Thaksin’s ghost would not go away

He was ousted in 2006 by a military coup during his second term in office. 8 years have gone by while he lives in exile with a big corruption tag on his head and a jail sentence. His Puea Thai Party has since been winning elections after elections and is the standing govt that the protesters in Bangkok are trying to dislodge from office. Yingluck has been accused of all kinds of crimes and the latest for corruption related to her rice policy for the Thai farmers.

Under pressure from the protesters who were pointing the corruption finger at her, she called for a general election to vote her out. The Democrats refused to participate knowing that they would lose again. Why would a political party with so much power behind it and claiming to represent the majority of the Thais afraid to fight a general election and so convinced that it would lose?

Do they believe in their accusations against the Yingluck govt for being corrupt and that the Thai voters are not stupid to want to vote a corrupt govt back into power again and again? Or the majority of the Thais do not believe anything the Democrats and the protest leaders are leveling against the Yingluck govt? Or they believe that the Democrats and the Bangkok elite are more corrupt instead?

Thaksin has been away for so long. If he and his sister are so corrupt, why would the Thais keep voting them back to power? Why would he not go away? The majority of the Thais are stupid?

Why would the Thais want to continue to support the Thaksin and Yingluck party? Do they know what is good for them and which party is against their interests? They cannot be voting for a party and leaders that are corrupt can they?

What is the truth? The Yellow Shirts and Suthep are claiming on moral high ground but still believe that they would not be voted in by the majority of the Thais. He even declared a victory day ‘more than 5 times’ but no confident to fight a general election. Funny isn’t it?

They said you cannot bluff all the people all the time. 8 years have passed and Thaksin is still a popular leader of the Thai people. He and Yingluck must have done something right or his corruption tag would have finished him off, and Yingluck as well. Who is being conned, the simple rural farmers or the educated Bangkok city folks?

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Anonymous said...

What the use of paying themselves incredible amount money, pension, bonuses and allowances and taxes people incredible amount of money heavily indirectly?

You want people work until over 70s, say is easy of course you got these multi millions salaries, you can retired easily, want or don't want to work easily?

Of course you can say anything you like, is easy to say when you are a multi millions, the reality when a person grow old with inflation, rarely any employer want to employ?

Usually they are less healthy and slower then the cheaper, faster foreign workers?

Imagine the old need the money to tide over their difficult period, you still want to keep their old age savings, giving some excuses?

But for a commoner get older got to compete with younger cheaper foreigners what is the out come?

These amount of blood, tear, sweat retirement money which many had taken out for retirement in the past when they react 55, now is locked up for life?

They struggle hard in early life, thought that they can take out the money suddenly the rule changed they can't take out at 55, which was promised earlier?

You think of all sources of ways to raise taxes indirect to continue to maintain your world highest pay, yet the lower end of the population continue to suffer from the effect?

As more foreigners came eat away the low income through inflation?

Allow the massive influx of cheaper foreign workers in to pay yourself incredibly rich, keep increasing the inflation, many hardly can survive hand to mouth, yet you want keep people CPF?

So that why Singapore go so many credit companies and loan sharks?

The best way is to lower your salaries and return the CPF to people for them to tide over their old age or 80 percents of the CPF?

Give back people CPF to tide over their old age, between 55 to 70, not so easy for people to look for jobs in Singapore, when reach 40 is difficult to find jobs?

Every person too know it, you all don't or ignorant, just care of your world highest salaries, what about others do you think of the commoners?

Don't keep savings and reward yourself handsomely, with all these excuses, people are not stupid?

At one hand you bring so many foreigners to compete with older people for jobs, and on the another hand you keep people CPF? You want the best of the both world levies from foreigners and CPF?

As a result many were discouraged by the policies, don't want to marry and married don't want to have children? Or planning to emigrate, what do you think about the country run until such a state?

What type of talent is these ruling a societies with more then half are foreigners in future, which all these excuses even a children know and laugh?

If your policies are good why need so

Anonymous said...

Voices, TODAYonline

Termsak Chalermpalanupap

[Thailand not ‘lost’, but in search of new start]

"As a Thai national, I feel obliged to respond to Ms Yuriko Koike’s commentary,
'Who lost Thailand?' (Jan 17).

... Thailand is not “lost”.
The protesters are looking for a new beginning for the country,
in which money politics and massive corruption will not be tolerated."


Anonymous said...

Of course you can always quote statistics to show some minorities that success, but how about the majorities that suffer under flaw policies?

You can always show that those that do well in the media, more then majorities of those that don't do well?

What about the 90 over year old woman after, shown in the media, later jump down and suicide not to burden the family?

Anonymous said...

Right, they made the people save a life time to pay their salaries and for them to spend for you.

Anonymous said...

The medias is owned by the govt of course, can always show those who are success, but what about the majorities who was seriously affected and suffered by the flaw policies?

The are not likely to run themselves showing negatives side of themselves, usually they want to show the good sides of themselves?

Anonymous said...

Of course you own the medias, would like the publish the good sides of you, show how talent you are, how justify you to get the highest pay in the world?

Possibly to run down the critics and oppositions?

It unlikely you like to publish those statistic of older population seriously affected and suffer under your flawed policies? Or your flaw policies and try to do damage control?

The profit sharing schemes can decisively affect the outcome of the elections?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you compare to Warren Buffret or Bill Gates or course you will not like compare statistic that put you in bad light or compare your pay with the Nordic or Swiss, with their ministers pay averaging only $200K per year?

You will use the medias you own to show the good sides, the good deeds you do how you help part of the populations, to justify your incredibly incomes all these are tax payer money, it not your money to pay out to the whole group of you?

Which is a heavy burden to majority of the population?

Do you want the medias you own to show the negative sides?

Do you want to show the medias unfavorable statistics compare to other countries, the more likely you use it for damage control?

A figure head president got incredible $40 millions in his tenure of 12 years, imagine if the Nordic to pay their whole group of politician these proportion of money, what is the outcome?

I doubt the majority of the politicians able to earn $4 million in the lifetime in the Nordic?

Do you show how much indirect taxes you need to collect everywhere to pay your self such incredible salaries as Singapore is a small no resources countries to maintain the group, salaries, pensions, allowances & bonuses? Recently the CPF locked up schemes for life?

Anonymous said...

Old people blood, sweat and tear money want to keep, you know already how desperate? CPF life locked up scheme?

What for give you high interest you can take out,just to show you for fun, even 18 percent too no use,if you can't take out, just like putting money in the bank, but can't take out for show only?

It is likely increase the retirement at to 70 plus, to compare to the old man who is still working in 90? Do you know how much he have, he work only to pass time?

Anonymous said...

Just because a few old women went to Batam spent all their money on men, locked up every person CPF for life, what a incredible excuse?

You can prevent them going to Batam not to locked up people hard earn money for life?

Anonymous said...

If you know your salaries too high is a burden to the lower income and the old people and the general population? Which need a too high indirect taxes to maintain?

It ok to lower it to, a bit higher around that of the Nordic ministers, nobody will laugh at you? Is is the right thing to do due to changing circumstances?

You already said a cleaner need productivity to raise their salaries, how about you show through example don't just talk?

As as leaders ought to do to show example, not to keep on giving excuses?

You are happy, everybody happy win win situation?

Anonymous said...

What examples of productivity you want? I wear so many hats, do many chairmanship, directorship, advisors here and there. I am so damn overworked.

I am the most worked and productive politician in the world.

You don't believe, you want to see my name card? It is A4 in size ok.

Anonymous said...

Learn the Nordic see how successful the are in innovation and design, like Marco Polo came to China copy every back to their country?

Follow the Nordic example of high birthrate, low gini coefficient and high standard of living?

Anonymous said...

What a person work very hard doesn't mean he successful or efficient, if he not efficient, all these title are for show only?

Anonymous said...

For show only? It is big money ok, and no need to work some more.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Funny thing about Thai politics. Only those in govt are corrupt. Those anti govt are not corrupt.

In Sin, all in govt is not corrupt. Not sure about those not in govt. No wonder we have no mass protest.

Oh sorry, one protest coming up at Hong Lim on 25 Jan, Sat at 5pm on fare hike. Actually in Sin it is just a small gathering. Where got protest?

Anonymous said...

sama sama here ..

shitty times keep reminding us that old fart kuan yew is god;

publishing photo of his open mouth gasping zombie like photo frequently

knnccb .... papigs return our cpf@55

Anonymous said...

Whether Thugsubum likes it or not, the Standoff will end soon.
After that, Thugsubum and his Masters and Accomplices wil have to face the music.

Anonymous said...

Savings with the banks are of own volition.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In Thai politics, everyone is corrupt. Therefore the people are left with the simple choice on which rotten bastard they want running the cuntree.

Politics cannot be considered in a vacuum. Politics is an outgrowth of the CULTURE of the cuntree and its Sheeple, and thus: The Sheeple get the cuntree and the government they deserve.

The more the Thais thrash their cuntree, the better the deals and discounts Thailand will be offering to lure tourists back.

When you Thais all finally settle down, I'll be taking advantage of the cheap airfare/ hotel deals, and shall visit you to shop, eat and screw -- maximising the "purchasing power" of my tourist dollar.

Good show Thailand. Continue bombing the fuck out of each other.

Sanuk di!

Anonymous said...