Very racist and mischievous reporting by India’s TV media

‘Sun TV released a TV Tamil news about the Little India riot on Mon (9 Dec) at 7pm, saying that Indian foreign workers were attacked by Chinese Singaporeans. And that the person who died in the accident was pushed off from the bus by the female bus driver. (Can you believe that you can have this kind of lies being reported as truth? This is my comment.)

The news was later put on youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql6gWTc_Dn4 and went viral on the Net instantly.

Currently, the video has been removed but not before netizens translated it:

The above is posted in TRE. See how mischievous and racist people can be to resort to this kind of contorted reporting and fabrication of the truth? This kind of reporting cannot be taken lightly and a small apology be accepted and case closed. The damage has been done and many would have their pea brains filled with hatred against Singapore and Chinese. Only racist and sly people would do such a thing to incite hatred and violence against the Chinese here. And it also has world wide consequences as racists would jump on it and may attack Chinese in other countries, notably in India where hatred for Chinese is quite severe. Just read their media and you will understand.

The Singapore govt must get to the bottom of this report, to find out who filed this, or is it a fabrication of Sun TV and its editorial stuff. And if there is really so much hatred for Chinese in India, the Singapore govt must review the CECA and its policies on recruiting more Indians into the island. If it is the work of an individual or a few individuals, they must be exposed.

Singaporean Chinese have so often been attacked erroneously as racists by racists in Singapore for things they have not done or have no intent of being racists. The Singapore govt needs to erase this anti Chinese thoughts among the slimy and racists disguising themselves as the innocents and using every false excuse to label the Chinese here as racists. This mischievous thought and line of thinking must not be swept under the carpet. We cannot become their silent victims.

Conduct a thorough investigation and flush out the culprits. Singaporean Chinese must stop being silly and allow others to put such a racist tag on them without resisting. If this is repeated long enough, the lie will be believed and the innocents and other races would believe that it is true.

How on earth would some fuckers file such a slanderous and insidious report to Sun TV and why the station was so happy and ready to put it on air? Daft Sinkies don’t even know that they have been sodomised. They don’t even know how they die. There is a conspiracy to tarnish the Chinese as very bad people, to put them on the defensive by this kind of wild attacks and misinformation. Be on your guard against such bigotry and lies.


Anonymous said...

There are at least 500k Indians here, as workers and PMEs, buying our properties, working and earning good money, some even CEOs etc. In some quarters, they really hate the Chinese and blamed the Chinese as racists.

Fucking racists. If the Chinese are racists, they would not be allowed here in such great numbers and in good jobs. Goh Chok Tong would not be them hugging them. The CECA would not have been signed.

Anonymous said...

Taiwanese talk show commented on the recent riot in S'pore. The host said S'pore was kicked out of M'sia because S'pore was a lawless island. What the f is this???


Must report police!

Anonymous said...

why your elders neBer tell you, u better trust a cobra than ah neh??

knnccb .... i hoping for more mayhem, knnbccb where is the kentucky chicken man??? in loondon?

Anonymous said...

Could it be they are too busy counting the levies & the locked up CPF money, for investments and 2016 and overlooking the foreign workers working conditons?

Anonymous said...

Buay tahan, these freaking monkeys come to your country and riot but sinkies again get the blame, those that goes abroad must be careful, with all the tons that have been said by veritas on these monkeys, they are true afterall.

That Dr Par had said sin city can have 8 million people, just like the gahmen to keep on sending invites to all these ass holes, those monkeys have over fill their place where people are pouring onto street, now such shit comes here and says we can be just like them. It is really a grave concerns for sinkies to think about, if that stupid 60% do not mind pooing in drains under bridges, having been rape as a hobby, where the stink is constantly up your nostril, then of course it's alright.

That riot has open a doorway to show how ugly it can be, these piece of land will be fill to top with ft's and your children are the ones that will have to face them every freaking day.

Anonymous said...

700k noy 500k

Anonymous said...

Insist of growing the economy through growing the population, did other countries, used these methods?

Singapore advantage is it has one of the busiest port in the world, other countries which became advanced, grow their economic through the technological breakthrough, but funny why Singapore leaders insist of growing the population, maybe the real reasons, want them to vote for them again and get their fat pay again?

Anonymous said...

Singapore has one of the busiest port in the world, that many advanced nation don't have but sadly some of its brightest 300k populations are oversea helping other countries. It continue to use cheap 1 million foreign labour to grow its economy?

Many of the well qualify locals got to be property agents, insurance agents, cab drivers, gardeners, cleaners & security etc?

Anonymous said...

Rb:How on earth would some fuckers file such a slanderous and insidious report to Sun TV and why the station was so happy and ready to put it on air?

Obviously the damages, repercussions and ripple effects from this incident go far beyond the monetary losses of about a score of burnt/ damaged police cars and civil defence vehicles, medical and down time costs of 39 injured officers, monetary and business losses suffered and incurred by business owners in the areas.

In a way, the very people the garment allows in to ramp up the GDP growth have caused a very serious dent to Sinkieland's international image and arguably in many other aspects.

Growing the economy at all costs fed arguably by incessant greed but incompetent supervision and almost non-existent close monitoring of conditions on the ground would likely backfire badly and even fatalistically on the perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

RB //How many would believe a riot like last Sunday could happen in this peaceful and prosperous city of graceful, polite and govt fearing citizens? An isolated incident? //

This is like dengue fever.

The first time kena carries some risk.

The second time kena can be fatal.

Anonymous said...

You dumb fark. You don't even know the consequences of the two.

Anonymous said...

Foreign citizens like the Khanna from the slocal school of public policy,a US citizen, should refrain from commenting on Spore domestic issue.

The state-media is giving him the platform and much coverage to interfere which local issue like the controversial population policy,

even when govt forbids foreigner from speaking at speaker corners.

whether it is 5 or 6 million population Singaporeans would greatly appreciate they leave Spore matters to Singapore citizens, thank you!

We Singaporeans must be alert, speak-up to any possible geo-political influence from other countries that try to meddle with our domestic policy

b said...

India needs a Mao to free those people from their rulers brainwashing and enslaving. It is never about race or religion. It is always the abused of slaves by their masters.

- Religion is toxic. Mao is right.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sun network is broadcasting Tamil channels at all over world.These channels are used to learn tamil at all over the world.