From peanut to kachang puteh

$600k is only peanut is passé. Rich Sinkies are playing with bigger and bigger numbers. I was in this car park and my friend pointed to me two gleaming Rolls Royce parked side by side. Hardly used. The owner is likely to have a fleet of sports cars to swoosh around town. I know someone who sold his house for more than $20m and the buyer did not even bother to take a look at the property. His agent bought it on his behalf and the only thing that he was interested is the parking space inside the property for more than 15 cars. He needed the space for his toy cars.

To these rich people, it is common for them to mutter, ‘What is $10m?’ Money is aplenty in the island. A $600k peanut is really nothing. Today it is about $672m kachang puteh. Yes, kachang puteh is smaller than a peanut. But with so much money in people’s hand, $672m is nothing more than a kachang puteh. That is the amount that we want to give to IMF. No need to think what the amount could do for our citizens. Giving away $50m is just not the right thing to do, too little to befit our dignity. Not sure this is an annual contribution or one time layout. Need to check on this.

The value of money is relative. To the thrifty, a papaya is worth something. To the very rich, a few hundred millions are nothing? Better still if it is OPM. Spend until ‘song song’, damn ‘tua kang’.

A stretch of road can cost $4.3b, a fake garden another billion or more. Don’t ever complain about a 10c increase in transport fare. No time to bother with such an insignificant amount. It is meaningless, does not worth mentioning. A waste of time! What is 10c? Oops, I mean what is a few hundred million?

How much do you want? How much do you want to give away? I want a kachang puteh.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It's not the amount of money lah, as much as it is what you're spending the money on, or who you are giving it to.

If you spend your own hard-earned money on goodies -- that is wonderful.

However if you give even 20¢ to losers that is unforgivable.

WTF is the sg.gov giving away money to an international agency of bureaucrats and other losers who cannot make it in the private sector?

Fuck them lah. All of them. This money is taken off the backs of hard working people -- who at the end of the day have the right to decide how thy spend their dough.

Fuck the government.

Anonymous said...

Every time they we ask government to increase social welfare payout, government will not barged giving silly excuse as people have to be self reliance. Fxxk. When come to giving foreign students, concession to foreign companies and purchase of military hardware, no problem

Anonymous said...

'They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum
Then they charged the people
Hugh sums of money just to see 'em'
Apology to Joni Mitchell.

Anonymous said...

What is $8 billion for the North-South Expressway - to cut travelling time by 5 to 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

The 37 seats or 43 percent of the votes is more likely or realistic range of a recognize western democratic election result?

Whether the Pofit-sharing scheme during the Election and the (Vote Top Up System) or They call GRC system fit the International Standard or United Nation standard in allowing these types of system to be used in a election?

Or the votes passing (GRC) system, where one person can pass his excess votes or more then 50 percent of his excess votes to help a agreeable person who is less then 50 percent of the votes to come in the parliament? Is it allow by International Standard and United Nations?

At the expense of the winners, the oppsitions likely to have extra 28 seats if not for the GRC system?

Who not likely to go against his policies, that prevent a genuine oppositions from coming in?

Or is it like the children playground passing toys around type of parliament under the guise of GRC or the vote passing or top up system?

Where the winners can top up the votes of his loser friends to coming the parliament?

If base on the Punggol East Result, without profit sharing scheme? The more realistic of main party vote is estimate at 43 percents not 60 percent, with TP walkover and the profit sharing scheme?

So about 37 seats or 43 percent go to the main party not the 80 seats out of 87 seats or 93 percents is more realistic, with usually the standard result of the western democracy result and usually multi-parties coalition?

So the various oppositions should have 50 seats divided among themselves, with the GRC scheme or the profit sharing schemes?

These type of result is likely in a standard election?

What will the world think of these types of scheme, could he cause huge humiliation to Singapore if Singapore continue use the outmoded schemes?

What do the international communities think about Singapore and the way its leader behave?

Will the United Nation allow such schemes?

Will Singapore make the laughing stock of the world still practising the ancient system?

Now is the internet age, things can very fast viral around the world in seconds?

Will United Nation or International Authority recognised these type of votes top up games of profit sharing schemes during the elections?

Anonymous said...

Without the GRC vote top up system and the profit sharing scheme during election?

The likely out of the seats divided by various parties:

Main party 38 seats?

WP 22 seats?

NSP 15 seats?

SPP 6 seats?

SDP 4 seats?

RP 2 seats?

The result is base on single seats one to one contest?

And no profit sharing scheme during the election 2011?

The main party still run the show but with less seats? Still a good result compare the western standard?

b said...

this is the new age we are living in - costs and risks are beared by the public and profits are privatised. politicians are all evil and this world is full of bullshits.

Anonymous said...

Without the GRP the support for the main party is around 52 seats with 60 percent of the votes?

Without the GRC and profit sharing schme base on Punggol East is 38 seats or 43 percent of the votes?

So the rest of seats are divided by WP, NSP, SPP, SDP, RP etc?

So Singapore is a multi party system standard like the Nordic and Swiss parliament system?

Where each party sent their best talent for election and it is a more balance election?

The opposition parties will complement and supplement the main party talents?

Anonymous said...

Without the GRC vote top up system and the profit sharing scheme?

With 38 seats still ok a good perform?

So if the quota of Malay of 15 MP is not make if 8 MP is coming in one to one contest left 7 can be NMP or NCMP?

If only 5 indian MP come in in the one to one SMC contest, the 3 loser can come in as NMP or NCMP?

With prevent 28 opposition MP from coming in the represent the voters voices?

Virgo49 said...

The World is enough for everybody NEEDS but NOT for everybody GREED

QUOTE: Seen on a paper dispenser machine in a toilet in JB MayBank's toilet.

Very apt.