What’s happening Thailand

Thailand is seeing a nation crippled when anti govt forces strutted around like they own the country and given the blessing to protest, to riot and to bring down a popularly elected govt. And the govt just cannot do anything as any attempt to stop the mass protest is likely to lead to violence and gives the military the excuse to declare martial law.

This leaves only the military to bring peace and order to the country. And for whatever reason, the military chooses not to do anything while the police knew they must not do anything as their very action is being watched by the military and waiting to pounce on them. Is the military under some sort of order not to act?

The biggest anti govt protest is now scheduled to bring down the govt on Monday. The Yellow Shirts are all ready on a do or die battle. The rich elite and office workers have no fear of death or injury should violence breaks out. Hope it stays that way. The Red Shirts comprising farmers and the poorer Thais have been staying away and avoiding a clash are now faced with a no option. For them not to do anything will see Bangkok and the govt brought to a standstill, a state of shutdown and finally the removal of Yingluck govt.

They too know that it is time to act if they want the govt to stay in power, if they want democracy to survive. With both sides taking a position that they have to fight against each other, how would Bangkok become, how many lives are waiting to be sacrificed for the cause of who? The masterminds are adamant in wanting to push this through and the innocent and ignorant masses will become the sacrificial lamb.

Thailand is divided. Thailand has never been so divided in this way when there is no other way out. Unless those in power step in to defuse this confrontation, one can safely conclude that there will be a bloody clash next week. The grandpas and grandmas and the children and babies better avoid joining the crowd as it is not going to be a tea party. Suthep has called his movement a revolution. No revolution has succeeded without bloodshed and martyrs.

The blood letting had started in the last couple of days. This is despite the Red Shirts avoiding a direct confrontation with the Yellow Shirts. They have announced that they would protest away from the Yellow Shirts to avoid a clash. It would not work. The people who wanted bloodshed to provoke a military intervention would see to it that people would be shot and die. Who would do such an act of treason against its own people? The Yingluck govt and the Red Shirts know very well to keep peace, to avoid any violence. But violence will be created for sure, and people will be shot, will die.

So strange that the Thais are so happy to walk down this road of violence that would never heal after the event. Can anyone predict the death toll and what will come out of this if it becomes a full fledge street battle? Or do they believe that with a few hundred thousand protesters on each side facing each other there will be no violence? Anything can be fabricated by the puppet master. Who is responsible or irresponsible for letting this to happen? And the law enforcers seem so hapless or not their business, and waiting to see how it all goes.

Will Bangkok burn?


Anonymous said...

The Star

[War in the city -
by Bunn Nagara]

"Will Bangkok now become a battleground again,
and how much damage will there be this time?"


Anonymous said...

Will Bangkok burn?

Why not? It had been burned before. But they recovered.

Burn again, recover again lah. It's just a cycle. And they are having such cycles for decades!

And will 60% vote PAP again in 2016?

Why not? And this has been going on for decades!

Anonymous said...


Riots, burning and coups are unique to Thailand.

Just as at least 60% vote PAP every election is unique to peaceful Sinkieland, except one riot in Dec 2013. But not by Sinkies, so cannot count lah.

To each, their own.

Anonymous said...

If you want to ask why like that in Thailand, you should also ask why like that in Sinkieland, tio bo?

To be fair, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

And this has been going on since the recording of history!

Anonymous said...

Sinkie govt better watch out for foreigners rioting again in future.

But for Sinkies, I am 93% sure, no matter what, they will not riot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The problem with Thailand has very little to do with religion but power. It is also about the exploited rural poor against the daft city folks in Bangkok who are just as daft as the 60% Sinkies here.

Anonymous said...

Roflmao...... try profiling those shit stirrers.

Wun be surprised if many are angmoh worshippers, like singaponang.

okay.... japenis assholes lockers too.

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ.
Thailand will not be mired with the current stand down for long. The Yingluck Government and Red Shirts are very patient and fully in control of themselves. The Police and Army are just as patient. All know that violencr will do no good to their country. The demonstraters themselves are not violent. They know there will be great damage and destruction should things get ugly.
Hopefully, senses will prevail and the few trouble makers will be held responsible in time to come.
Wish the Thais will have a peaceful resolution soon.

Anonymous said...

Split Thailand to three countries _ North, Central and South as all never see eye to eye at each other. Then there will be lasting peace as all want to be Kings!

Anonymous said...

When satan wants to create trouble, he will get his men to shoot his own men. This is what Yingluck's govt fears most. The Yellow Shirts will get their own snipers to shoot at their supporters to incite violence and force the army to act.

Yingluck's side can do all they can to stay away from the Yellow Shirt but they cannot prevent the Yellow Shirts from shooting themselves.