I fainted twice

Many of you must be quite happy registering yourself in the Do Not Call register to stop cold calls or nuisance calls from marketing people from disturbing you. I have been informed of the Personal Data Protection Act.

S37(1) of the PDPA, a message is a specified message if the purpose of the message or if one of the purposes is to offer, to advertise, promote or offer to supply or provide any of the following
ii. goods or services or
ii) a business opportunity or an investment opportunity

What is the meaning of all this? It is like that, with the Do Not Call thing in effect on 2 Jan 2014, if a sales representative is to make a cold call or to invite a client to attend a seminar or something like that, and the client has registered with the DNC, the sales representative can be fined up to $10,000 for making the call to the client. Damn serious offence, better be very careful who you call.

And it is the responsibility of a sales representative to check the DNC list before calling. I think you have to pay everytime you check a number. I can’t believe what I read. I fainted, woke up and relooked at the message again, and fainted again.

Is this real, that it is the responsibility of a sales person to check if a person he is calling is in the DNC list? My God, I have no word to describe this insanity. No sales rep is going to call anyone anymore. And many of you will not be receiving any calls for fear of being fined $10,000. A thief that broke into a house may be fined how much? A hooligan or road rage case when someone is severely beaten, how much would be the fine? In this DNC thing, making a call can be fined up to $10,000. And oh, a text message like SMS or fax is the same as calling.

What is happening?


Anonymous said...

OK.... but u notice those on the exclusion list anot?

pinoy still can call u. Maybe u sweet talk for a ons.

Knnccb.... old uncle no money, yet they trying to squeeze juice out of a fossil.

Ccb..hsien long, return my cpf, u fucking dog.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The DNC list program has been in effect in many western cuntrees -- like Oz, where I've been on the list for about 10 years already. It is WONDERFUL because no marketing asshole can call you as they risk a large fine.

Yes, it is the responsibility of the sales team manager to check the DNC register.

We have relatively little privacy left in today's world "Big Data"/ algorithm-run world. It is wise to protect what little privacy we have left.

DNC register? Damn fucking good idea!

Anonymous said...

Wtf is the big deal, it's been too long that everything thing and everyone one can call you, they should have the DNC thingy done up long long ago.

Matilah for President......

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to add this ..
Beside DNC I had been pesteted by those sales rep that doing roadshows for insurances , credit cards n other services ..
Their presences are scary nowasays.almost all mrt , outside major shopping malls ..even ulu ulu hdb n outskirt no man land also can see them...
Frankly most are polite n hardworking while a few are kind of desperado that cling onto u don let go type
..it create psychologocal fears few times a day in me when I go pass them ...
I have no objection they canvass for sales at any place but they should set up prominent booth display what they selling ... intetested party could go forward to ask about more details instead of trying to stop passerby to softsell their products ..
As I say if once in a while a encounter them I m ok don complaint but almost daily few times ..everywhere also have .. nowadays in singapore walk also stress lah

b said...

I do not see the purpose for such things. I merely cancel those calls who are not in my contact list. The gahmen has nothing better to do and waste taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

But then if they call you using unlisted number then how?

And even if they caller number is known, so what? Report them? And they will be fined? Can enforce the fine so easy meh?

agongkia said...

This cold calls nonsense need to be stop.
I travel often and need to on my phone all times as I need to be contactable.
I receive so many such cold calls or sms when I am oversea and I have to pay for high auto roaming charges.Minimum 5 dollar plus just for answering 1 minutes of these unnecessary call.2 minutes ten dollar plus.
Worst ,when I am in the process of making baby ,just imagine receiving such sms or call to ask you whether you need a loan or credit card or a stay in the hotel....
And such calls can also cause divorce or traffic fines etc.Today itself I receive 3 such calls.
Should implement immediately.

Anonymous said...

Making baby... roflmao

Give this man a tiger!!!

Knnccb.... 4 a moment I forgotten my toddy.

Anonymous said...

Omfg..... ah neh kee-tang leesonly?

spontaneously chopping head.

Now slitting throat..

Next wat??? Spontaneous love making?

knnccb..... telling hsien long knnBOHccb.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua will faint once more when he reads this:

Anonymous said...

We all know who is making the calls. Just tell the caller companies to stop. If they continue to call and the recipient makes a complaint they will be fined, regardless of the calls from local or outsource. Make it a blanket cover.

This DNC cannot protect from international callers from disturbing you.

Anonymous said...

Rb:/ I can’t believe what I read. I fainted, woke up and relooked at the message again, and fainted again./

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Anonymous said...

Mr Bean your blog has turned into a site for gobbledygook speakers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, good to have a change of tempo and tune, a little variety.

Anonymous said...

@December 21, 2013 9:33 am


knnccb ... imagine looking @ my fingers. and where is jimmy?