Being pro active or reactive?

Preventing racial enclaves forming has been a corner stone of our social harmony policy to avoid racial clashes like those happened in our past. This policy has been in force in the allocation of HDB flats to the citizens for years. Given an estimate ratio of 75/15/8/2 among the races, the distribution of ethnic groups in the housing estates is more or less in accordance with this formula.

Boon Wan has said that he is now studying the distribution of foreigners in HDB estates as the percentage in some blocks is as high as 9% or even 18%. Foo Mee Har had raised this as a concern early in the year and suggested a 10% cap to prevent tension among foreigners and locals. Boon Wan is still studying and will come out with the magic number in due course. Did they know that this will happen when HDB relax the policy on subletting to foreigners? Would they have thought about it earlier and come out with some numbers by being proactive?

The presence of huge numbers of foreigners and their peculiar customs could be uncomfortable and irritating. So too would our lifestyle be to them. The worse aspect is the security of the family members, the oldies, the young and the womenfolk in the presence of strange foreigners. We have just read a case of a foreigner that was driven into desperation to commit daylight robbery in Geylang. When they are comfortable, things may be peaceful. But things can get ugly when some of them got into drugs or gambling debt and would do anything to save themselves.

The other bigger problem is the enclaves of foreigners in private estates and condominiums. Is it acceptable to have foreigners forming a majority in private developments or even taking over the whole estate? Anyone thinking about this? Any proactive bugger starting to scratch his head? Or would they wait for something painful to happen before they put on their thinking cap?


Anonymous said...

RB, I think we already lost east coast without anyone firing a shot

Anonymous said...

Melville Park Condominium in Simei is now swarmed with newly emigrated India Indians. I was told the private free hold condominium is now almost eighty to ninety percent Indian. Should the government look into that?

Eagles Eues

Veritas said...

This is how foreigners form enclaves. The senior managers of banks just ship in FT Indians and give them posh salary, then they can live in Condos.

The enclaves are not only apartment. One big catastrophic area is international schools. Despite being shorter in history and smaller in numbers, FT Indians build themselves at least 4 international schools, while PRC is 1.

In the past, Singapore assimilate ourselves using national school system. PAP even close all Chinese schools. Now we are letting these PR setting up their school systems.

Worse, I got FT Indians friends who confessed heart breakingly that they don find SG Chinese discriminating them, their sons in Indian international schools are being discriminated by higest caste Brahmin. (even among Brahmins there are caste)

Indian international schools is big missionary center of caste system. It is build with help of PAP and Kuan Yew to spread caste system in SG.

Today we know that the white man has their own schools and stay in Bukit Timah and Katong. If we forces white man to attend our schools. Yes this hurts economy.

Imagine if white man attend our school and stay in HDB, they will 100% integrate. Now white man don integrate, they are aloof. They ship their scion back motherland when they grow up.

With enclave appartment and schools, Singapore is now a big caste-shit society.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, your ft's friend said what?, what are the claims on that, evidence?, and how are there caste in sin society?, again what ate the facts that goes with what you have said, it would be an intetesting lesson for all of us here to know and be wary.

Veritas said...

Every countries Indian went got caste system. UK parliament just outlaw caste system.

A lot of Indians Dalit turn out protest against fucking Brahmin scum in UK. There are just 2.3 Indians in UK and they got big big problem with caste system, what about us?

Not only that Indians treated all locals in Mauritius, Suriname, Trindad, Fiji, Guyana, Reunions like animals. Some even claim that they will be polluted eating food serve by locals.

You can go website and search how Indians shit on these people.

How about Singapore? We already have a caste system. Even Malaysia has a caste system impose on them by Indians and even Malaysian Indians admit. For your info, Mahathir an Indian himself despise Malaysian Indian. Singaporeans FT Indians should learn from Mahathir and despise themselves.

All Malaysian Indians hate Mahathir but actually Mahathir is teaching them good things, to abolish caste system. Indians follow their old ways and don listen.

Why no one talk about Singapore caste system. Because Kuan Yew and PAP is the one trying to impose it on us with the help of Indians.

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

There is no hope in FT Indians compared to Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Indians despite doing how the shit thing admit they have caste system. Once you admit, you will open a window for redemption, repent and correction.

UMNO despite all its flaws openly coach Indians to forgo caste system.

Unlike PAP.

Local Indians and FT Indians here never admit they have a caste system. Instead, all fingers are pointed against the most kind and gentle Chinese as racist.

In addition PAP enlist the help of FT Indians to impose a caste system. We already have a new religion, neo-Hinduism. Neo Hinduism teach us that Singaporeans are stupid and lazy despite we work hard and have IQ 108.

FT Indians are clever and hardworking and good in IT despite having moronic IQ of 82.

Then PAP give all jobs to FT Indians. Singaporeans eventually will work as shit collector and prostitute.

Anonymous said...


Happy to see your comments again.... As i mentioned in one earlier blog, the entire East Cost pvt apartments are taken up by people from one nationality. Do you think a law can be passed to cap the percentage of certain nationality in a private property ?

If we ask all these people to leave singapore, will the jobs also get shipped from Singapore. As per my understanding most of the banks in Singapore and deploying roles to Mumbai and Pune

Anonymous said...

Someone is sleeping and the co driver also sleeping. They only talk about how good they are but don't know what is happening on the ground.

Waiting for the people to tell them while they are busy counting their money.

Veritas said...

Not a good idea to pass a cap on ethnic composition on private property because the breaks the law of inviolable rights of private property.

Once a certain race reach a critical mass in population and have enough wealth to access private properties, ethnic quarters will emerge and this will be a big problem if not arrested.

I do not see any easy way out of the mess. Only thing we can do is abolish FT policy and hope the one who remain can integrate.

The jobs whether or not ship out of Singapore is NOT for Singaporeans AT ALL. MNC and many local SME will still be hiring FT Indians when they are based in SG. Better for them to relocate elsewhere because then we could free up space for car and bigger housing.

Right now with FT policy, citibanks hire 99% of FT Indians at CBP. What if we abolish FT policy?

If Citibank hate SG so much that they want to relocate to Bombay, by all means, and take all their fucking FT Indians caste shit scum away with them. Good riddance.

If Citibank think that SG is a financial center and they need a presence here, without FT policy they will be forced to train up locals.

Today the problem is not that local grads are fuck up. The problem is we allow access of local job market to FT Indians, many of them 10-20 years experience. That deprive local grad a point to start.

Also FT Indians hate Chinese. They wont allow any Chinese to be alive under their charge.

Anonymous said...


I read that most of the FTs in Citybank are PRs already. So if City bank relocates to Bombay, they will recruit new headcount in Bombay. The existing PR FTs will remain in Singapore and will start looking for other jobs in StanChart. They will displace locals in StanChart. Then StanChart will relocate to Bombay. The FT PRs remain here. The cycle continues. We will be left out with the same crowd, but with lesser jobs. what do you think.

Veritas said...

Many of these FT Indians survive because of racism and caste-ism impose on us by MNC and PAP.

FT Indians are known to be good at politiking else their country would not be shit. What happen if citi relocate?

These guys got unemployed and they need to look for job. These will put a stop to waves of FT Indians invasion as there are fewer quality job left.

Face it, many good jobs created over the years goes to FT Indians and that is why their mean income now greater than Chinese.

Even if these jobs are here, it wont go to Singaporeans. And Indians are known to be fuck up in jobs. Thats y although USA help them by moving call center there, today Philippines become call center king because FT Indians forever amuse themselves by screwing customers.

Don believe try SIA Indian call center.

Right now these banks are doing the whole world and Singapore no good. Why are they hiring IQ82 FT Indians who are inefficient?

Reason is they have free monies from QE. They are deserve to be bankrupt. Also all finanical center due to influx of shylocks got problems of high properties price. Look at how UK financial center impoeverish the countries.

Better have the short term pain than long term.

First stop FT policy.

SG has a lot of deals with China. If Citibank don like SG, kick them out.

See whether they can find a better place to conduct RMB trade....etc

Its better to starve till death than to import caste system and live miserably like Indian.

Indian shit in their country big time. Don import these people.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply.
I also heard that a lot of FTs bait in our forums and make fun of us. For eg, what i am doing to you in last few posts :-)

ha ha ha ....

How can we stop them from doing this ?

Veritas said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Veritas, for your reply.

Forget that ass anon 6.44pm, one last question, if you're still reading.
What's your take on the TPP agreement, do you have the insides news of what it represent.

On behalf of those that are interested....thank you.

b said...

THose who own private properties for rental must be laughing to the banks now. Many of them are foreigners. Winners are the foreigners.