will be like Josephine Teo, still scratching her head and wondering why the Sinkies are so angry with the govt.

Below are just three comments that I copied from the same thread in TRE to give an idea of how the netizens are reacting to Hsien Loong. Of course he can ignore the comments as noises from the lunatic fringe and go on with his policies as if nothing has been said.

• Errr!:
January 29, 2014 at 9:35 pm (Quote)

We never ask you to send all FTs home. We only want you to keep the genuinely good ones and keep the proportion low so that it would not harm our livelihood unfavourably. I really don’t understand this PM. He seems to not getting the right information from the ground. Singapore has always had its fair share our foreigners in the past and the proportion were not as big as this, and we never had any problems with foreigners until now due to the large proportions of them living and earning their living here.

• my $8 heart bypass:
January 29, 2014 at 9:56 pm (Quote)

What a fcuking load of bullshit, FTs create jobs for locals.  
Lee Hsien Loong, just go and take a look at DBS and see how many Ah Nehs working there and tell me why these jobs cannot be done by locals.

Every morning you see bus loads coming in to unload these Trash at MBFC from DBS Changi office.

Go and walk around Changi airport, and see whether you are in Manila or Sinkieland.
Why do you need Pinoys to be Guest Relations officers, they speak Tagalog accented English, don’t you know ???

Singing the same fcuking tune again and again, FTs create jobs for locals.
Yes, the economy may have grown, but you and your PIGS are creating jobs for the Trash have flooded in due to your Open Legs policy.

You can bloody well wayang and bullshit all these students who are still wet behind the ears, but don’t try and bull us Sr. citizens.

And the greatest crime is spending $400M of tax payer’s money to fund these foreign students with free education at the expense of our own children.

• Reflections:
January 29, 2014 at 9:56 pm (Quote)

What he says:
“You put the wrong CEO there, the bank goes bust, thousands lose their jobs.”
What I read:
“You put the wrong PM there, the country goes bust, everyone loses their jobs.”


Anonymous said...

Is LHL the best talent that PAP has to offer?
Is PAP politically bankrupt?

Dear PAPigs
"Is there no one else?"


Who is the Singaporean who will defeat PM LHL in GE 2016?

Anonymous said...

Who is the Sinkie who will defeat PM LHL in GE 2016?
And gain immortality in Singaporean history?

My brothers and fellow sufferers.
I rather fight beside you than accept a salary of millions.
Let no PAPig forget that we are humans and not digits.
We are lions.
You know what's there.
Waiting. Beyond Hougang, Aljunied and Punggol East.
Take it! It's yours!"


Anonymous said...

RB, why are sinkies angry? Put it this way, if they can get a once loyal and die hard pap supporter angry, what do you think is wrong with their fucking policies?

Anonymous said...

Pinky has running out of idea to grow the economic hence can only be doing it by the easy way by increasing the population.

Pinky needs a lot of $$$ to feed his ministers, senior government officers and 保护费 to US & UN, hence need to tax (GST) a big pool of people. The bigger the better.

Anonymous said...

Don't count your votes before it hatched?

With Singapore using the innovation scheme to develop the local companies, Singapore might follow the international standard of dismantling the GRC system and give profit sharing scheme only after the election?
Old men should be crying, but he and his close friend Heng Heng cried in the TV?

He don't know he implement the policies, of 3 foreigners to one Singapore workers, that cause many old man difficult to make end meet?

We don't know who should cry, the Heng Heng later promoted to be chairman?

Now they think of lock up people CPF, with every year 30K of newer citizens come to possible take away the new citizens and locals job?

Better for the tooth pick master to go to sell tooth pick so that the people and their children don't need to worry their policies, which they earn millions?

Wonder how they protect the local jobs?

GRC should be dismantle to let the Heng Heng and the Tooth pick master or the Zoro to come face one by one see how popular their policies? Or might be dismantle go back to all SMC.

The opp might the questions to the United Nation felt that it might recommend to use the NMP and NCMP scheme, to represent the other races quota, instead of the GRC as 33 percent of the opposition voices were not represent as it went to the main party?

With the GRC the Georgie Boy might had won in a close SMC fight, probably his average GRC Aljunied being pull down by others?

From the trend of their Punggol East BE result the main party votes keep going down from 2011 election?

If TP, GRC, East Coast GRC, Toa Payoh-Bishan GRC & Marine Parade GRC were to go down, they may lose more 10 ministers, Singapore will be in a crisis as they kept parachute inexperience Ministers to replace them?

Many of the ministers because the courtesy of the earlier ministers with high votes give some excess vote to them come in could lose the election as they had not much experiences?

Many of them came in due to the excess votes of the better candidates?

The next election, might see Png Ah Huat, Gerald, Glenda vs the Zoro LIm, as expect the last minute announcement went they reach the polling station then they announce the candidates of the oppositions?

In the East Coast GRC, wonder last minute will give some excuses, he want to retire to help the Tin Dai Fung to sell toot

The oppositions had learn to last minute announced the candidate to prevent the govt own medias to scrutinies them?

Tan Jee Say, Nicole Seah & Jeanette may joint together to contest the Marine Parade GRC?

If in previous 2011 election Tan Jee Say, Nicole Seah could win in the one to one single seat contest, their votes are likely pull down by the average percent of the GRC?

GRC should be dismantle with United Nations might not sanctions the profit sharing scheme too during the election?

Without the profit sharing as in Punggol East many more seats will go to the Opposition as in the standard Election of the west usually proportional of the seats with the percentage of the voters?

The paper general might be in difficulties, because all his study is theoretical only most of his TP GRC were walkover due to the excess vote of the old man? Old man might not be around to helm the TP GRC?

patriot said...

Read Postings saying PM Lee Hsien Loong talks cock like sing songs. And some said all that he had said are rubbishs.
Personally, my take is that he is born Aristocratic and he carries fully the traits of one.
Some asked how he became a Prime Minister Of Sin and me thinks he is one because his Father was one and the First in Sin.

Anyway wanting a Cambridge Scholar to speak Singlish is a bit too much. Expecting him to come down to the Level of a comnon Sinkie is downright impossible.

All I wish for in the Man is that nature endows him with some conscience in the later part of his existence. Not much time left.


Anonymous said...

What he misunderstood is younger generation of graduates is not subject to 'manipulation' by our leaders. The recent survey has shown majority of our younger generation would like to work abroad, a gd increase from the old days...

Anonymous said...

If LHL's heart is in the right place;
Any language will do.

Anonymous said...

He could be the greatest PM with so much going for him to build on, alas, he didn't know that he has destroyed the very foundation of the PAP. He allowed wealth to flow into the hands of a minority at the expense of the majority.

It is too late to reset now. He will so down with PAP. Till now he still thinks he has done a brilliant job without knowing he has screwed it up so badly.

History will not be kind to him.

Anonymous said...

Name me one PAPig who will tell LHL that he is doing a lousy job as Prime Minister.

Still say there is no group-think?
LHL thinks.
The rest of the PAP group listens.

Anonymous said...

chee bye ....



knnccb .... papigs return our cpf@55