What is the greatest blooper of 2013?

2013 shall be remembered as a very eventful year till the very last day with the massive jam caused by the most expensive crooked expressway in the world. This is kind of hard to beat really. But through the years there were several other outstanding events that really shook this little island like a little tsunami.

Let me recall, the two high level corruption cases involving top civil servants when money was still not enough to stop them from being corrupt. In both cases it wasn’t money that led them astray. This may call for a rethink on what else is needed to keep officers in public service clean short of recruiting monks and priests for the job.
This was followed closely with a long list of luminaries involved in underage sex with a nymph. Quite shocking that this happened in such a scale and involving so many prominent people, including the scions of famous clans.

The courts really were doing roaring businesses with God’s money being passed around in circles that were called round trippings. And poor God had to apologise to his dear messenger for the mess and putting him under the authority of human judges.
The headless body and the numerous crimes were pale in comparison to these events and the Little India riot that saw policemen running for their lives and their vehicles overturned and burnt. It turned out that the culprit was alcohol.

Would the challenge by a cleaner threatening to take the PM to court over some acts in the Election Law be considered another great blooper? Or would the Presidential Election when the elected President won by the skin of the teeth and with barely 35% of the popular votes be considered a bewilderment? The discovery of election boxes left behind in a school months after the Presidential Election did raise some eye brows and must surely be a worthy blooper of the year. Or would a top notch talent of the ruling party losing to an unknown ordinary female candidate be earth shaking enough to be included as a big blooper?

What about the Rolls Royce equivalent folding bicycles for the comfort of rangers to patrol the parks in the garden in a city? And to top the issue of corruption there was a deputy director of the CPIB being charge for corruption.

What else is equally worthy? The contents of a minute about cleaning of hawker centre or a $2 company buying a customized software and selling it at a friendship price may also be good choices vying for the blooper of the year award.

What other hilarious or nightmarish events that could draw the oohs and aahs from the people with comments like, ‘like this also can’? Would it be the PWP, Natcon, or the frequency of train breakdowns with the new Downtown Line breaking down on its first day of operation?

What do you think? Which event is truly deserving of being awarded the Blooper of the Year Award? I almost forgot about the Messiah, or is it the owl, and the sudden downtime of govt websites for maintenance, the Media Acts to control social media. There are just so many interesting and outrageous events that made 2013 a really eventful and memorable year. And the haze, oh it reminds me of you know what. And the list could go on.

What would you think deserve the honour of being the Blooper of the Year?


Rocky said...

i don't know how you define blooper. the biggest turnaround for me is the WP's win in the by election against a PAP candidate who was supposedly of ministerial calibre. i believe the majority of Sporeans have now lost trust in the PAP and their promise to improve the lives of ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

The worst is yet to be.

There will be more bloopers in 2014 because this little speck is so unhomogeneous that it is beginning to be very difficult to govern. Unlike docile sheep in the pen before, now we have all shades of mischievous monkeys which they brought it on themsleves, creating trouble in a once peaceful and happy nation.

Isn't it amazing that under his watch, this country has degenerated into a bloopering abyss.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Rocky, welcome to the blog.

Blooper can mean anything to anyone, outrageous, stupid, hilarious, confound, flabbergasted, unbelieveable...nevermind as long as it startles you to the point of shocking or stunned : )

Anonymous said...

The strategy of growing the economy by importing more people could seriously backfire?

See jobless man suicide: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/bodies-found-along-singapore-and-kallang-rivers-identified-family-members?

Every year need to import 30K of new people to complete with the new citizens and locals for jobs, facilities and everything, will keep the price continue to rise, how are those low wages workers with stagnant wages going to cope? More and more people are sleeping in the street?

Especially the old were vulnerable as they many of them they job will be taken by the 30K of new immigrants?

With the CPF withheld and jobless, which can lead to depression and suicide, as they are old and can't complete with the immigrants, permanent residents, foreign workers who came and only make money and go?

Whereas the local if their out of jobs previously at 55 they can temporary have some of their CPF tide over their no income period, unlike the west, Singapore got to live on own savings if out of jobs, after finished savings means got to rely on loan sharks credit companies, in today high inflation, money finish fast?

More hardships cases came up because the higher and higher inflation, lead to the low wage workers unable to cope turn to credit companies and many had sprout up recently and doing a striving business?

Imagine these group of new citizens (excluding Permanent Resident who are wiser, they know that if they became citizens they had to pay lots of indirect taxes in the future, and the foreign workers) and local and to give ways to 30K of newer citizens every year and another 30k of newer citizens coming to depress their pay and continue add on the pressure, many years to come, how can their children cope with it, with depressed pay and more and more expensive living conditions?

How are those older citizens going to cope and completing with the younger and cheaper foreigners, you can imagine the results?

Anonymous said...


Former MM Lee was right in the early days to plant trees, greeneries all over the island and keep pockets of green lungs spread across many parts of the island as such will make living in a tropical island more bearable and less harsh.

Likewise, perhaps his enlightened successors can go along the same line in the social/ economic aspect and focus more on the heartware of governance and less on cold profits, dollars and predominantly GDP growth. GDP figure inherently at best is only one side of the story and it may not necessarily be accurately reflecting the standard of living of the population at large.

By combining heartware with hardware, it is like planting greeneries and keeping pockets of green lungs in a concrete jungle. That is likely to make life a lot more bearable for many and far more sustainable in the long term.

Conscious and sustained efforts should be made in this direction by this gov to demonstrate to all that it cares for the well beings of its people as much as wealth.

For a start, perhaps some goodwill gestures would send positive signals to the populace and liven up many hearts that the gov seriously put the well beings of the people at the heart of its policies in the short, mid and long term and not some half sincere, for show and KPI-motivated type of measures.

Is this an unreasonable suggestion to this gov?

Will such a call fall on deaf ear?

Will they send another "frog" to tell the people this round that besides hearing impairment, they are also devoid of a human heart?

Is it not time to send good will gestures for a start that they are serious in their efforts to gel the hearts and minds of Singaporeans as one united people?

Is it enough to only talk of TEAM SINGAPORE in name and words?

Is the word RICE in written writings and spoken words edible?

Is it not high time for some sincere efforts, gestures and deeds from the hearts?

How much more ground are they willing to lose before they spring into action?

Must it always be the case of TOO LITTLE TOO LATE?

patriot said...

Me am utterly annoyed by the 50 Years Of Television Programme telecasted and retelecasted recently
In said Programme, old village settlements at Toa Payoh and all over Singapore were called sluns and unsightly, short of callinng them eyesores outright. No wonder the Rulers found all ways, right and wrong, to have all villagers moved to their housing development company known as HDB.
Me born and stayed in a village at the Present Newater Plant at the Then Koh Sek Lim Road. 20 years of fresh air, good food and carefree living had me absolutely upset with highrise chicken coop living.
Every village in the Past, was self sustaining; there were the farmers, fishermen, housebuilders, toolsmiths, artisans, grocery and sundry shops. Barbers and hawkers of all races, wares and foods called at the doorsteps and the Camaraderies that no amount of money can produce. Yet they had to be destroyed as they were considered eyesores.
Today, Singaporeans not only had lost lots of freedom, happiness had been takened away and they are no different from domesticated animals. In Lion City, Sinkies are living in a jungle rule by the Beasts.

2013 was 'badder' than the few years before but like One Anon Above had posted, the Worse is ahead, however, I wish that those facing problem should not waste their lives by suicide. Try to overcome the problem failing which, find a way to get shelter and food in police station and prison. Our Rulers are very compassionate, they will not let us starve to death or shit and ssleep at MRT Stations and shopling Centres.
Many foreigners were found sleeping in forested areas and many can be seen sleeping at public places. Sinkies can learn to live similarly.
No need to commit suicide, life is precious.



patriot said...

I have a wish for Year 2014.
I wish that the People Of Singapore know that a society can only be happy when they are lead by people who understand happiness.




Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When leaders are taking millions and the people struggling to pay for a roof over their heads and 3 meals, it is beyond redemption.

The gulf is just too wide and unacceptable.

Wait for 2016.

Anonymous said...

I know what will be the greatest blooper of 2016.

Re-electing PAP to be government for another 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Love for money is root of all evils.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

They are realities that should not be overlooked.

b said...

I think is the 6.9m white paper. It just shows how the rulers love to belittle and unfeeling towards the people including those who voted for them.

Anonymous said...

In less then a decade Singapore going to double it populations by importing new citizens? Of us they don't just entice in because they want to grow the economy, it is just an excuses, the main purpose is to get them to vote for them and pay all those incredible indirect taxes developed by themselves?

The know that many Singaporean now hardly able to pay the indirect taxes because the year of importing foreigners to take away their jobs and depressed their pay? Many in future like the hundreds of thousands sleeping in the street or cage house like the Hong Kong? With they not able to draw out their CPF at 55, like last time?

Sooner or later the new citizens will get disillusions, after becoming a Singapore citizens like the Punggol East by elections as the had shown? When they learn the true what type of indirect taxes they going to pay?

In the 70s new 3 roooms HDB only cost only around $6K, now they sold at record price of around $350K in matured estates, a staggering 50 times increase?

How much they earn, you figure out yourself, or you go to ask those HDB officers and their golden parachutes retirements benefits?

With these type of prices not many Singaporean can support it so many foreigners got be to lure in to support it, and they got to loan and pay interest a lifetime for it, as one person felt that borrowing to buy a house is affordable?

How about the incredible COE, ERP, GST, Levies and other indirect taxes they need to pay to come here, as usual, they will be given some sweeteners or baits to become citizens?

As a result many of the local or the new citizens will lost their jobs as at least 30k of new citizens need to entice in every years, to support their world highest salaries, maybe they should consider volunteering lower their salaries to that of the Nordic nations ministers salaries which only 10 percents of them, to ease the burden of the people?

How incredible a figure head president can earn a staggering $40 millions in his 12 years of tenure, even a minister in the Nordic countries happy to earn $3 millions in these tenure?

Citizenships were given freely, as in a articles prostitutes in Canada from PRC said they are Singaporean, in hope they can became Singaporean to pay them all the indirect taxes, and recently the CPF locked up schemes for life?

b said...

PM Lee should learn from Brunei King. By pegging their currencies to sg dollar, they are enjoying all the success without all the problems that comes with population growth.

Anonymous said...

Singapore dollar is pegged to the price of HDB flats ... which belong to the Singapore government.

Anonymous said...

One of the possible biggest bloopers that can take place in Sinkieland in 2014 is those type of day light, blantant raping rampage undertaken by Indians back in their own country.

If that occurs, the repercussion may jolly well be much worst than Palmergate.

There is likely one aftermath to term it: GAME OVER!

What is the chance of the above described blooper occurring?

Actually relatively high.

Nothing that the garment policies and measures that they can ever undertake can possibly effectively and safely eradicate or prevent such occurrences from ever taking place.

It won't take many such occurrences to trigger an uproar from another quarter of suppressed pent up anger and extreme frustration. One mere such incident might deliver a knock out blow.


Anyone who doesn't think so pls kee chiu!

Incidentally, in the end, Kee Chiu's latest and past efforts may all turn out to be in vain.

Anthropological factor is something that may take as long as centuries and even millenniums to influence and change.

Look at some of the root causes of the conflicts in the Middle East. Some of them dates back to the ancient Egypt time some 4,000 years ago.

According to Murphy Law, if something can happen, what next ......... ?

This little red dot may be entering uncharted water going forward. Hopefully, sinkies are sailing in a modern sea vessel than supposedly dilapidated sampan of a bygone era. Either case, the potential turbulence ahead may be self inflicted rather than due to natural disaster or external factor. In other words, it could have been preventable. But the sinkieland rubber band may have by now over-stretched beyond the point of no return. Humanly, it may be impossible to turn back the clock. What awaits is likely the inevitable. Likely to be a time bomb, the timing of its potential "detonation" is only known to "destiny". What will be will be.

In the mean time, lets soak up the festival mood while it is still around. Supposedly, many restaurants, if not all are fully booked for the upcoming Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner in late Jan 2014.

Meanwhile, wishing 岁岁平安 to rb and all readers/ commenters in the upcoming CNY.

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[How will headlines play out in 2014?]

"When the population was very small, it was easy for the govt to argue that the Republic could not sustain more than one newspaper.

And Lee Kuan Yew used that argument for decades to stop the granting of more printing permits.

The worldwide web wasn’t born then and Lee’s bureaucrats often decided what news to release every day, how much of it and when to release it.

Speeches by Lee on important occasions were sometimes delayed for several days and split up in parts to achieve the most favourable impact.

No wonder they talked of identical news.

In the news rooms, some of us journalists would refer to govt news releases as 'pennies from heaven'.

They made journalism an easy task.

Many ended up writing up the govt’s prepared texts, which would form the next day’s headlines.

Today Singapore has moved a little away from the scheduled news-gathering past to enter an uncertain age where anything can happen.

Current news has come to include a fair amount of non-diary events, like the riots, the discovery of another dead body.

This has effectively ended the days of near complete govt control on the distribution or news.

This means that, forced by circumstances, newspapers today carry an increasing amount of news-breaks that is beyond the authority’s ability to control."


Anonymous said...

The Arab countries know exactly how to deal with foreign workers. They are prepared to chop off their hands for theft or worse. That kept the beasts in check.

There are three things holding back the beasts here. One, the debt and the job to pay back the debt. Two, a fairly firm govt that would send them home immediately if they run foul of the law, and thirdly, the opening of Geylang.

Any idiots that want to be very nice to these very nice people better get their little pea brains checked. Once they think the law is gentle and with no claws, the beasts in them will crawl out. The law must be firm, send them back if they misbehaved. No buts.

Then, like they said, there is no need to go to India to get rape. The women will be raped in our streets. Remember the Bukit Batok case?

Anonymous said...

I believe Murphy Law will strike - no matter what make up to regain the trust, which have and had been broken many many times.

Anonymous said...

The REQUEST for fare hike despite its bloated global empire and earnings and on top of 1 billion S$$$$$$$
from public budget

These transport companies under Temasek Holdings are becoming like the cancer cells killing its host slowly but surely!

This hike will be the last straw that breaks the camel's back."

Anonymous said...

When they are desperately trying to get more money from the people, you know they are broke.

If they really have so much money, they will be happily throwing money at the people. The last ditch is the Medishielf Life, even your minimum in Medisave is not safe.

See the desperation?