MOM hiring Indian agency to check on CVs and certifications

Dataflow Services has been engaged by the MOM to do random checks on the certificates of Indian professionals working here. About 500 to 600 checks will be conducted annually at $100, and each search must be completed within 4 weeks. With about 200,000 Indian PMEs here, at 500 a year, a complete inventory checks, assuming no more new PMEs arriving, it would take about 400 years to do the job. Maybe Dataflow is not the only agency doing the job. Also maybe a sample check will do as not the whole 200,000 PMEs will be submitting fake qualifications and CVs.

And of course the cost to conduct such investigations is going to be a multi million dollar business with such a high volume of traffic. It becomes a case of want to do or not wanting to do and how much to spend to be effective. What is certain is that hiring foreigners is not going to be a cheaper option anymore. This hidden cost, other than other social and security cost, and the cost of making fools of local PMEs and making them jobless and affecting the soundness of our society, all added up to make this option not that simple or desirable. The best way out is to pretend that everything is ok, don’t check and bury the head in the sand.

How effective will this move be, it is something that has to be done, when the employment of foreigners has become a highly complicated system of fraud with many layers of supporting services to hide the fraud? The problem is so complex that it would need a whole series of counter measures to remove all the fakes that have gone pass our immigration doors. It is becoming a spy vs spy or spooks vs spooks game. And many of the fakes have been so deeply buried that by now they would have chalked in a series of genuine CVs that they could erase their fake CVs of the past. It is like a successful and rich criminal walking around in suits and being driven around in limousines without a trace of their dirty past lingering around them.

We have let this problem to fester for too long and the damage done is so serious and damaging to the citizen PMEs and even the lives of the innocents who have to go under the hands of the fakes. It really beats me to think that it takes so long to realise that we have been cheated by lowly 3rd cheats. And now the problem has grown so huge that it will literally take hundreds of man years to unravel the mistakes of the past.

There may be a new profession, something like who is to check on the watchdogs assigned or paid to be watchdogs?


Anonymous said...

"We have let this problem to fester for too long and the damage done is so serious and damaging to the citizen PMEs and even the lives of the innocents who have to go under the hands of the fakes."

If the damage is kept at or below 40%, it should OK.

Because majority (60%) are still not damaged and overall, it is still strong and functioning.

U can't expect 100% no damages what, can u?

So set the damage tolerance level lah. And 40% or below is still OK because the system is still strong and functioning.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are quite resilient.


Because even if kena 40% damaged, still can tahan and function.


Anonymous said...

And not just functioning, but 93% functioning despite 40% damage.

Very good quality and reliable machine.

Anonymous said...

Can a company with 40% fake and 60% authentic staff CVs still 93% functioning?

If can, that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

CPF locked up schemes?:
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January 18, 2014 at 2:44 pm (Quote)

With the CPF locked up for life, schemes likely able to reward their MPs and Ministers who want to retire like 2011 much more incentives in 2016 elections, with the golden handshakes? For their support and co operations?

The Heng Heng Heng was given the Chairman job in Temasek Hldgs for suggesting the CPF locked up scheme for life?

Those MP who come from the backdoor, every month go to ATM collect pay likely to be very happy?

More and this type of characteristic people are likely to come forward, in 2016?

The CPF locked up schemes is likely to cause more old people sufferings, as previously they can take out at 55, so that as a reserve in time as more foreigners likely to take away their jobs and depressed pay?
Now can said almost chance to take out, as they raise the retirement age to 70, later 73?

As more money in their disposal, the handouts and profit sharing schemes in 2016 is likely higher then the $1K maybe $2K you guess to vote for them?

Anonymous said...

Fucklah..... it's like getting thief to catch another thief

Knnccb... fucking bastard papigs, knnbccb

Anonymous said...

With massive source of funds at their disposals, after the CPF locked up scheme and rewarding of the Heng and Heng co.?

What are the likely source of revenues or funds or indirect taxes they can think of usually after the 2016 election, they got to take back double what they give? You guess?

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

Even with background check, Singapore PMET will not go very far. If we can hire a 5-6 years experience Indians, why bother train our fresh grad.

Assuming an Indian graduated 22 years old, 5 years later, he is 27. With NS, our male start work at around 24-25. By the time he start work, the Indians not too much older will have enough experience to be his manager.

And also employee view that the younger you become manager, the more potential a candidate has. So, an Indian who is manager at younger age will open up more opportunities for promotions. All senior managements are selected from young junior managers. The 2 years in NS set us back by a lot.

There is also a trend that a lot of PRC engineers are moving back due to better opportunities.

The future of Singapore will be quite Indianize.

I am increasingly believing in abolishing NS, if we cannot moderate the FT policy.

b said...

You can almost be certain that Sg Inc is now owned substantially by India. Once the old man pa, the useless son will quit and retire with all his enormous wealth elsewhere and sg will be in the hands of India. Be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

If the Indian agency is trustworthy, pig can fly.....

Anonymous said...

what next? engage ah tiong to check ah tiongs?

Anonymous said...

CV checkers open for business to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

Without the profit sharing scheme of $1k 2011 election, the main party could had won by only 43 percent of the votes like punggol east, their share of seats likely 35 instead of 81 seats, the oppositions seat likely to be 52 seats, with so many grc won by less then 60percent of the votes?

Anonymous said...

In a General Election, 60% are very scared they accidentally vote PAP out because WP is not ready to be govt.

But not in a by election because PAP will still be govt even if lost, eg Punggol East. That's why WP could get 54% even with an Ah Lian.

And Teo Chiu Ah Hia knows that very well. That's why he was so humble when WP won Punggol East by election. And rightly so.

Anonymous said...

If no party can contest 100% seats as one party next GE, I am 100% sure PAP will win 93% seats again.

After all, PAP did not become worse since GE 2011 and opposition parties will also 93% most likely not ready to be govt by 2016, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Fake or no fake, we still have to take in foreign talents in large numbers.

And India Indians happened to be the best available in large numbers to supply Sinkieland.

Sinkieland would have preferred Ang Mo, Korean or Japanese but they are simply not available.

FL said...

I thot we shld hire SG to do the checkings/investigations on foreigners, rather than foreigners to check/investigate their own country's people. I worry there's a conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

"bury the head in the sand" ostrich for many years?

Riding on the tiger back, do or don't also die.

Who is going to check the checker?

Ultimately Sinkies have to make the decision.

Anonymous said...

"After all, did not become worse since GE 2011"

Do not dream!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The government spends TAXPAYER'S money. Therefore it is perfectly moral for the government to engage the services of the most cost-effective tender to get the job done.

If a foreign firm can deliver products or services of comparable standard for less cost, then the cost-effective foreign form should get the tender.

This should apply at the govt executive level too: if senior ranking "super scale" positions can be filled by more cost effective foreign talent, then the decision is quite clear: COST EFFICIENCY for TAXPAYER funds.

Anonymous said...

Cost effective does not mean result effective. Bodoh. In Sin, it is to pay high for quality although many times pay high still got monkeys.

Then when an apple is full of worms, it is too late.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Eh kotek -- this is a government job lah. Not rocket science. Fuckers with IQ of 80 and below can be trained to do such work. Even chimpanzees have more "intelligence" than these kind of people. can even use chimps and throw them some peanuts and bananas lah.

TAXPAYERS' MONEY must be used wisely. The less the government has to pay out, the more COST EFFECTIVE the use of tax funds.

Please lah, you bloody arsehole -- if you run Singapore, you'll bankrupt the place because you'll spend too much!

Anonymous said...

not too bad ... at least there is an estimate, a time frame

as compared to ong teng cheong request for informations on the national reserves ...

knnccb .... knnbccb papigs, return our cpf@55

Anonymous said...

Make a standing offer to bounty hunters will be more effective as the payout will only be made for a fake discovered.

Getting an agency to check could mean paying for nothing as the checks would all be negative. And MOM will just pay and pay.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally. They have messed up big time

Anonymous said...

Make the FTs pay to obtain a certification/check of their CVs before they are allowed to apply for a work permit here.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Two things, one, stop CECA or not to renew. Renew only after renegotiation to stop this recognition of every housefly and worms to replace Sinkies. And there must be a cap to this silliness.

Two, certification must be approved by MOM. MOM should set up a unit to do the checkings.