Welcome to the new normal

‘Within the span of 10 minutes, construction worker Ramachandran Balamurugan had molested the four women by stroking their buttocks, thighs and private parts.
According to court documents, he molested the women, aged between 22 to 51, between 10.30am and 10.40am on Nov 17.’ The New Paper

This guy was sentenced to 7 months jail. It is a good thing that with more than a million foreign workers here, we only heard of one isolated incident like this. Sinkies can feel really safe. Statistically 1 over a million is 0.00001% which is remotely small.

Just hope that this is real and not a new normal. Or maybe Sinkies need to readjust their comfort and safety level to prepare themselves for such thing to happen more frequently. I swear that a 0.00001% is a miracle even in the best and safest developed country.


oldhorse42 said...

One New Year's Day ie 1st Jan 2014 I took a train from Jurong East. I was surprised that practically the whole train was occupied by Indians.
I did not realise that there were so many Indians here. Is this a new normal?
I really felt like I was living in India and living among Indians!

Anonymous said...

We should learn from the Nordic because their systems depend on their people to discover, invent, innovate and design the latest breakthrough and not to find the easy way out, bringing in less educated and cheaper foreigners, which our productivity kept dropping, it is worrisome?

More people you need more resources take of them when they grow old, some they came in the middle ages, which make Singaporean worry and cost keep rising, so many don't to produce babies, scare their jobs taken away by cheaper foreigners? The Nordic had one of the birthrate of the advanced countries?

Singaporean required stable jobs to produce, and give birth to babies, not worry their job taken by cheaper and younger foreigners?

The tide of short term hand out to buy votes, can only temporary solve Singapore, Singapore need long term stable jobs to produce or give birth?

The minister should not overtaxes their citizens to pay themselves the world highest pay?

The Nordic had the safety net to take of them when they fail? Singapore even the old man blood, sweat and tear money(CPF) want to take away and locked it up, maybe to give more handout at 2016?

Singapore when grow older will be in trouble, as they are less marketable? As more and more foreigners came and could takeaway their jobs. And now maybe their only savings are locked up for life, in the past the can use as reserve for crisis?

With the increase in population more resources need to take care over them and Singapore don't have any resources only a very busy port?

Now Singaporean got difficulties getting higher pay because of the planning to increase the population to 6.9m and their pay likely to depress further if more foreigners were imported, with many cheaper foreigners can came take away the new citizens jobs and go back to their countries when the earn enough and grow old?

The Nordic empowering their own local people, you can see they produce many Olympic champions, Nobel prize winners and inventors? Which they don't discard their people, especially the old which are vulnerable, used enough like Singapore?

Nordic produced many giant like Ikea, Volvo, Electrolux and many other multi national brands, even with their small populations?

Singapore try to buy medals from China table tennis players, as she earn enough and saw how their country man suffer and left with a few millions of tax player money? Something wrong with our systems?

Please don't continue to give excuses and denials?

The Nordic countries had only a few millions populations, Chinese had few thousands years of histories?

Singapore have advantage of them is, we are in one of the most busy location of the world?

Israel don't have any resources or port become an advanced nation like the South Korea and Japan?

Give incentives and asking for suggestions, on how to build a system like the Nordic is crucial to bring Singapore to the next level?

Not to continue take short cut/short term measures, and later more problems surfaces?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sinkies need stable long term employment to pay for very affordable housing loans over 30 years and another 25 years to bring up each child.

How can we have irresponsible and risky undependable employment terms, like temporary and short term contract to service these two big debt?

Any idiot out there planning the life of Sinkies cannot understand this?

The next big debt will be Medishield Life that will literary murder the oldies that have no income when they can't even pay a $10 premium when premiums for oldies will be in several thousands.

Anonymous said...

NeBer mind lah , it's spontaneous.

Many local stepfather do more hideous actions.

Knnccb.... sob hsien loong, u one up on your traitor translator papa.

Anonymous said...

"I was surprised that practically the whole train was occupied by Indians."
oldhorse42 1:03 pm

God produce many Indians readily available and much needed by Sinkieland, be it in brain powered IT or brawn powered construction.

Because God did not produce enough Sinkies, whether with brains or brawns in their own land, or even give Sinkies enough land. Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

...or even give Sinkies enough land."
Anon 1:37 pm

No wonder lah, even HDB pigeonholes for Sinkies getting smaller and more expensive because not enough land.

And Sinkies being squeezed inside and outside because not enough land. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

But not in Sentosa Cove. Because there is land and sea as well. And gated and exclusive also. Hence won't be squeezed.

But not for poor, suffering and daft Sinkies of course.

Anonymous said...

Is it better to revert to the old system of SMC single seats contests?

As for different race, advisors of different races to tackle problem, now is internet age, not the 60s? Don't to give excuses and denial many have education now unlike the 60s?

Different races advisors be appoint to take care of those who felt that they are not adequately take care, most of them or other race have problems move around to other Constituency?

The is so many helpers in the MPs of different races, if their problem can't be solve other contituency may can't solve for them?

In a freak election as much as 15 ministers maybe out if base on the recent result Punggol East and Aljunied GRC?

So they maybe a mad rush to took for civil servants to parachute in last minutes to take over their positions? It will be chaos?

A few Tin Tin Tin in, may pull down heavy the average GRC votes?

Some more now a day ministers votes is not very high like last time, many old ministers and MP want to call it a day or retire, as they had made enough, after so may years of serving? They may don't want to face defeat at their peak?

Now the oppositions is smarter they don't announce they candidate first they want to see which candidates main parties put first, so to put which candidates in?

The recent maturity of the oppposition co operation and corroboration between SDP and WP saw the maturity of the oppositions parties, they can't afford not to co operate against the main party 50 years of domination and their massive machinery?

As the last minute withdrawl help the WP massive win?

With the massive shock, unexpected defeat of the main party, the main party leaders where in a state of shock and panic, a White Paper was set up and hurriedly to bring in more foreigners to votes for them?

For many years with a SMC with such huge margin, turned into a massive defeat is unheard of?

The GRC is revert back to the SMC and single seat Constituency, to prevent any shock like the recent Punggol East by election?

Last time 2 senior ministers had cancer, the old man already panic, now what happen if it lost more then half of the cabinet, trying to pull all those in by the back doors? Like the Tin Tin Tin?

Singapore don't want to be the jokes of the world, where many still didn't in their 40s and 50 year of life never voted before, in one of the world highest GDP country and prided and call itself a democracy?

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a does of bad PAP government to shake the daft 60% out of their complacency of always voting PAP without thinking.

Anonymous said...

To add to the insult Sinkies are also subsidising the bus fares of many of our guest workers, as many take advantage of the crowed nature of the buses by not zapping their fare cards when getting on and off. These is especially common on buses picking up crowds along Serangoon road with bus drivers too flustered to care.

Anonymous said...

...bus drivers too flustered to care."
Anon 4:46 pm

Sinkies should avoid Serangoon road, those crowds and those buses where possible.

Unless they want to buy special ingredients to cook Indian curry.

Anonymous said...

"Unless they want to buy special ingredients to cook Indian curry."
Anon 5:03 pm

Heard that there is a spice called "kaskas", which is a kind of poppy seed used to cook good curry.

Eat too much can cause hallucination and addiction. That's why Indian curry can be addictive.

Anonymous said...

Without it more than 60% are in constant hallucinations

Knnccb.... hsien long, may your descendants reap the fruits of your actions.

b said...

Molest? But they are raping the entire country in full scale for some time already - thanks to the pro ahneh party.

Just wondering how many goes unreported.

Anonymous said...

Any succession plans in place for the PM in of his relapse of cancer, years ago with Ong Teng Chong? To prevent the economy from shock in case it might happen?

He hint he may want to retired in 8 years, as his father want a fast and painless dead?

Singapore may be in crisis if too may leader suddenly gone in GRCs or other ways?

Old man is very sick, with not have avvery long time?

Some put up the paper general might be the one to succeed PM?

When ever this type of problem like SARS, which attack Singapore and Hong Kong, Singapore economy is in a tailspin?

The best to revert to single seat, so that not too many ministers lost in a freak election, like the Aljunied GRC where 3 senior ministers gone?

If 5 more GRC gone in the next election at least 15 ministers gone?

Singapore could be more panic like the SARS?

Possibly never before or for many such unexpected wide swing of winning a comfortable, from around 55pc to 43pc, to a shock lost 53 percent to 41 pc, with one more opposition joining the fray, dividing the opposition votes?

A humiliating defeat in their history of their domination?

Which clear the result signal something wrong with their policy of locking up the CPF for life and adding more population which means those getting old could be in trouble, can't getting their retirement money like last time.

Planning where more and more cheaper foreigners, got to coming possible taking over their jobs to 6.9m? With their pay continue to be depressed by the in coming of cheap foreign workers, they don't have much savings, a double whammy?

What is the possible senario if the PM cancer relapse and heavy defeat in the 2016 election and many ministers lost? Be prepare for the unexpected?

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh... y lidat?

Long live kuan yew... more good years

Knnccb... hsien loong u a fucking disgrace to the blood line.

b said...

If PAP ever lost the election, many ex ministers will be ISAed and put behind the bars unless they quickly flee to another country with their ill gotten gains.

If Tin Tin can be MPs, PAP can rule forever if they want. Election is fully controlled by Lee Empire. It is a game where the winner will always be the Lee Empire Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Frankly if all one million riot in one night, the whole of singapore will be destroyed overnight as we do not have manpower to control one million rioters

Anonymous said...

With the successful combination of SDP and WP in the recent Punggol East by election?

It will be new era in Singapore politics like the Nordic multi parties systems for the oppositions?

As Singaporean became more and more aware to what they were in, with the advent of internet?

And with the recent meeting of all the major opposition parties discussion in the medical saves?

We could see more combinations, co operations and corroborations in the the 4 parties like WP, NSP, SDP and SPP, which had the most vote in the 2011 elections, which had the most of the 40 percents votes in 2011, it will be higher if not for the walkover of Tanjong Pagar GRC?

But against the might of the main party and its 50 years of domination and their massive machinery, they can't effort not to work closer or complacent and share resources and have more discussions?

The don't have much chances if they act on the own. With the massive defeat recently in the Punggol East by election, of the main party the chances are getting higher, with many failed policies?

Which they need to concentrate their resources and not to pull their resources too thin? And look for more capable people to come in, which now they had a chance to succeed due to the huge success Punggol East as more capable people were coming in?

They have not very high chances, if they act on their own, with 40 percents of the oppositions votes they only have 7 seats or 8 percents of the seat in 2011 election?

The party have 60 percents of the votes but have 92 percent of the seats or 80 seats?

So is how disadvantages of the opposition, if they don't combine strengths?

So the oppostions need to sort out of their differences and united against the might of the main party?

So that they had higher chances of making a multi parties or coalition system parliament like the very succesful Nordic countries? And more of the common people voices can be heard?

Anonymous said...

7.34pm, u need to improve your English and writing skill leh as hard to read what u have written sometimes and catch no ball leh

Virgo49 said...

Hi Oldhorse, Toh Guan got dormitories for hundreds of Indian Nationals.

Try taking the feeder bus in and you can smell the smell of their sweat, liquor, cigarette smoke odor and what have you.

Buses packed like sardines and too close for comfort.


Anonymous said...

@ 8.39 pm

Anon 7.34pm is doing fine.

If some pple put in as much efforts as anon 7.34pm, many might be spending their time in other fruitful ways.

It is certainly not a good sign when there are so much resentment and unhappiness on the ground.

For anon 7.34pm and many others to write so much non-stop almost everyday, there ought to be some compelling reasons besides so called DRUMS, NOISES AND KPKB.

It is sad, very sad for such a good society painstakingly built up by our pioneer leaders to degenerate to this obnoxious and nausea state and simply disgusting and such hilarious sight to see law enforcers fleeing from their vehicles. You will not see such cowardice in a people or system that can withstand hard knocks in the long term. Certainly not people like the Jap though not many here are their fans. As law enforcer, it is better to uphold the respect and trust. For law enforcers to flee cowardly under the glare of the entire world speaks a lot of many things which shall be left unsaid here. But they are certainly things not to be proud of and confident of looking into the future.

Sad, sad, sad.

I wishing scolding like some commenters here ...... xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx but somehow the upbringing is not inside to express and release frustration and deep anguish in such form.

Leaving to some dear commentators here to do the vocalising of the frustrations and pent up deep anguish in their usual manners ........

Only one English word to describe it: SHIOK

In Chinese two words, "Pain Fast" literally, 痛快!

Chinese words have profound meaning ......

Returning the favour "Painfully" and "fast".

That's what "痛快" means.

But for evil doers, their eventual departure must be "痛慢". Means painfully and slowly.

SHIOK! 痛快!

Anonymous said...


Ha ha ha! SHIOK! 痛快!

Anon 10.16pm

Anonymous said...

Wither SinkieLand?

The self-proclaimed top notch paper tigers and scholars can continue to mess up their policies big time ........

Many are likely to live long enough to witness the super talent legacy and carnage left behind in due time .......

Old man said there is nothing for him to regret in this world ........


Anonymous said...

In the end, everything comes one full round.

What is the point?

People living in this world at current time and going forward is likely to be at a momentuous point of inflexion.

Leaders eventually will end up doing what they do.

Best is not to do any evil as far as possible.

Nothing is free in this world. Even gravity constantly has a resultant force.

Think about it!

What is the ultimate and eventual resultant force of planting the seed of evil or doing evil, more so if just to feed one's vain, egoistic and worldly needs.

Living simply may offer more bliss than staying in the palace but constantly bugged by guilt, fear and all kinds of negativities.

How silly?

Anonymous said...

Old Man has no regret?
He is tossing in his bed, trembling on his chair and fearing in his dreams. He has much to regret. Most of all, conscience must be pricking tormenting and haunting him.

Anonymous said...

What would former speaker Tan Soo Khoon label it if he is still an MP?

When some of the buildings like HDB HUB came on stream in some time back, TSK labelled them the 7 wonders of SinkieLand and implying wastage of state funds.

What would he have thought of Ma Bo Tan's frivolous conception and spending on the funny garden in Marina?

Building of such hilarious wasteful wonders and one riot after another strike by so called fake FTs brought in by the regime's ill conceived mass immigration policies can only spell further free fall from the clift ........

In the short space of a couple of years, literally gigantic white elephants are created such as the flyers, gbb, budget terminal and many small white elephants such as many disused void deck child care centres scattered across many parts of sinkieland.

Latest announcement is g led by kee chiu and some other people is building many more child care centres and what not .......?

Why are many centres in void decks left vacant in the past few years ....... in land scarce sinkieland and still building and building?

Why are we copying supposedly China's model of growth when it should be the other way round or somehow sinkieland got addicted to such massive projects one reason or any another ....... ?

Almost every project in billions on tax payer accounts and probably the reserves since budget surplus cannot be churned at 20 billions a year? Where did the tens of billions of yearly infrastructures spending come from? Alas, late President Ong Teng Cheong is not around to ask questions. Co drivers mouths stuff with too much abalone, lobster and shark fins to have the time to do so either ......... Paper co drivers. Probably they do not have the guts? Worry about later kena question about toilet cleaning issue and tender award practices. How hilarious that instead of offering check and balance, co drivers got themselves kena checked and balanced ....... ! Low Thia Khiang! Have u taken sinkies for a ride? Where is the first world parliament u reiterated on stage on victory night and during rallies after rallies? U and your bunch of merry men and women also same same as miw?

Voters stick out their necks to elect u and your bunch of under qualified merry men and women for u to enjoy, have good life, eat lobsters, abalone and shark fins, drive big cars, stay big house while the worker supporters of your name sake party living from hand to mouth every month? In the 80s and 90s JBJ and CST only 2 MPs vs the rest still can raise many questions, somemore with LKY actively in the scene. Now u have more than triple the strength at 7 MPs and if add tbe 2 NCMPs more than quadruple the strength of opposition in the 80s and 90s and u send all the bridgade to give excuses that still too weak talk too much later kena hantam by other MPs? What crap? Since when tbe other party MPs will clap and praise u anyway? Is it not part of the process? In Parliament, being elected MPs and protected by the law, u scared kena hantam by other MPs verbally if ask probing questions? What crap?

Low Thia Khiang, can do an appraisal what u and your bunch of merry men and women have contributed to a first world parliament since 2011? Surely not via shark fins, lobsters, abalones, big cars, condos ........ rt? Not wonder last few appearances in Parliament u appeared putting on a lot of weight ...... What happened? Too much good food?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon@8.16

WP now no more co-drivers. Now more as group tour passengers enjoying the breeze, sceneries, good food, 5 star hotel accommodation etc.

One term nearly one million dollars. Where to find this type of salaries. Oops nor salaries, allowance only.

Can have other business to run or other employment.

Give me SDP anytime. Please come to Tanjong Pagar, long time no cast votes already.

Anonymous said...

knn .... redbean;

u getting famous, so many visitors to your blog, some more self-proclaimed "orang atas" too

some more ... "upbringing" veBy good too .... roflmao .. oops,"knnccb" ... sound bestest

knnccb ... fucking sob hsien loong, return our cpf @ 55!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It's an isolated incident lah. One data point -- no mathematically-minded person will ever take such an incident seriously. The statistics regarding population size DON'T MATTER -- it is only ONE data point. (redbean needs to revise his maths and how to apply maths PROPERLY in the REAL world. Statistics and probability are the most misunderstood areas)

The bugger was caught and dealt with, as should be the case.

He should have been given the rotan lah, or the victims awarded some kind of "free pass" to kick this asshole IN THE BALLS!

One Data Point Isolated Incident @ Holland V 3 days ago

Between Tambi money changer and magazine shop and Windmill Shopping C is a laneway, where people duck in and park for short time so they can buy a magazine or smokes or change money at Tambi, or race into BreadTalk to grab some food.

3 days ago in the mid afternoon, a hapless German expat in his SUV, toddler in the back strapped into a safety seat, parked his vehicle in the laneway, quickly dashed out and came back. Less than one minute -- I observed the whole thing.

Why so kapor, you might ask? Because I saw an LTA guy with all his electronic gizmos standing on the sidewalk, and true to his nature and job description, the LTA fucker busted the German expat -- took pictures with his digicam too -- and a ticket automatically emerged from his revenue-generating machine.

The fine: $300. The German expat was fucking OUTRAGED. He kept calling the LTA guy over to "talk to him". The LTA guy kept his distance. The German started becoming abusive. Started calling the LTA chap a "mindless robot" as the LTA chap was simply responding in an "automatic way" citing the offence as if he was reading straight out a government law book.

No pan chan. $300 for 1 minute parking infringement. My friend who was with me immediately identified the LTA employee as a PRC foreign national, and explained the the Gov of SG has employed many PRCs to do this kind of work.

I was hoping the German fucker would exit his vehicle and smash the LTA fella into Chinese porridge. Alamak. No such ENTERTAINMENT occured. The guy maintained his self-control and drove off, still fuming.

One data point lah. Not all Germans are illegal parkers. Not all LTA are PRC, and probably not all LTA are "mindless robots".