Kee chiu to support fare hike

The poll is coming to an end in a few minutes and 238 voters have casted their votes. 230 have kee chiu but not to support the fare hike. Instead they opposed the fare hike. So, what kind of poll will say many supported the fare hike when a simple poll shows that 96% is against the hike?

I think this poll here must be misleading, drumming, not telling the truth. Ok please ignore this poll. It is saying the wrong thing. Let's move on and welcome the fare hike whole heartedly, as sure as the sun will rise.


Anonymous said...

With so many breakdown they need fare increase to improve the service lah. Without fare increase how to stop the breakdowns? Tio boh?

Anonymous said...

I welcome the fare hike because it suggests;
a)PAP is not on our side
b)Nothing will ever change under a PAP gahmen ... Pay and Pay
c)The stupid PAP wayang logic:

We have COE to encourage people to take public transport.
We now increase MRT fares to also encourage people to take public?

Even though both SMRT and SBS Transit is profitable and are private companies.
Why is a PAP Millionaire Minister fighting so hard for fare increase on behalf of profitable, private companies?
I thot LHL say he is on our side?

Did not Singaporeans (actually it was the PAP gahmen) just give $1 billion dollars in subsidy to these same profitable private companies to buy more buses?

Anonymous said...

"So, what kind of poll will say many supported the fare hike....?"

RB, your blog poll numbers is just like those opposition rallies (big crowd numbers) during elections lah.

The polls which support the fare hike are like those majority numbers at the ballot box on election polling day.

Get it, RB?

Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever change under a PAP gahmen. The PAP is the vision of one man. And that man is still alive.

Anonymous said...

"So, what kind of poll will say many supported the fare hike when a simple poll shows that 96% is against the hike?"

If RB were to conduct an online poll on who (RB or PM Lee) will make a better PM, I think 96% will vote for RB.

So RB will win as online PM. Salary? No fixed one but variable online kopi money. LOL

Anonymous said...

No need vote RB as online PM lah. I am going to give him big bonus, kopi kau kau, for a year of effort.

Happy New Year RB.

Sgcynic said...

Nothing wrong. Tuck Yew said many supported fair hike (8 are many). He didn't say most supported fair hike.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.01
This is the legal way of transferring public money to private money.

Anonymous said...

The transport cos controlled by TH are becoming a liablity/burden financially to Sporeans.

Anonymous said...

Why is a million dollar a year salary Millionaire Minister defending a fare increase for SMRT headed by a $600K/year CEO-General?

Why can't the $600K/year salary CEO-General defend and justify his own fare increase?

Is the PAP government working for the profitable private companies or are they working for Singaporeans?

Why are Singaporeans paying a million dollar salary to a Minister to help a private bus company increase the fares?

Anonymous said...

Good question. The minister should be called CEO.