What the future lies for Singapore?

‘Ivan Heng criticised the national broadcaster for a show which he felt was not inclusive of Singaporeans from different races and cultures.

Describing the programme as “cheena”, the Singaporean theatre actor and director also said in the post that he “kept flipping channels to double-check to see if I was watching Channel 8 or CTV (referring to China Central Television)".

He also mentioned that “Malays, Indians, Eurasians, Peranakans and not to mention the dozens of other races and nationalities who today call Singapore their country and home” were left out.’

The above comment by Ivan Heng is a reflection of the type of Sinkies we have here. Some Sinkies have morphed into another breed that is definitely not ‘cheena’ but kind of a half breed, a bit angmoh and a bit dunno what. It is important that Mediacorp understand this development and that not all Chinese Sinkies are Chinese or see themselves as of Chinese origin. In some sense they even feel infuriated to be associated with anything Chinese or cheena. The sensitivities of this breed must be taken into recognition to avoid offending them and their pride as a different breed.

But this is only a small deviation from the norm. What lies in the future is the influx of so many foreigners that would make demands on any national events or TV programming. If we keep on prostituting ourselves and allowed all kinds of foreigners to become citizens, our four official languages or racial groups, now plus a ‘non cheena’ group appearing, would have to be expanded to include PRC or cheena Chinese, Northern Indians and Pinoys and maybe Thais and Myanmar as well. These new citizens would, in a matter of time, demand to be treated equally, and the content of our National Day Celebration or TV programmes or TV Channels must accommodate their existence, and their rights to them.

Is this what we want, more than 4 official languages not enough, more than for major racial groups not enough problems, that we want more and more, especially of the shitty kind? Where are we going as a country, as a nation? Are we being led by the blind or by the daft? Is the silly Pied Piper leading us to the edge of the cliff of no return?


Anonymous said...

"Some Sinkies have morphed into another breed that is definitely not ‘cheena’ but kind of a half breed, a bit angmoh and a bit dunno what.."


And are they part of the 60% Sinkies who voted PAP?

If I were PM Lee, if yes, that's what really matters, whatever or whoever they are.

And I am also following LKY (PM Lee's father) style of asking questions, which is so suitable for dealing with Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

The future for Singapore is assured with PAP as govt.

And thank God for making Sinkies voting WP as the strongest opposition to provide this assurance.

Anonymous said...

Let whatever be whatever lah.

Only as govt, will PAP have the power to decide whatever should be allowed, happened or implemented.

Not happy? Not satisfied?


Anonymous said...

Rb: /// Where are we going as a country, as a nation? Are we being led by the blind or by the daft? Is the silly Pied Piper leading us to the edge of the cliff of no return? ///

We may have reached the pinnacle of our ascend when GKS relinquish his various posts from the cabinet in 1984.

Ever since the KFC man took over Education, sinkieland may have been on a downhill since.

Each successor trying to "outdo" his predecessor by tying more rocks to the neck of sinkieland education system while in a free fall .......

The latest has just added a few Australian desert type boulders.

Confidence in the education system may have sunk to new lows since independence.

Some tests on recent products of the system might reveal shocking findings ........

On the one hand, screwing up the education big time since lao goa's time 1990 onwards with Kentucky man at the helm. On another front, opening the floodgate of mass penetration into sinkieland's pigeon holes and private terrain.

What is going on ......... ???????

What did Georgie say ....., ?????

WHITHER what ?

Likely it is a gross understatement ........

Looks more like painful defeat and capitulation down the road .........

Such regretable and forgettable performance are still rewarded in millions ........


The chicken may just have become clueless and headless ........

As the system get more muddled, the "smoking gun" lies in the ever more high sounding rhetorics and empty motherhood sratement and promises.


Go check the scripts of the past 23 years speeches delivered. Tally with the outcome of the end products? Conduct some surveys and interviews. Do some findings and tests. What are the likely conclusions ....... ?

FL said...

I'm worried that one of these days in near future, the PRCs, pinoys, ku-thais, mymars, blanga, etc now in our country, will demand the govt for their language tv programs or their newspapers to be sold here !

Anonymous said...

Interest read of Singaporean losing his job?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the propaganda media still controlled by the State machiam like North Korea supposed to have 50 years of experience ???

Anonymous said...

mediacorp now got one propaganda clip to imply that its staff/foreigners are like serving n.s, politician, doctors!yet..

Anonymous said...

Resorting to degoratory terms only reflects on the poor form of the writer or perhaps a limited education in good manners.

Anonymous said...

Thin skinned git.

b said...

We should all call ourselves rojak race and speak rojak english. No need to differentiate ourselves by race or religion and get manipulated by those greedy leaders.

b said...

"Are we being led by the blind or by the daft?"

- We are led by greed. In fact the whole world is led by greed. Greed is what that killed Jesus Christ. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Which Singapore are you talking about?

The PAP-Singapore has a future because 60% of Singaporeans remains daft. Card carrying PAPigs and their children will always have a job.

The Singaporean-Singapore has no future.
Unless the 40% is able to convert another 40% to vote opposition.

Vote Opposition.
For a Singaporean Singapore.

Anonymous said...

short of a revolution there is no hope of a better tomorrow for singaponang.

thanks to the 60% majority in 2011 and a higher percentage in 2015/2016 native born singaponang will bw slaves in their homeland

knnccb ... i am already a slave, even if sob hsien loong return my cpf money, it is only enuff for a cardboard coffin

Anonymous said...

faggot must had thought that the numerous dicks down the throat and many more up the hole had purges the "cheenaness" from his body ..

knnccb .... i dun know wat to say!! well done kuan yew,

Anonymous said...

Should charge this ivan heng under the sedition act of using race to promote unrest.

Anonymous said...

Many aspects are institutionalised in Singapore by our pioneer generation leaders.

Travelling in this little red dot tropical island reminds many of our 1st PM LKY.

Every tree, every shrub, every plant on every expressway, every major trunk road, every street, every artery of Singapore's road system and network is meticulously and specially selected with the appropriate trees to suit the need of each location and stretch including the amount of water that flows underground so that each plant can provide the necessary shade and yet thrive in this harsh, humid tropical climate despite being grown in the midst of a concrete jungle.

With minimal competent leadership, sinkieland can probably still muddle through for a long time to come. With capable and visionary leadership, the foundation they inherited would enable one to take Singapore all the way to become the "Mecca of modern capitalism". By then, it is likely to attract the "pilgrimage" of tens if not hundreds of millions and Sinkieland does not need to depend on vice trades such as casinos and ASEAN and PRC flesh trade to bring in the tourists dollars. Many of our young can be educated to be consultant embassadors to brief foreign visitors how we transform into the "Mecca of modern capitalism" and act as tour guides to showcase many aspects in our society including of economic and social constructs ( mostly still not built yet ).

But obviously before we reach there, super talents likely would need the road maps and blue print to get there. Thereafter, they can claim credit to earn their millions. Super talents are world renowned for doing that.

Pls kee chiu if anyone would like to hunt down, house search every space, every corner, every street of physical sinkieland and every byte of cyber space for ideas and inputs to such a blue print/ road map ........