The Thailand impasse continues

The Yellow Shirts claimed victory over the Red Shirts. In this latest protest, the initiative was with the Yellow Shirts. There was a deliberate inaction among the Red Shirts. They were there but confined themselves to the sports stadium to avoid a bloody clash. The victory claimed by the Yellow Shirts is a victory of urban over the rural people. How genuine is this victory in terms of the real support of the Thai people for or against the govt?

Bangkok is only a small fraction of Thailand. Can the Yellow Shirts count on the rest of the country as their base and supporting their cause to remove the govt? The Yingluck govt is on the defensive. Did they know something that the public is not privy to, that the Yellow Shirts have bigger backers and would not back down in a street confrontation?

Is the street protest a tyranny of the minority or a true reflection that the majority of the Thai people wanted a change of govt? Suthep has called for a democratically elected govt to step down to be replaced by a non elected govt. Would Yingluck go for break and move her govt to the north where her support base is and cause a temporary division of Thailand between the rural Thais and the urban Thais? Would Thailand’s unity survive or would there be a divided Thailand, a kind of a republic in the north and a monarchy in Bangkok and the south? Is this the moment for the Thais to make a forced choice?


Anonymous said...

Personally I like n adore yin ..she is mature pretty non-violent n adopt a balanced approach ...
Of course she is walking on a tight rope ...hope she can pull thru ...

All parties need a lot of dialogs n patience ..
In my humble opinion thailand is the most liked country for all that I have visited ...
Good n affordable food ..shoppings ..massages ...etc n etc ...
Hope normalcy will return soon so I can go there soonest possible...sawadikup ..

b said...

The thai people are very smart. Once a while, they do that to tame their political masters. No wonder they are never colonised.

Anonymous said...

The Thai protest.
Why they never confine themselves to a Hong Lim Square?
Suka suka demonstrate everywhere.
Who do they think they are?
Thai citizens who own Thailand?

What do they think Thailand is?
A democracy?
Can be more democratic than Singapore meh?

Anonymous said...

With citizens like those protestors, any Thai government won't try to play punk. S'poreans have become sheeple. Only know how to kpkb. Come election time vote PAP but hope for opposition to win. Like this, miw's will play your backside every time. Play your backside means: increase transport fare every year, increase CPF age withdrawal, bring in more foreigners, ad infinitum/

Anonymous said...

Yingluck has been a very wise, even great in my opinion to have her Red Shirt Supporters stayed calm. They had avoided direct confrontation against the Yellow Shirt Protesters.
Both PM Yingluck and her Red Shirt Supporters have been very sensible and patriotic to their Land.

WISH THE THAIS will live in peace and work together to make their once happy country to a better nation.
Visitors to Thailand have never failed to be impressed by the friendly and hardworking Thai People.
They have got a great and charming PM.
Wish the Thai People will work with her to bring Thailand to greater attainment.


Anonymous said...

Who is the devil behind the Yellow shirt? The Yellow shirts are brazen and anarchic because somehow is empowering them to do so.

Anonymous said...

“If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it.” - Lee Kuan Yew

Talk so big here, enjoying the cushy life. Go there to Thailand with your goons, your ISA, illegal assembly laws, and see what you can do. Don't scurry back and cry tolong tolong. Not everybody is as easy to bully as here.

Anonymous said...

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”
― Thomas Jefferson
American Founding Father,
the principal author of the Declaration of Independence
and the third President of the United States

Who the fuck is Lee Kuan Yew compared to Thomas Jefferson?
What country did Lee Kuan Yew found?

Stamford Raffles founded modern Singapore.
And the first Chief Minister of Singapore was David Marshall.

Malaysia had to kick out Singapore before Lee Kuan Yew reluctantly decided to become Singapore's first Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Behind the wayang on the streets are powerful persons. Most believe its very high up.

Anonymous said...

With a big rural population against a city in Bangkok, the Thais should adopt the strategy of the country side encircling the city. Once the masses move against the city folks, it will be all over.

Veritas said...

The real reason behind this is USA want to take down Yingluck. Thaksin is an ally of China, and under him, Thailand has been moving extremely close to China.

This wave of protest spark right after Yingluck deal of bartering rice with China's high speed rail. It looks very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have always been the trouble maker everywhere. See how they screwed the Muslim countries. But the silly thing is that the Muslim countries still choose to go to bed with the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Bangkok Post

[Getting rid of the government is the easy part]

"Ask any of the participants in the massive anti-government rallies about their purpose,
and the answer is likely to be to get rid of something called 'Thaksinocracy'.

When asked what it means, the answer varies,
but may be roughly grouped along these 5 'cracies'."