China strengthening its hold onto its territories

This is the right thing for China to do, to make sure the world knows that the islands in the South China Seas belong to China. Failing to do so would encourage more adventurism from near and far to make claims to the islands. If they are Chinese territories, China better makes doubly or triply sure that they are in control. Don’t be like the Diaoyu Islands, half hearted attempt to regain control only encourages the Japanese to act more aggressively thinking that China is too weak to make its claim a reality. There must be no doubts to ownership.

The South China Sea islands were long claimed by China with historical records and maps. If China is not going to do so, it would be a free for all affair with all the littoral states and the United States or European states coming in to stake their claims. India too may want a piece of the action. This will make the region even more volatile for inter state rivalry. By putting its foot down, it makes it clear to all that the islands were taken. Do not have wild ideas. Stay off. The Americans have claimed their continent across the Atlantic Ocean. The Australians have claimed their continent across the Indian Ocean and across the continent of Africa. They cannot dispute the claims by China outside its front yard when the precedents have been set by them.

Once the dust settles, the lines drawn clearly, it will be better for peace in the region. The tension in the East China Sea between Korea and Japan, Russia and Japan, China and Japan, is due to the muddling policies of these countries against a fallen Empire that is reasserting itself. Of the three countries, Russia is handling the issue the best by being very firm to the Japanese. The Koreans and the Chinese are still showing weak hands and the Japanese read that and continue to force the hands of these two countries leading to higher tension and allowing the Americans to play its dirty hand to reap while the neighbours quarrel among themselves.

China must not allow the situation in the South China Sea to be like the East China Sea or it will have endless troubles with the Americans pulling the strings from behind. The new status quo will stabilize with time and so will the tension subsides.


Anonymous said...


China is showing her muscles to those who dare to challenge her in the South China Sea. And she mean business, when need be.

Sinkieland is spending a lot on defence, especially on high tech hardware. Why? Because not enough young male Sinkies to serve NS now so must depend on high tech fire power lah, like advanced fighter jets to bomb the enemy to pieces.

So enemies of Sinkieland, don't play play with little red dot.

But don't riot inside Sinkieland lah, because fighter jets will be useless, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

So how does Sinkieland defend herself if foreigners attack Sinkies from the inside?

Especially when number of foreigners become more than Sinkies?

Or make foreigners into Sinkies? So they won't attack their same kind? Or better still vote PAP? Hahahahaha.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sleeping with the wolves will be devoured by the wolves without knowing what's happening.

Anonymous said...

'So how does Sinkieland defend herself if foreigners attack Sinkies from the inside?'
Scream and cry molest.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, the fts are here to increase yr bizness and provide sinkies jobs.
You think the many hawkers, supermarkets, transport companies can survive w/out fts?
W/out foregners' investments, sinkies got jobs?
Maybe sinkies should hope that Li Ka Shing, Bill Gate, Richard Branson, Stanley Ho all move into Sin and viola all sinkies will have plenty of jobs and overtime works.

Anonymous said...

The rich FTs will provide jobs like maids for Sinkie graduates. The third world FTs will take our jobs.

That is why Sinkies are encouraged to become hawkers.

b said...

"That is why Sinkies are encouraged to become hawkers."

- Sinkies must continue to remain taxi drivers and hawkers so that they can easily get back at those FTs whenever and wherever they want. Bad food and bad driving can kill many easily.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today's paper reported that the Pinoys are going to ignore the Chinese rules on fishing around the Chinese islands and will escort their fishing boats with naval ships to take on the Chinese.

The Chinese must be worried now that the mightiest Asean military power is flexing its muscles once again after killing a Taiwanese fishing boat captain. They are the undisputed power in the South China seas. And they are going to spend $2b to buy more naval ships to fight the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Chee by.... dun fire from the hip.

The strongest n mightest asean cuntry is singapore... in all three arms ... air,lan n sea

Knnccb.... even kuan yew, outlive all his advisors... a self proclaimed god