Fare hike, no point crying over spilt milk

The fare hike came as they intended and planned for. You can expect the same of 6.9m. No amount of natcon or kpkb will change anything or change their minds. They are the masters and they shall decide what is best for the people. No matter what is being said or how much is being said, nothing will change until the next GE when they will be crying and begging for forgiveness.

Today they are in charge and the logic is their logic. What they think is logic, what they think is good, must be logical, good and the best. Period. It is the logic of power.

The fare hike is adding another $53.5 m profit to the transport companies. What was the profit last year and how much more will it be with this $53.5 m? Why is a monopoly public transport system be guaranteed of profits, handsome profits every year, and still be given a cash grant of more than a billion to buy new fleet of buses, put aside the increasing frequency of disruption? Why can’t the transport companies be run on more or less a breakeven basis or smaller profit margin? Why can’t the MRT raise its revenue from its retail rental and other businesses rather than squeezing more money from the commuters, many of whom are not the filthy rich, some scrimping for a living?

Why are there now more differentiation of price mechanism and season cards? Why are they still feeding on the students and seniors that are mostly non income earners?
For so many years, with so many models to pick from, why are these ideas not thought of? The answers are obvious. They did not send overseas missions to study their systems.

Would they really refine their thinking of what a public transport system’s main mission is? Would they ever think of not making money from those that are not economically productive or living on handouts or charity from parents or from children’s generosity?
I think they are more concern with helping people to buy the latest sports cars to test the road system. No use kpkb. Nothing will be heard. Natcon, listening to the people? Tan ku ku.

Wait till nearer the GE and maybe there will be some pretensions of wanting to listen to the people.

PS. Kopi level - Green


Anonymous said...

Public transport making millions, why do they still use the word public, the billion that they have gotten gave us poor service, breakdowns, jam pack buses, dangerous prc drivers....it's actually for the better...give those that are blind a chance to see what they have stood behind, but even if those fools realise it, it would be just too little too late.

Just like the 6.9 (really, red bean, do you actually still think its 6.9 million???), the infulx will put them ahead when they do get into parliment, some are already ear mark to be.......for all the sinkies, raise kopi's to you, cause pretty soon you guys will be invisible, aliens to your own cuntree.

Anonymous said...

Why is Transport Millionaire Lui fighting so hard to justify the fare hike for profitable private transport companies?
Why are Singaporeans paying him a million dollar salary to help increase the profits of SBS Transit and SMRT?

Does PAP protect Singaporeans or the profits of profitable private companies?

Virgo49 said...

Hawkers/retailers exclaimed:

"WHAT'S WODERFUL NEWS" Just simply LOVE the PAP.CNY just round the staright.

Increase 3 to 6 cents, we gonna increase our prices to fifty or a dollar soon.

My dreams of buying another Sentosa Cove condom, oops condo realized very soon.

Cheers to the fare increases. Best excuse to jack up my prices.

Every year, National Wage bill increase, proportionally fares and everything will increase.

How about those retirees with no incomes??? Every year must make profits meh???

This is National Transport for the citizens you know.

Gerald Yee and company gets another million or so just to recommend three to six cents fare increase. Some highly educated professors will said: Very good, very balance recommendation.


agongkia said...

Please dun make me laugh lah.You think they will be crying and begging for forgiveness.
They could even be waiting for any capable talent to take over .We are short of talent and capable men who are willing to work with a reasonably salary and willing to serve wholeheartedly.Those noises on First World Parliament or whatever crap are just once every 5 years.
And we have KK daft Sinkies seeking attention daily asking for minimum wage,claim exploitation and cheap salary,good in mathematics but no foresight.
Want high salary for driver,cleaner etc right?So have to increase the fare mah.If not how to pay the driver well.
Take it as doing charity and one will feel better.

Anonymous said...

Fat hope that the fare hike would benefit the train drivers. More like benefitting Ferrari drivers.

Anonymous said...

Today Youth:

Today youth is much debt ridden? A lady said she is not proud to be Singaporean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydANJ5qLHG4? With 400K over views?

With massive indirect taxes which fuel massive inflation to support the most expensive ministers pay, 88 percent of the youth wishes to emigrate?

With the overtaxed Singapore to pay for the ministers salaries,allowance, and pensions the highest in the world?

Many are barely able to afford houses and cars, credit cards and other debt etc, with staggering amount of debt to pay, many doesn't intend to get marry?

Even when they married they doesn't want to born babies, Singapore will be in serious crisis if continue drop in birthrate?

Many of the youth who doesn't want to born babies cited jobs not stable and rising inflation, due to must import 30K of new citizens to support the main party votes and indirect taxes?

These could continue to fuel higher and higher inflation and job loss to new citizens an depress or stagnant pay?

Anonymous said...

"Wait till nearer the GE and maybe there will be some pretensions of wanting to listen to the people."

Sure, there may be more daft, money no enough and suffering Sinkies nearer the GE.

But there may also be a lot more new citizens nearer the GE.

And the world outside Sinkieland very big, you know.

I think PAP knows what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Hard to say. There could even be more smart, make money Sinkies nearer the GE.

From tax returns, PAP should know, and which RB and others of course don't know.

That's why must need to be govt, and not blogger, in order to know, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

That's why they say knowledge is power.

And PAP knows, I mean they know what is in their favour in order to win lah.

Only kpkb Sinkies don't know. They only know how to kpkb. Or maybe they know but still kpkb for the fun of it. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

To put it simply for the daft Sinkies, PAP knows that even with fare hike, PAP will still win the next GE.

That's why fare hike lah.

The said...

The milk will not be spilt until 6 April. If you organize Thai-style protests, maybe the milk will not be spilt at all.

Anonymous said...

Not only WP not ready but Teo chiu Ah Hia also has no ambition to be PM. But seriously, I don't think he is better PM material than Ah Loong lah.

That's why PAP will still win next GE lah.

Anonymous said...

Jialat lah.

Don't say better than Ah Loong, but also no better Sinkies than Teo chiu Ah Hia??

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. Singapore public transport is still cheap. And the service level received for the price paid is of very acceptable quality.

Why the fuck are people complaining? These companies operate for profit. That is their mission. You want a slice of the action: buy their stock lah, kotek!

Anonymous said...

Please lah you twit. The MRT was built on the people's money to provide cheap and efficient public transport. It is not your grandfather's company lah.

oldhorse42 said...

RB is correct. No point crying over spilled milk. It is a done deal.
No escape, must take bus or MRT.
Afterall, wage increase by more than 5% and fare increase is only about
3%. Affordable what!.
Scolars from LKY School of Public Policy said the increase with package of help for the needy and deserving is economically sound.
As for me I am Scooting to Qingdao for $20 and the bus fare there is only 1RMB per trip.
I am booking Motel 168 Qingdao from RB's blog page.
This will certainly earn RB a big mug of kopi kao with a slice of butter.

Anonymous said...

A captive commuting public is an operator's dream. Their way or the high way (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Minister Fook You is throwing a challenge at you. He is saying in Cantonese "i increase fares lei ngau chai ah ?" (So what if I increase fares ? What the fook can you do to me ?)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Have a good trip oldhorse. Dunno if they translate to anything in my kopi level.

Monopolistic business and captive commuters, who dunno how to squeeze? Just make sure don't squeeze until everything falls apart.

Anonymous said...

"Just make sure don't squeeze until everything falls apart."
RB 1:01 pm

How to know when everything falls part?

Sinkies riot?

Sinkies pitch tents on the streets to live?

WP ready to be govt?

PAP loses GE?

If none of the above happen, then how to tell even if things had already fallen apart?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean, a video for your comment

Why I am not proud to be Singaporean

P.S. I reject most of her arguments. IMO a spoilt, reasonably talented youth who believes their opinion is "truth".

Anonymous said...

How to know when everything falls part?
Anon 1:31 pm

When RB said so and then ask you for kopi kau.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. We listen to you. We want your feedback. We always took your views into consideration. We have your interest at heart. Blah, blah, blah.

But...the decision has alredy been made. The feedback and national conversation is just a staged wayang lah. We do what we think is good for you. Just bend forward and ask for more.

Anonymous said...

If papigs get voted out...

I chopped

Knnccb... hsien loong... I pray for kuanyew long life... longer than u

b said...

What do people expect the highly paid current gov will do? Every issue, problem, crisis is an opportunity for them to profit from the people especially the working class.

b said...

"P.S. I reject most of her arguments. IMO a spoilt, reasonably talented youth who believes their opinion is "truth"."

- many old guys such as the traitor turned minister also think like her and believe their opinion is 'truth'.

Anonymous said...

This is a government tax increase.
Since it's being championed and masterminded by PAP Millionaire Lui.
Obviously it does not affect the pockets of PAP Millionaires.
They don't take the public transport do they?

Anonymous said...

For a simple cheebye reason

Cunt not go on strikes... the earlier was a hymen by the Chinese workers

. like ah neh mayhem , it's was spontaneous.

Knnccb.... fucking bastard hsien loong... why evilness flow in your bloodier?

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Migrant labour pains for Singapore]

"DESPITE improved govt efforts,
Singapore and its people are still paying a heavy price for having too many migrant workers.

Even as it sped up the building of more flats and shortened applicant queues,
2 other problems related to overcrowding have popped up.

They had been around for some time
but resurfaced with a bang in the first few days of 2014."


agongkia said...

People tok about fair hike why you recommend those video on mei mei who is not proud to be a Sinkie huh?Daft netizen even say Sinkie should be proud of having such a daughter.

I told those daft Sinkies to count me out and that I am not proud of Sinkie mei meis who dye their hair and behave like angmo.

But I won't mind hugging those mei mei with dye hair.

Anonymous said...

Knnbccb....... to the 60% who make this possible

Knnccb.... so much cursing by me, can l carry so much -ve karma

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@832 agongkia:

I must admit to you, dear agongkia, if the local (Asian) chick is cute, and she adopts some "rocker attitude" -- like tattoos, body piercing and dyed hair, then begins to talk and express freely like a Westerner...wah to me that is sexy.

I want to be the first in line to hug her. I couldn't care less if she's not proud to be Singaporean.

I couldn't care less about nationalistic pride anyway. To me it is like a religion -- i.e. it is bullshit based on bullshit. Meaning: if you are proud or not proud to be Singaporean is purely emotional -- it doesn't change nor affect Jack Shit in the REAL WORLD.

Nobody gives a shit about how you FEEL. People only care about what you DO -- especially if it impacts them.