Let’s make nasi padang affordable

 HDB flats are affordable as they are priced according to the income of the buyer. It is quite easy to compute the income of young home buyers and price the flats according to how much they would have saved in the CPF and how much they would be able to pay for monthly mortgage over 30 years.

I think it would be equally easy to make the price of nasi padang affordable to the young people and also to those who are earning millions. For the former, a plate of nasi padang at $2.50 would be just right since they have not much left after paying for housing and if they dare to commit to a car, and to live perilously by having children too.

For those big earners, a $50 a plate nasi padang should be very affordable I am sure. Can throw is a glass of bandung for free and for good service a pack of tissue to wipe the mouth clean after the makan.

This is how the affordable formula is supposed to work. The price is pegged according to what the buyers can afford.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

For that 15K a month MP to prolong discussion of his $2.50 plate of nasi padang is unbecoming.

He is paid to tackle big issues not make a fuss about what he eats for lunch.

On his facebook, he should post more serious stuff instead of such frivolous nonsense.

Next, we probably will get to know what kind of toilet paper he uses.


Anonymous said...

This must not be RIP.

yes be kept at very forum front page until next election.

Knnccb... hsien loong, return my cpf money.it's my coffin money. Not pek-kim for somebody else. Khcccb.

Anonymous said...

George boy $4.80 wanton plus kopi plus tissues at loyang point.

How cum char siew... so many pieces?

chay sim also more..

Knnccb... neBer leave home without it.

Anonymous said...

Bandung 50c, kopi $1.00, kopi kau 30c.

Anonymous said...

I ever saw many times what those foreign workers eat.

Just a big packet of plain rice (need calories and energy for manual work) and a small packet of curry.

So I think a nasi padang seller can still make profit with $2.50 per plate nasi padang. Just plain rice with curry gravy and some veggies.

In fact if the gravy is superb, can eat with rice already.

I know because I ever tried eating just that. Very palatable and provided of course the curry is superb.

I think there is a big market for $2.50 nasi padang with good gravy.

The said...

/// This is how the affordable formula is supposed to work. The price is pegged according to what the buyers can afford. ///

Non starter. How do you even begin to price it? Seasonal price? Price as a percentage of your income? A restaurant in China tried the "pay as you wish" pricing. You pay what you think the meal is worth. Result? Most people don't even pay a single cent.

How do you enforce "what the buyers can afford"? Ask them for their pay slips?

Food prices cannot be cheap. And it is due largely to property prices. The rentals are just too high, and unlikely to come down.

Anonymous said...

Possible, if nasi padang is sold like HDB flats, govt monopoly.

b said...

Singaporeans, like many third world countries, are better off under the colonial masters than papapigs. The price of independence is very high and only benefit a small elite group of people. The majority of the people suffered even more under the rule of their own kind.

The said...

/// Possible, if nasi padang is sold like HDB flats, govt monopoly. ///

Aiyoh, monopoly means higher prices, not lower prices.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, its the rich and powerful who think they deserve or at least sellers would offer them discounts
Remember the 2 eggs for them and one for the masses analogy??

Anonymous said...

How cum three major Telecom companies... all charging near similar prices?

knnccb... hsien long, refund my cpf money. It's not pek-kim for old fart or others. It's my coffin money

Anonymous said...

"Let's make nasi padang affordable"

Let's vote out the PAPigs.

Anonymous said...

@ December 23, 2013 5:34 pm

Let's make government affordable.
Let's vote out the PAPigs.
We can't afford this PAP government's big spending anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think more million dollar ministers also affordable. After all, $600K is just one peanut, according to the calculations of the elites. So, what else is more expensive than a peanut to the PAP?

Anonymous said...

wonder whether memberships have such discount at the nasi padang restuarant near orchard road

knnccb ... papigs retutn my cpf money, it's my coffin money not pek-kim for old farts or others

Anonymous said...

Life will be much simpler RB, if its like that, but since when did the high guns flame proof generals ever made it this way, the we will treat the fw's better promise said it all....bringing in all the soldiers is and has been what hes doing, being an army ding himself.

They will put it across even if the ppl do not like it, with a fake banner of,"for the cuntree", the desmonds are the mouths that must be fed to the fullest, affordable is what they say and we must comply, if u can't pay, they sue u of your house etc.

The 6.9 mil is to keep them there, soon all the guns will be from uniform groups, simple use as soilder see soldier do, NO QUESTION ASK.

For those that are still blurr, and still think that their asses are intact, god bless you and have a merry christmas.

Anonymous said...

Their popularity sliding further and further after the GE 2011 is likely to due the the CPF lock up scheme, which previously release at 55, and over importation? After 2011 the need to increase many indirect taxes, where the given out in 2011?

Because after 2011, with little incentive and start to take back what give around the election 2011? Hougang even with the Yaw Shin Leong case and the new comer Png, the main party work very hard still lost by a wide margin? Our gain back a few hundred votes due to YSL case?

The Presidential Election they slide further, they only garnered 35 percent with massive MSM support, massive association endorsement, govt endorsement of Tony Tan, only can barely win over Tan Cheng Bock with only one percent win, all together only 35 percent support the govt endorsed Tony Tan, with all together 65 percent votes go to the opposing view of the govt, with Tan Cheng Bock became more critical of the govt? Tan Jee Seng and Tan Kin Lian support the opposing views?

By the time at Punggol East by election, they slide even further, they lost much more from a win in 2011, to a staggering lost from around 55 percent to a lost of 43 with another opposition party joining the fray?

It is time to rethink the CPF policy. So it is critical to return to people CPF as promised and many had taken out their CPF at 55 to return the trust?

It is possible before the election they might revert back the old scheme of returning people CPF, in case they might lost heavily in 2016?

Anonymous said...

My dog make tasty nasi padang free from his arsehole. It will be free, no need to be offer out of goodwill or out of respect, no sneaky marketing needed. Maybe Baey will love it because it is free, who know ?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland's affordable formulae is supposed to work?

Each and every time things get too expensive they just redefine the formulae to make it look affordable on paper. Their formulaes are just like blackholes in the sky that only they can pretend to understand.

Anonymous said...

When PAP uses the word "affordable" be scared, be very very very scared !

Unknown said...

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