Be kind to William Wan

The Secretary General of the Singapore Kindness Movement spoke to Sinkies to show some kindness to foreigners like Anton Casey and was slammed harder than Anton by the Sinkies.

I am thinking of calling Sinkies to be kind to Willaim Wan with due respect to his appointment as the Sec Gen of SKM. Would I get slammed by the Sinkies as well? I think I better not try to be kind for the wrong reason or when the mood of the people is very unforgiving at the moment.

I rather call on William Wan to show some kindness to the poor student that was charged in court and fine $400 by SMRT. Or was it by LTA? Or was it fined by the court? William could make amends and show some real kindness that would be appreciated by the Sinkies like this case. Let’s see if he can get the SMRT and the court to erase this bad memory in the life of the poor student so that he/she need not carry this millstone on the neck for life.

A conviction is the court of law is a very serious stigma for anyone. It is an over killed over a minor infringement.

Please show some kindness to the poor student first and I will be the first to show a lot of kindness to William Wan and would write an article to plead for him if he could help this poor student. And also the driver and the bus assistant that were beaten up by the mob in Little India surely deserved some kindness too. Why should a foreigner deserve so much kindness for spitting at Sinkies and our Sinkies don’t deserve any?

Since we are in midst of a Kindness Campaign, would any kind MP or Minister be moved enough to look into this poor student’s case and give him/her a clean start in life? If none can do it or want to do it, can the PM ask for a Presidential pardon on her behalf?


Anonymous said...

At the moment,
the Sermon is kind of

Anonymous said...

Asking a PAPig to show kindness;
Is the same as asking a pig to fly.

If you don't have wings, how can you fly?
If you don't have a heart, how can you show kindness?

agongkia said...

The student who use the socket should not be punish but we should seriously consider whether SMRT can be charge for abetting as they left the socket open to public.

And dun waste time over the Casey incident.Poor means poor.

Anonymous said...

A nation devoid of kindness needs kindness campaign to pretend to be kind.

Anonymous said...

When there is no compassion how to talk about kindness?

Anonymous said...

Be kind to the hand that feeds. The hands of the rich needs all the kindness they demand.

Anonymous said...

GRC system is for those with excess votes to bring those loser MP in?

It is bad for the general populations?

No amount of PR or damage control, can stop the slide with loser mentality GRC system?

So to prevent those winning MP or opposition MP from coming in? To give good suggestions and ideas for the general population, if not for the GRC 28 oppositions can come in?

With the loser GRC Singapore deteriorate need to depend of casinos?

Revert back to the SMC system, so that only winning MP can come in the Parliament no loser MP can come in?

Loser MP with less then 50 percent of the support should not come, by the backdoor to do the damage to Singapore?

Prevent votes passing around?

Stop the Singapore humiliation?

Stop Singapore from been the bulk of the jokes of the world?

Stop SIngapore be the mockery or the shame of the world democracy system?

Stop wasting tax payers money preventing winning MP from coming in?

Only SMC can stop loser MP coming in?

Stop those loser MP from creating policies that benefits themselves, through indirect or direct taxes at the expense of the general population?

Prevent Singapore from sliding further down? Prevent Singapore like the Boxer Rebellion humiliation, or the Arab Spring high inflation?

No amount of cosmetic change or damage control, can help Singapore if Singapore don't help our self?

Anonymous said...

From the defenses mouthed on his behalf from the elite class, looks like this Casey character has powerful allies. Maybe it's a case of defending a flawed policy.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Before Singapore can have an effective Kindness Movement, Singapore must have a Massive Bowel Movement.

The collective psyche of Singapore is so full of shit -- so much to the point it is CONSTIPATING the mind of the population, and making them uptight and kiasu. Everything oso complain. Standard wan high-high, but payment wan cheap-cheap.


How to be kind lidat? You expect people to work their ass off and still pay cheap? FUCK YOU LAH!

How? Today got "random act of kindness" or not?

Fuck your mothers lah.

Anonymous said...

For a start, the PAP should show some kindness to the opposition. They should set an example for the people.

What sort of kindness are we talking about when the PAP throughout the years have shown nothing but invictiveness, vengefulness, hostility and destroy at all costs any semblance of disagreements with their policies?

And they are now trying to tell Sinkies to show kindness to foreigners who took away their jobs, create the conditions for high property prices for locals, create tranport congestion and related problems for locals and bring nothing but social tensions to this island.

Of course, they will deny all these issues and only talk about how much good foreigners have brought to this country. Good for them, but not for us citizens.

That is why some Singaporeans will not listen to the PAP nor trust them as in the early years.

Just like in Myanmar, just before the recent opening up, where the people do not care about the Government since the Government do not care about them. They are moving forward now, but I see that we are regressing.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Virgo49 said...

SKM- Suck Kunt Mother-Fucker,

This should be changed from Singapore Kindness Movement.

Wee lam wee tee, you are a bloody hypocrite who preaches when slapped on the left, give your right.

When your wife kena raped, give your daughter.

Oops, think you have NONE.

Anonymous said...

Stop those shameless MP from collecting the tax payers money coming from the back doors, using the excess votes from the higher votes MP from coming in?

Those loser MP coming in cause Singaporean much distress, to degenerate to these sorry state?

After the GRC was form in 1988 Singapore start to slide until need two casinos to prevent from sliding further, many families were affected by the casinos?

Give the opposition winning MP the chance to speak on the behalf of the mass, they have more then 40 percents of the vote?

No only 8 percents or 7 seat coming in, which prevent as much as 28 seats should being taken by the opposition?

With 28 loser MP coming in causes lot of damage to Singapore?

Say no to the loser MP using the GRC system to sneak in, causes Singapore so much problems?

These are the people rejection, yet they got the cheek to get the excess votes from somebody to coming in the parliament?

They are preventing the winner MP from doing their jobs?

This should not happen to a first world parliament?

Anonymous said...

Don't talk about campaigns in red dot. They never work. Campaigns are organised to waste public money, keep people busy so they do not have time to talk politics and criticise the Government or whine too much.

The only campaign that is worth starting is Down with the PAP'.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.53pm keep taking the medicine.

b said...

i think the poor student conviction will affect his/her chance to emigrate. the court will not hesitate to pass sentence like that to sinkies so that they can be locked up here forever. a lot need to be done for her.

b said...

i think sinkies should focus on sinkies issues and stop being distracted by all those foreigners issues which may be created for a reason.

Anonymous said...

RB, I think some bloggers should start a campaign to help this student. Publicise it.
If necessary , start a fund to
help her get a lawyer. I will contribute $1000.00. We cannot
allow a one sided elite company to destroy the life of a young
She could anyone's daughter, sisters.

Anonymous said...

GRC is just an excuse to bring in those person not to question the main party policies, when they raise the whip any person who disagreed must agreed with what the party proposed?

It is not about races, they can bring those other races leaders to be NMP, NCMP if the other race quota not enough?

To bring in these unqualified MP, because one by one contest, they will not be able to come in? Only through some excess vote under the cover of GRC, then they can come in?

It is about prevent the opposition from questioning their policies?

So there is no point bring those useless MP who don't get the majority of the people votes but come in by the charity or excess of other MP votes?

These type of loser MP do Singapore lot of damage by raising the cost of living through indirect taxes, which they took away those opposition jobs or check and balance, better suggestions and ideas?

Example is cheap labour take away the New citizens, local and their children jobs, they will keep quiet? Long time ago when Singapore cost rise they should think of using technology instead of cheaper and cheaper labour?

Some foreigners is ok but too much of it causes suffering to the locals and new citizens, most of these loser MP will not questions the policies, as long as every month collect money from ATM?

But the oppositions roles is the questions all these policies that affect the general population livelihood?

b said...

so long as the people stand united, with or without grc, they can win any battle.

Anonymous said...

If there is not GRC system, last time it was not formed, Singapore will not need to pay it leader such high pay, a figure head presidents in his 12 years of tenure made a staggering $40 millions?

Because more opposition will vote against such policies?

They form the GRC, so that little oppositions can vote against or raise questions against policies that benefit themselves, as they had the whip but to the common people?

Where more opposition in the parliament, they will not create the ultra pro foreigner type policies, where now nearly half Singaporean are recently made citizens to vote for them and pay the heaviest taxes in the world?

With the levies of $500 to $1000 per month per foreign worker?

There will no such policies, that want to lure the foreigners to be Singapore citizens at the expense of Singaporean locals and their children?

With keeping on importing foreigners to be citizens, the pressure keep building up, one of these day when it manifest it will be more sorry then the 60s?

Anonymous said...

How is the Singapore Kindness Movement funded?
Is William Wan's salary paid for with Singaporeans' taxpayers' money?

Anonymous said...

Knnbccb..... tis is all that nid 2 b said

Knnccb.... fucking papigs, return our cpf@55 AND stop skimming what left inside... may your descendants reap the fruits of your actions

FL said...

Still on kindness, there's a song by Glenn Campbell called "Try a little kindness", I think everyone should listen to it:

If you see your brother standing by the road
With a heavy load from the seeds he's sowed
And if you see your sister falling by the way
Just stop and stay you're going the wrong way

You got to try a little kindness
Yes show a little kindness
Just shine your light for everyone to see
And if you try a little kindness
Then you'll overlook the blindness
Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets

Don't walk around the down and out
Lend a helping hand instead of doubt
And the kindness that you show every day
Will help someone along their way

You got to try a little kindness
Yes show a little kindness
Just shine your light for everyone to see
And if you try a little kindness
Then you'll overlook the blindness
Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets

You got to try a little kindness
Yes show a little kindness
Just shine your light for everyone to see
And if you try a little kindness
Then you'll overlook the blindness
Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets

Chua Chin Leng蔡镇龍 aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 5:55, let's see if Hsien Loong or any big shot does anything to help the student to prove that there is kindness here and SKM is not another bullshitting wayang.

If nothing is done, will try to get TRE to champion this case and malu the damn unkind people.

Virgo 49 said...

Rjght bro, these GRC schemes will now backfired.

Punt big, win big, also will lose big

Once shot lose five to six members and also all the heavyweight ministers

possible they revert to smcs to cut lost

Anonymous said...

As SG of SKM, you have to donate almost all your earnings to help the poor and unprivileged. Tharman once said 1k suffices to have a roof and maintain a family. I am kinder and double it for you.
So are you prepared to walk the talk or just another hypocrite with zero credibility?
Netizens, please check his earnings and donations and bring this fraud to shame.

Anonymous said...

Because of money they created the GRC?

Because of money they like foreigners more then locals?

Because of money they want the highest salaries, if the Nordic and swiss leaders have these type of mentality what will their people said and think?

Because of money Singapore got one of the widest income gap?

Because of money SIngapore one of the lowest birth rate?

Because of money they said they are talented?

Because of money they keep importing new citizens?

Because of money can little opposition can come in?

Because of money Singapore have one of the heaviest brain drain?

Because of money they sold their soul?

Because of money they feel only can get talent?

Because of money the leaders make Singapore became the joke of the world?

Because of they want lots of money causes such high inflation?

Because of money they causes shortage of facilities?

Because of money the causes the new citizens and local worried their job taken by cheaper foreigners?

Because of money the leaders cause more problems for the youth to solve later?

Because of money they got Singaporean look down by the world?

Because of money the leaders they create the GRC, got Singapore into humiliation?

Because of money they got the priority wrong?

Do you feel something wrong with these types of leaders and their mentality?

Because of money?

Anonymous said...

People want long term job stability, not subject to excessive cheap foreigners competition?

What handout here handout, they said not welfare, later election called profit sharing?

How people can born and take care of the children subject to instability?

Effort should concentrate on local instead of forigners and foreign investments?

Any countries in the world so concentrate on foreigners more then local?

Anonymous said...

Words got great impact in presentation? When they want to sweet talk and sugar coat difficult to sell policies to benefit themselves?

Foreigners that took away jobs and depress pay they called (create value)?

30K of newer and newer citizens, the said create (economic value)? To push up prices of everything?

Later these newer and newer citizens know they will be taxes much more, now, when they take the bait to come in? Usually through indirect taxes?

Make money scheme to pay them the highest pay they called it solved racial problem scheme or (GRC or the votes top up buddy system)?

One of the highest indirect taxes in the world the call (one of the lowest direct taxes), CPF locked for life, COE, GST, ERP, Levies and other taxes etc)

It that all the advanced countries depend on importing people to drive the their economy?

(Profit sharing schemes) during elections?

Foreign workers the call (levies or worKfare)?

High inflation causes by all these policies what they call?

To reduce difficult questions they called the (GRC schemes)?

Any other creative words the use to sell their policies?

Indirect tax they call (CPF)?

Usually the entice some free things later got to pay more?

One paper general said look for every corner to earn money, you call this what type of schemes?

To solve all these problems they should consider reducing the incomes to just a bit higher to that of the Nordic or the Swiss minister pay or only 10 percent higher, instead 1000 percent higher then the Nordic ministers pay?

Brain drain they called (Quitter)?

Any more excuses or creative wordings?

A ceremony president got a staggering $40 millions income in his 12 year tenure, mostly by shaking hand and taking pictures all over Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Flooding they call it ponding or once in 50 years?

Anonymous said...

Multi parties system the excuse is (Singapore no enough talent} (only one party system got talent)

Make the highest pay the call it (clean and talent) so Nordic and swiss is (clean or talent)

Gintai_昇泰 said...

The student is a girl. Let's hope that some kind soul reverse the verdict on her which i doubt cuz she's a nobody. The rich and powerful will only help their kind. That's a sad truth in any society.

Anonymous said...

Protest vote in GE 2016.
The only way the poor will get the help they need.

Chua Chin Leng蔡镇龍 aka redbean said...

Hi Gintai, thanks.

The netizens shall scream out loud on this. Make the SKM and Willaim Wan do what they are supposed to do. And see if any politician is kind enough to do something or all the talk about kindness is a lie.