Be practical with education choices

Many parents are still spending millions on their children’s education. They often empty their nest eggs just to get their children a place in the best university, locally or foreign. This was a good thing in the past when such a degree will guarantee a good career and a good return on their investments.

The reality today is very different. A good education is not only a financially depleting enterprise, it can be very depressing and even suicidal to some when the good jobs did not come along with the degree but an outstanding debt for the parents and a child feeling so indebted and guilty to their parents. The simple equation of pay for a good education and ending with a good and rewarding job is not working anymore. There are many depressing and heartbreaking stories of jobless graduates or graduates ended up as waiters, temp staff, taxi drivers and even security guards. What is the point of an education, a very expensive one, when the end is a broken dream and joblessness?

Under such circumstances, it is important for parents to seriously understand the new ball game and be prepared for it, to know what they want and whether it is value for money. The time and money invested in the child must be proportional to the returns and the expectations. Study the job market and find out what jobs go to who and from where and work the sums and plan accordingly.

Those who want their children to be top civil servants or millionaire politicians, there is only one route, get a scholarship from the govt. A PM scholarship is useless, I mean a Papa Mama scholarship would be unworthy for such a quest.

For those who want their children to be in the banking and finance industry, there is only one place to go, India. Practically all the hires in the industry are graduates from Indian universities. The top guys are from India, the recruiting agents are from India, the people doing the interviews are of Indian origins. This is real, and if one aspires to be a banker, go get an Indian university education. And better still, marry an Indian and get the right connections. This is a piece of practical advice, a gem.

Not very long ago, all the Indians who want to be a top civil servant or minister would want to marry a Singapore Chinese. This formula is not going to work in the future. The trend is reversing.

And India is also good for those who want to be in IT. It is a must place to go. Forget about those top ranking local universities. They are good only on paper.

And for those who are looking for a career in the service industries, like waiters, counter boys and girls, telemarketing, the place to go is the Philippines. They are producing the best and the highest number of employees in these fields. Even answering services, the best place to go is now the Philippines. Use to be India. And the university fees and cost of living are also cheaper. The total cost for such a degree is probably 20 percent of those in our local universities and 10 per cent for one in Australia, US or UK.

Now, why would parents want to spend so much in the education of their children to become a counter service staff or a waiter or waitress when a degree in the Philippines will do? And why go to Australia, UK or US when a degree from India is so much cheaper and in demand?

Parents must think out of the box, be practical and realistic. The world is changing. Get a degree from a country that is marketable. And now India is tops and the Philippines is second.

Good luck to all of you and your children. Hope they will get their degrees and their waiter or counter service jobs. Of course a cheaper and better choice is not to waste the money, just be a hawker, no need degrees.


agongkia said...

Dun waste money on the children.If children can get a service crew or cabin crew job as a graduate the parent should be considered lucky.
Worse is that the parent may end up losing a child.
I know of some graduates, become westernize ,after graduation and married, neglecting their parents,and even feel uncomfortable to allow their bortartcheh parent or Ah Kong to carry their babies,feeling they are dirty,no hygiene etc.Some are afraid that their baby being influence to speak dialects or mother tongue and feel speaking dialects is a disgrace.Some will even kick out their parent after getting married.
Go and see how many old folks in those homes with graduate children.
Save the money to hug more mei meis is 'betterer or besterest 'than to waste money spoiling them with papers and end up losing a child or a child who become angmosai.

Anonymous said...


Your analysis seems right but very depressive on a Sunday morning.

How come super talented scholars dont see things under such lights? Is it bcos they are so thrifty they never switch on the lights in their sky scrapping ivory towers to save pennies on the electrical bills but splash on impractical stuff that shines and glitters under the hot sun like the synthetic nursery in marina bay literally transplanted from temperate region that forever needs ICU type maintenance 24/7/365. Tiok bo?

To be a good garment BAEY sai like that. Super talents BAEY sai pretend deaf frogs.
Like that the top can have good life but many citizens below very jialat.

Either super talents' brain kena water goes inside BAEY working liao or they are so disconnected and not aware of the frustrations, despairs and disillusions on the ground?

In a one man one vote system, BAEY sai manage kantry like that one ......

Anyone who can promise to get sinkies out of "Egypt and further slavery" and into the "promise land of a Singaporean Singapore" will win the hearts, minds, imagination, trust and most importantly the votes in the ballot boxes.

As a garment, BAEY sai bones give sinkies but juicy meat give outsiders. Like that BAEY work one. Sinkies sure BAEY sarpork such masters and autocratic ruleers.

BAEY sai continue this path liao.

BAEY sai say one thing but do another thing.

BAEY sai 10.30am still relaxing in dim sum restaurant and still publicly tell the whole world after that practised "顺手牵羊" "kapot" half boxes of high quality toothpicks. BAEY sai keep making such political gaffes sure lose the trust of many voters.

With the lengthening lists of political gaffes and blunders such as the $2.50 nasi padang PR fiasco and blow job addicted senior home affairs officials, not to compile it into a book also BAEY sai liao. The increasing pages cannot but force the compiler to bind it into a thick Volume One. Hope no more Volume Two cumming. Like that sinkies sure BAEY tahan very disillusioned with garment.

To be garment, BAEY sai switch off light in tall airconditioned ivory towers. Like that dark dark after heavy lunch very easy fall asleep on the job cos mb too cosy and disconnected from outside world.

Garment funded by tax payers $$$$$ BAEY sai like that cos many common folks sure suffer jialat lor ........

Anonymous said...

It their old patterns using old people to stop people, if not how to make lot of money?

Their patterns is predictable money, make money even sell their soul also must make money from the people?

Anonymous said...

"Get a degree from a country that is marketable. And now India is tops and the Philippines is second."

They are the best available in terms of quantity and skills (not say best but can do lah) and also asking for the right (for their bosses lah, of course) salaries.

And there are not even enough suffering Sinkies to vote out the PAP, let alone available to compete with those Pinoy and India graduates. You know how big their population or not, as compared to Sinkie (vote opposition) population?

Anonymous said...

Lose to PAP (Sinkie opposition), lose their time (male serve NS Sinkies)and lose their jobs (male and female Sinkies) to foreign talents.(Pinoys and Indians in particular).

Lose, lose, lose. Everytime lose.

Anonymous said...

One person said there is no permanent friends, but there is permanent money making scheme interest, to entice people with the same interest to co operate? Mean there is a group of people who share the interest of getting the world highest pay and helping each other?

Now the focus is the foreigners which they don't know much of their past methods? So most likely they will vote for them, but Punggol East by election proof it to be false? Usually sweet soundly words need to be invent to mast the real intentions?

So the manifestos for the 2016, is likely to be (How to make nothing, but money from the foreigners)?

No choice foreign workers got pay levies how? They came in to vote for us so we can enjoy 10 times the pay of the Nordic ministers pay, we try not to antagonize them, if not they will not come to become citizens to vote for us to maintain our pay?

Should use some creative wordings, to explain to the people foreigners are good make use of them to make money, because many of the lower income earners are too poor, hardly earn enough to survive. We need to give some profit sharing schemes so they can votes for us too? Because of their depress pay and out of jobs or underwork?

Because many foreigners came to Singapore take away their jobs and depress their pays, so they had not alot of money to pay for the indirect taxes, but the foreigners have money, now entice them to come later can indirectly taxes them, so we can pay ourselves 8 months of bonus, but please don't say it directly, not so nice, sugarcoat it, if not the foreigners will not come?

Anonymous said...

/// Lose, lose, lose. Everytime lose. ///

Ya lor! Vote PAP, you sure lose!

Anonymous said...

“Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up.”

Eh! Hello!
Kuan Yew.
Are you getting up anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

LKY mention we will learn and repent from a dose of bad government.

Dear 60%
Have we repented from our choice of PAP and their useless leaders?
If we have please vote for Opposition in 2016 .

Anonymous said...

Many people quite naive during 2011, we give them some profit sharing schemes and incentives they vote for us, but later after 2011 we got to take back more from them and more if not how to pay our world highest salaries and friends, as one person said they no permant friend but permant interest?

These money came from them, we later got to get back from them and the foreigners, indirectly, but we got to invent some like excuse, to sugarcoat the words and said it another way, so as not to antagonise them and make it look good through the medias?

There is not much choices, so many years we just use many nice sounding words they believe us, the 60 pc quite stupad? But we think they are wise up especially the foreigners in Punggol East by election, they are getting smarter, but don't forget we got the white paper we can bring in more people to vote for us? We got use nice words and nice talking in another ways to pacify the foreigners and lure them to come to make money for us?

6.9 millions is the answer to our players, the next five years we still can enjoy our multi millions salaries, five more years of bliss, they said every minutes there a fool to be born is true? Don't forget our salaries not cheap we got to pay some old people to do those stopping jobs of the critics? If not how can we are the most well paid politicians in the world?

Many lower workers pay depressed no choice, we got to bring in the cheap foreigners to maximise our profits because we own much of Singapore GLC and Singapore companies, too bad many is lure by our incentives and profit sharing schemes and vote for us?

Some maybe be out of jobs, due to importing of more foreigners but too bad for them? We need more foreigners to vote for us to maintain our pays? On and off we develop some profit sharing schemes to help those out of jobs and depressed pay Singaporean to reduce their anger?

Anonymous said...

The reasons why we don't say we tax high is because people might not like it and vote as out, so we tax indirectly? Nordic countries tax directly higher, but they give more social welfare like education, retrenchment benefits old age benefits? They got less inequality before less foreigners to take away their jobs and depress their pay?

The reasons is that we can give them profit sharing schemes and other incentive to make them beholden on us and votes for us again and again to maintain our highest pay in the world? You all these people have a little greed with them just give them some incentives and profit sharing scheme the old people or the guillible will come to volunteer with us?

So many could be fool why we don't tax directly, in flat our indirect taxes is the highest in the world ,so we need to lure the foreigners to come to support the levies , the local not much left with their pay depress by the foreigners and other indirect taxes like coe, erp, gst and levies etc.?

If we use the Nordic system we might be voted out because they use a high taxes systems which benefit the people more but benefits ourself less?

Anonymous said...

RB, I discussed with my kids but they not keen on both India and pinoy land leh. I think study locally cheaper lar with scholarship unless can not get lor

Anonymous said...

All these years we able to success because of the little greed in the people, we can make use of the guillible old people to volunteer for us and stop the critics? Lot of the old people were psycho and make use by us but they are very happy to be make use by us?

We use the medias as we own the medias very effective, we kept broadcasting the good things we do but rarely the bad things so many feel that we do lots of good things? Remember see and hear the right stuff?

2011 proof many had the small greed in them, all these profit sharing schemes, incentives schemes, are their own money we get indirectly from them like coe, erp gst, levies and now the cpf locked up schemes for life?

But the Punggol East might be game changers because it is in the middle of our take back money schemes, of course what we give out must be take back more that why we lure the guillible foreigners to come, some to contribute to the levies, gst, erp, coe and many other indirect schemes and vote for us, they don't know much how we operate, but many of the older citizens slower realised?

Of course we much let them see we favour them the foreigners, if not how they go to take the bait isn't it?

As these levies get from the foreigners cheaper workers are actually our worker pay, with cheaper foreigners Singaporean got to take low pay and their job maybe taken away by the foreigners and the new citizens jobs taken away and depressed by the newer and newer foreingers? We just tell them foreigner workers, create value they believe so stupad?

b said...

Education is over rated. Parents should not spend money on kids and their interference only increases the costs of education. Kids have to learn to provide for their own tertiary studies either through scholarships or night or part time studies.

b said...

Anyway, there is nothing wrong to be hawker, service crew, taxi drivers who earn better than any office jobs and less stressful once they learnt the ropes and become their own bosses and use cheap labour.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should start with parents educating children about good manners, like treating others the way you would like to be treated. This would then break the monopoly of our Filipino neighbours on the service industry. In fact good manners goes a long way in any field and it costs nothing.

Anonymous said...

If you are a PAP member and a graduate;
You will have a good job after you graduate.
True or not?

Anonymous said...

Not necessary,

Better to know of skeletons in the closet.

Information is the key to power

Knnccb... fuck papigs, return my coffin money.

patriot said...

Though Agongkia had left an impression of being overvirile and
frivolous at time, the Comment he
made here shows that must be a
very filial child.
He seemed to have a very strong sense of patriotism to the Rulers as
well as filial piety for his parents
albeit the Chinese have a saying that
忠孝难俩全. Must say that the Saying
does not apply to this tiny dot of ours'.
In China, one maybe few thousand
kilometres away from home to defend
and protect the nation and countrymen, hence almost impossible to attend to the family which is invariably headed by the elders, namely the grandparents and parents.

We, in Sin, as descibed by Agongkia, are very prone to neglect our parents. And more so our grandparents , siblingsand relatives. Senses of kinsmanship are quite usual to be very thin and weak. Much time are spent chasing after success and money with a very willful neglect of the elders in the family.

Me likes to say that in my personal view, if one neglects ones' parents and grandparents, then he or she will not sacrifice for the country and fellow countrymen.

So, Sin is blessed to have citizen like Agongkia and his elders certainly have done a great job in upbring him.

Kudos to Agongkia.


Anonymous said...

/// He (agongkia) seemed to have a very strong sense of patriotism to the Rulers ///

Agongkia is therefore a fucking traitor.

Be loyal to Singaporeans.
Never be loyal to heartless rulers.
Especially vampire rulers who sell country to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia 又忠又孝。

Keep it up Agongkia.

Salute You.