Mob rules in Thailand

Thailand is dumping democracy into the Chao Phraya River. This is the third popularly elected govt that has been forced by undemocratic forces to step down and wanting to install a non elected and undemocratic govt in its place. Where are the western champions of democracy? Where is the USA? Are they going to stand by the side of a democratically elected govt? Or they are playing dumb as it is not in their interest to protect a democratically elected govt but a mob? The silence is extremely loud.

Yingluck and Thaksin were both elected by the people of Thailand but forced to dissolve their govt by undemocratic forces. Now Yingluck is calling for another general election but this is also turned down by the undemocratic forces and the power behind these forces. Where is Thailand heading to, an autocratic state, a pure monarchy, or a military regime?

The prophecy that there would not be another king in Thailand may come true when these forces are allowed to destroy Thai democracy. The Thai monarchy may go along as a collateral to the sweeping changes in Thai politics. The majority of the Thais are outside Bangkok and they could be forced into a general uprising against Bangkok and bring down the ruling elite supported by the military. When that happens, a Republic of Thailand minus the monarch could be next on the card.

Thailand may want to dump democracy but democracy shall triumph instead. And when that happens, what kind of Thailand would survive the rout? Would Thailand do away with the monarchy to fulfill the prophecy? It is looking like history will take its natural course to allow the monarchy to alienate itself from the people and bring its own destruction. The only little authority and revere left in the monarchy will go when the big tree falls.

Thaksin and Yingluck will outlive the big tree and will return in triumph, possibly after a period of turmoil and unrest and revolt in the kingdom. The tyranny of the minority will not lust.


Anonymous said...

Bangkok Post

[Amid revolution, students hold key to country's future]

...it has attracted, for the first time in a generation, the mass involvement of students,
and it is their voices, as representatives of the future, that might offer a way out for a nation at an impasse with itself.


Anonymous said...

But how come the Thai mob can gather in such big numbers, tens of thousands hah? They no need to work meh? How come ah?

Look at our Sinkie Hong Lim Park gatherings. It is legal and some more on weekends. Yet can barely gather even a few hundreds. Why ah?

Compare to the Thai opposition, what do you think of the Sinkie opposition and Sinkies in general?

No wonder Sinkies made WP the strongest opposition.

Anonymous said...

please lah ....

even the royal family are fractionised ...

knnccb ..... to only way to put a stop to wayang, send in trusted police and military personnel PLUS the show of brutal forces against those western backed rats

Anonymous said...

When the head is weak, the rest will seize power and wealth. It is unclear if there will be a next King given that most Thai dislike the prince.

Anonymous said...

@December 11, 2013 8:59 am

free food

free transport

free T shirts

wages paid

free entertainment

..... sound quite familiar??? here free lunch box n T shirt enuff to motivate many

knnccb ... okay, throw in some monkey antics by ministoons and wannabee

Anonymous said...

The city mob thinks they are king and could force the red shirts out. Yingluck has been very careful and non confrontational and did not want a bloody clash. If she orders the red shirts to face the yellow shirts, the red shirts would easily outnumber the yellow and the farmers would walk all over them.

These city folks did not know what they are dealing with. Then the military would have to come in and blood would be spilled.

Veritas said...

Today the USA strategic projection in Indochina can only be described as pathetic. Hun Sen is pro China, Vietnam is slightly pro China. Vietnam boss Nong Duc Manh who stepped down 2 years ago was reputed to be leader of pro China faction. Thaksin and Yingluck is extremely pro China. Myanmar though shifted a lot to the west is still far from being within pro USA camp.

What Thaksin/Yingluck did that irk USA was

1) signing of FTA with China
2) Buying China weapon
3)sending Thailand officer to PRC military academy
4) flooding Thailand with Chinese language subject and mass import Chinese teacher from PRC
5) conduct bilateral exercise

If Thaksin was never kicked out, the oil pipeline at Kra will materialized with China's financing, diverting oil tankers from straits of Malacca. Abhisit stop that project.

Recently Yingluck'deal of barter high speed rail with rice is another straw on the camel, too difficult for USA to swallow. They need to act fast.

Anonymous said...

Since the yellow shirts are begging fro blood, Yingluck shuld fight fire with fire and send the red shirts into Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

I loved bangkok ...also phuket ..phiphi ..huahin ...all r v v nice place ..

I believed a lot of us visited bangkok more than other country rite? Affordable food n eatery ....shopping ...
N many women like to go there buy bras wonder why???
I like yinluck personally ...I believe she is trying her v best to do good to all thais .

Pray that they have peace ...n prosperity ...
So that the good food massage eatery entertainment shopping bras continues ...

b said...

The Thai kind is very powerful. Those political leaders are just actors. It is like that everywhere. The people behind the scenes are the directors.

Anonymous said...

The king cannot live forever. He will bring Thailand along with him.