New York Times fabricate lies about Singaore

I refer to red bean's article,  " America , we are your friends "

The Americans have always and since time imemorial been constantly fabricating lies to run down other countries. Their whole fabric of government in the White House, The Senate and Congress , the CIA, the military via The Pentagon  and their private sectors like banking , finance and stock markets are run by super intelligent crooks , rogues and scoundrels from the most prominent universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale and California universities. These crooks and scoundrels are highly intelligent but lack wisdom and conscience and though they claim to worship god , they are the most ungodly and capable not only of the most blatent lies but also the most wanton acts of terrorism , murder and genocide. The native American natives have long ago taught us never to trust the white American invaders as friends. To the American natives white men always twisted facts to suit their own purpose and agenda and when they sign treaties they are meant to be broken at their point and time of convenience. When white men send you a gift you got to beware because the gift is meant to poison and destroy  you. This is exemplified by the gift of blankets to the native American Indians which resulted in the death of whole villages of thousands of the natives because the blankets were once used by white men who were afflicted with small pox or plague and had died from the disease. So it is no difference when the Americans claim so many silly Asian countries as friends and allies. To the Americans, friends and allies are meant to be made use of as tools for their insidious plots against other countries which do not toe their lines or follow their dictates and friends and allies are to be subservient to their overall plans of world hegemony and conquest.

We Singaporeans have our own pride and dignity. We should not let New York Times get away with its fabrication of lies about the riot in Little India to defame Singapore.  Is our government doing nothing about the case?  Why are the MPs, the ministers, the prime minister and foreign minister so quiet? Why are our local Indian brothers not feel outrage by the mischief and misdemeanour of New York Times and come out to refute the lies and misinformation which can be quite detrimental to the national interest of Singapore and cast a spell of bad relationship between Singapore and India. Singapore government should protest to the American government and demand an apology .  Singapore should following the official protest demand an open apology in the New York Times and all other  prominent American newspapers like Washington Post, The Herald Tribune and the Wall Street Journal as well as a printed apology in Singapore Straits Times. On top of it Singapore shoud demand through legfal means that New York Times pay Singapore an indemnity or a fine of sixty-nine million dollars and promise never to fabricate lies and defame Singapore and Singaporeans again in future.

If the US government and the New York Times refuse to apologise then the least Singapore can do is to tell the Americans to pack off and stop using Singapore as its military base and as a spy post to snoop on Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand , Myanmar , India and China. It would be good riddance of a festering and troublesome friend.



Anonymous said...

Oppositions MP is provide feedback to the system, to make the system running smoothly?

Genuine feedback or suggestions can't got through the main party can go through the oppositions, which voices out for debate during the parliament?

If too much suppression of the voices and concerns, one of these day maybe like the Arab Spring or the China humiliation of the Boxer Rebellion?

In the GRC system undeserving MP can come in through the back doors, and that are unlikely to be voted in, in the one on one contests SMC?

These naturally causes resentment to be build up, likely the recent serious Tekka riot?

Singapore need to seriously look at it and revert it back to the SMC system, so that more oppositions MP can come in?

If not for the walkover of TP the main party votes is around 57, if not for the profit sharing scheme it might be much lower?

So the opposition with more than 40 pc votes, if not walkover of TP could be 43pc, only got 7 percent of the seats out of 87 or 6 seats?

These can't be genuine representations of the oppositions, if without the profit sharing scheme, in 2011, as in Punggol East by election, the oppositions vote could be much higher?

The main party need to address concern and the commoners woes, not to let it got more serious like the Arab Spring?

Anonymous said...

If they allow people to let go steam in cyberspace, there will be no Arab Spring.

b said...

If factories are used to manufacture toys, the press are used to fabricate lies aka half-truths.

agongkia said...

Who ask you to read and believe NYT?You feel they are trustworthy?
The only one and only that I like best and read is MSN.i.e
MY SINGAPORE NEWS by RedBean Uncle Chua Chin Leng.No need pay subscription,just buy him kopi siew Tai,no need to pay for kopi some more.
Go google it.

Anonymous said...

Kopi is additive. Sorry I digress. Digression is a common phenomenon here.