FTs create good jobs for Sinkies

The first good job created for Sinkies by foreigners. Sinkies should be very grateful.

Let me see what are the jobs Singapore created for foreigners. CEO SGX, CEO DBS, Dep Chairman WDA?, Dean of NUS Law School, many MDs in SWF, many CEOs in GLCs....

A maid is a good start.


Anonymous said...

This foreigner is ignorant or even daft lah.

But then hor, maybe this special maid is paid $10K per month leh. Then of course Sinkies deserve the job lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

It may be true.

In China it was reported that even university graduates wanted to be maids because some employers are so rich that they can afford even to pay their maids very well. Of course they want the best qualified and available ones lah.

Veritas said...

This is really a good job. We should be thankful that someone given a domestic worker job to us. As I have predicted, very soon, the ONLY job available for our women is prostitute and our men are shit collector.

3000 years ago, the most stupid Aryan conquered the Hindu Ganges plain Dravidians who are most clever that the time. This is not unlike IQ 82 Indians conquering IQ 108 Singaporeans.

The Aryan tell the Dravidians that they did evil in their past life and must work as shit collector and prostitute to redeem themselves now. The Dravidians believe in this shit and their descendants the Dalits are still collecting shit and peddling ass today.

Fast forward, FT Indians are using their tricks against SG against with the help of PAP. They say Singaporeans stupid and lazy, Indians clever and good in IT and banking...etc

Now a job created for us is maid. Soon, we will be shit collector and our daughters will have a career of whoring created for them.

Veritas said...

In China it was reported that even university graduates wanted to be maids because some employers are so rich that they can afford even to pay their maids very well. Of course they want the best qualified and available ones lah.

You want to compare with China?

In China, the white man are working as Janitor, waiter and cleaners. We are already far behind China.

agongkia said...

Of course FT create jobs for Sinkies.
That PRC who was reported to have climb up the crane yesterday when his towkay refuse to lend him money .He create jobs for policemen,SCDF fire fighters,ambulance staff...

Will you climb the crane and create jobs?

Anonymous said...

"He create jobs for policemen,SCDF fire fighters,ambulance staff..."
agongkia 9:54 pm

But most Sinkies don't want this type of jobs leh. Some are even NS men doing such jobs.

Anonymous said...

But then hor, maybe this special maid is paid $10K per month leh.
Anon 8:40 pm

U didn't read properly. It is clearly stated $600-800 per month.

But then hor, maybe got $$$++ not stated leh. Maybe need to go interview then know. Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

万岁 万岁 万万岁

叩头 一万次

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua it is rather sad to observe that some of the folks commenting didn't get the irony intended in your post. A case of chronic daftness?

agongkia said...

I see this advertisement specially put up as an insult to Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Pinky no need to admit you don't have 20/20 vision. Pinky no neee to apologise for lack of foresight. You and your father are having very good foresight.

Anonymous said...

This is really good for laugh. It can't be serious.

Anonymous said...

Employing Singaporean as maid saves money for FT as there is no need to pay agency fee, maid levy, return air-fare, hospitalisation insurance, lodging, food, medical expenses etc

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, the garment could be digging own graves for SINKIES!

At about 48,000 babies in 1994, the NS intake for SINGAPOREAN BOYS born that year is probably already at record low.

When the 2013 baby boys serve NS in 2031, technically MINDEF is looking at about 16,000 NS conscripts.

By not solving the TFR problem and resorting to the easy way out of instant mass import super loose leg open big big lax immigration policy yet paying themselves MILLIONS and obnoxious donkey months of BONUSES and what have you, will the SUPER TALENTS eventually resort to deploying newly minted foreign born soldiers to fill the void and potentially putting the M16 rifles, the GPMGs, the ULTIMATE 1000 HEAVY DUTY MACHINE GUNS, M60 TANKS, APACCHE HELICOPTERS, F16 JET FIGHTERS in their hands and possibly ONE DAY turn on SINKIES.

Better migrate before it is too late.

BYE BYE SINGAPORE! Many are doing it with heavy hearts but they have no alternatives for the sake of their off springs.

For many wrong moves, GEORGIE may be right on this one about the sentiment on the ground: WITHER SINKIES AND SINKIELAND?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right. The employer must have calculated everything and think it is good value, instead of paying all kinds of fees and levies, lump them together to pay a desperate Sinkie in need of a job. Good calculative mind at work.

They should not limit it to females as most of the desperate and jobless PMEs are male.

And there is even a scholar with a masters degree desperately looking for a permanent job. There is also a mother with only $10 left in her bank account. Actually hor, this mother should grab the job while it is still available, despite the fact that she got a degree.

This is the fate awaiting daft Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

I've just written to the fucking agency that I want to employ their clients, a member of the Indian expat community, as my live-in family servants, attending to my daily servile needs and caring for my dogs and koi fishes.

Hope they will respond.

I ain't no miserly slave driver too. I am prepared to pay the male and his wife an upper end four figure monthly salary plus bonus plus perks. A little servants' quarters in my bungalow off Steven's Road would also be made available for their use.

All in all, the total package I am paying this esteemed member of the Indian expat community would surpass whatever he is getting from a job robbed off a local born here, bred here citizen.

Fucking idiots. Don't they know that Singapore has the highest concentration of millionaires in the world?

We don't want any fake sahibs here in Millionaires' Island.

Anonymous said...

Action, Action and that is what is needed. Singaporeans must not just complain. They must take action to recover Singapore for Singaporeans. And the most important action is to recover Singapore for Singaporeans in 2016. Of course don't wait till 2016. From now on it is the duty of every one to go round everywhere be it in the office, market place, shopping centres, residential neighbourhoods and on the streets to talk and convince every Singaporean the gravity of the situation. We should reverse back this evil negative situation in 2016 or go down the drain to self destruction. Tell all opposition party leaders that they should all co-operate and form a solid unitary opposition or their parties will sooner and not later face oblivion. They have a vital task and responsibility to awaken Singaporeans to the danger we are facing and to help recover back Singapore for Singaporeans. They should stop bickering among themselves now, failing which they will be butchered by the Puppies and their alien lackies who are being given citizenship in ever increasing numbers.

Eagles Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sahid. Coffee or tea?

agongkia said...

That Ad. states S$600 to 800 per month depending on qualification ,work 6 days a week from 0800 to 1900 hours....Sinkie or PR,taking care of so many tasks.

I oso want place an Ad. ,pay S$600 to 800, work 1900 to 0800 hour but 2 nights per week only,and taking care of Lau baby like me to ensure I sleep well .At least I am more humane.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8.58 am : /// Tell all opposition party leaders that they should all co-operate and form a solid unitary opposition or their parties will sooner and not later face oblivion. ///

Tell them what ......... ?

All sleeping lah .......!

Co drivers also sleeping despite big boast!

Now drivers in the process to renew their contract for another 5 years co drivers still sleeping!

Co drivers contract could run the chance of not being renewed.

Tell them what?

Got use?

As usual, must wait fire burning on the couch then they spring into action. Too late by then!

b said...

Sad. One of the consequences of majority voting for pro ahneh party.

Anonymous said...

Actually they are one smart ass family. Currently I employed a pino with $500 but if you add Sunday ot it goes up to almost 600 then u add levy it's up to 865. Then u add home leave, insurance and agency charges, it goes up above 1000. Getting a sinkie maid is much cheaper lar

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Downplaying varsity degrees -
With thousands of unemployed graduates,
the govt plans to cap campus enrolment]

"IT is clearer now
why the govt had been discouraging Singaporeans from depending too much on university degrees.

The reason is that
the pool of unemployed graduates is expanding in this wealthy city,
despite a general shortage of workers"


Virgo 49 said...

Pro ahneh party now facing riots in little India